Monday, August 25, 2008

Watch this!!

OMG OMG OMG!! He looks like Britney Spears!!! SOOOOO ALIKE!!!!

You'll get more videos of him impersonating Britney Spears if you search his name Derrick Barry in Youtube.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bad Day

2 days ago, I was sitting in front of my computer playing games and I hear *knock knock* Sandra opened the door, and my manager's husband ask whether he can talk to me in private. So we talked in my room. Apparently, I was accused of backstabbing my manager a.k.a his wife. I'll name the person that accused me as AB. AB told the manager that I said to her that the manager doesn't like her, and is cutting her shift hours and gonna dismiss her soon. Well, there was this conversation going on between me and the manager, but I never say anything like that to AB and I'm very sure about it!! If I remember correctly, I only work together on the same shift with AB like 3 or 4 times and I'm definitely not close enough with her to tell her everything!! I hardly even have a long conversation with her!! Someone else told her that but definitely not me! That cause me nearly lose my job and my trust from the manager!! HOW COULD DO THAT TO ME WHILE I DID NOTHING BUT BEING NICE TO YOU!!!!!

Later, I found out that she is the one who made Sandra lose the job coz she put all the blame on Sandra while she is the one who did majority of the mistakes!! And I found out that she wanted the Sunday shift VERY badly and keep asking the other staff to change with her and she got rejected of course. She left a note for the manager and ask whether she can have my shift on Sunday and apparently she got rejected too. I think she is trying to get rid of me and Sandra coz we took away her shift. She was doing Sunday shift before Sandra started working there, I think she felt unhappy about it and trying to get rid of Sandra and now I am the one replacing Sandra but not her so she tries to get rid of me now.

I got stabbed really badly by her, what would you do if you're in my position?? She not only trying to get rid of me some more trying to shake the trust of the manager towards me!! The manager was really angry when she heard what she said to her and nearly set me off!! But, after my manager calmed down, she thought about the matter again, and she trusted me and believed me that I won't do things like that!! The manager also considering the fact that AB has the history of making her own stories last time and made a girl got fired and even ruined their relationship. Why she so bitchy one!! Never think what she had done that makes the manager to cut her shift hours and just trying to get rid of innocent people who came in her way!!

And don't you think I dunno what you have done! I saw it clearly and I just kept my mouth shut and pretend I didn't see anything!! WHY AM I SO NICE TO YOU AND YOU STILL TREAT ME LIKE SHIT!! Oh right... you didn't know that I know what you have done! serve me right.. I should have tell everything to the managers!! I didn't tell cause I always thought you are a nice person and I don't wish to see you get fired!! I'll still keep my mouth shut anyway... I don't want to make things complicated...

I still have my job and my Sunday shift at the end and I'll see what she will say when she sees my name still on there.
I'm really glad that the manager trusted me but not her... I can swear to the whole world that I never tell anything to AB. And I will never ever wanna talk to her AGAIN!!


ps: I know I'm supposed to post up the pics of my one day trip to Sydney, well... I'll do that in my next post. So stay tuned!!

pps: GAWD.. I dedicated the whole post to that unworthy person...