Saturday, June 14, 2008


It's exam season again, after not having exams for like.... erm.... *counting*..... 7 months, my brain already rusted and not functioning anymore, now have to add oil and make it starts running again.. haha!!

Btw, I'm having a love affair, hehe!! with......






-I love this-

- eh, no, I love this more, I like the cover but not the content-

-no la, I love these the most-

AHH, I'm so scandalous!!

I hold them everyday, see them everyday, touch them everyday, sleep with them everyday, why I still don't understand them?!!! wait, why I sound so dirty, must be the bad influence from someone... *coughsandcoughdracough* or another someone... *coughkencough* .... must be....

Anyway... one down, three more to go!! watashi wa gambarimasu!!

Gambatte kudasai to everyone who also having exams period like me!! =D


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watch this!!

It's totally hilarious!!

Should continue my study dee, see ya!! Thursday 1st paper! Wish me luck~

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Price up!

Petrol prices increase!!! To effing RM2.70 per littre?!?!!! wtf?!

Rice prices also increase!!! to RM30 for a bag of rice?!!! wtf?!!

Electricity tariffs also increase?!!!!! *faint*

And worst of all... conversion rate also INCREASE!!!! *heart attack*

Why everything increases and the only thing that stays the same forever is the salary!! How people gonna survive?!!! The living expenses hike up like crazy!!

I'm gonna find a job here and earn the aussie money so when I go back to spend I won't be that heart broken!!!!

I'm officially going on a job hunting!!! right after my finals....

People!!! pray for me to get the librarian job!!!! I want it very badly!!!!! I will treat you guys burger, ice cream, pizza whatever IF I got the job and IF I see you.... (limited budget!)

okay... should off to study now... exam next week!! wish me luck~

p.s: sorry for the rude languages.... =p