Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beach day!!!

It's been a week I'm here in Newcastle! Doing pretty well.... still trying to catch their accent.. some are so thick until I can't understand a word!!! Well... maybe a little... oh.. and I figured out something!! People here like to say YEH!! like yeh? yeh!! oh yeh.... oh yeh!!! oh yeh??? yeh yeh~~ yeh.. yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh... ahahaha.. you get the idea....

So I went to the beach yesterday!! The beach is called Nobbys Beach.. the scenery was awesome!!! The waves are big (compared with Malaysia) till you can go surfing!! I didn't plan to go in the water but I ended up drenched... you just can't resist it!! TRUST ME!! I'll just let the pictures say for itself, shall we?

-the landmark of Nobbys Beach-

- postcard perfect pic-

-ahhh... waves~~~-

-another wave is coming!!!-

- Clean and clear-

- we buried Adrian-

-Mummy comes alive!! Run for your life!! RUN!!!-

-trying to look cool-

-the girls-

- random view at Foreshore Park-

-random view at Foreshore Park2-

- random view at Foreshore Park 3-

-Hotel called custom-

-this road is 30 degree slope-

- Poor Ronald got sun burned until like that(pic taken by Sandra)-

I also got sun burned. But not until that horrible... I'm just half cooked, Sandra is cooked, Ronald is burned... ahaha.. wanna know why Sandra is cooked?? ehehehe... she wore bikini... that's why.. I'm not gonna post the pic of her in bikini up... she'll slaughter me for doing so.... hehe... oops.. did I just announced that she wore bikini? oh well... =p

That's pretty much for now till next time! Ciao~

Friday, February 15, 2008


Here's a little update of the place I'm gonna stay for the rest of the year. MY FLAT!!! and some random pics la..

- at the airport with my family-

- me, mum and sis-

-last pic at PIA before going off-

-my room-

-my luggage, before unpack everything-

-random view-


-our first shopping cart, and you know what? We can actually push the shopping cart back home and they will come to collect it, but it's still outside my door though..-

-very tired after we reached and went shopping directly, can you see my puffy eyes, thanks to lack of sleep!-

- you see how nice looking their grapes are-

- the jungle, yes, it's my uni, the place that I gonna cross to get from east side of my uni to the west side-

That's pretty much for a quick update, I'll take more pics around my room, house, uni, and everything soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm in Newcastls

I arrived in Newcastle yesterday Malaysia time 2pm, my time 5pm. The trip was tiring, the space is too small... very uncomfortable.. but still okay la..

Everything is so expensive here!! Whoever says the veges and fruits here are cheap, tell me and I'm soooo gonna send the pic over to you and show you the price!!! Even the bread is not cheap!! If I keep converting everything... I think I really no need to eat anything dee!!

I haven't went to the university, my everything is not done yet!!! Only the rental thing is done!! My internet connection in my own flat is not accessible yet, I'm using my friends' house connection. Thanks to Cien Shin for helping me to set up the connection in their place.

okay.. I'll update the pic of the place I stay soon!! Just to tell you all that I miss all my family and friends back in Malaysia!!!

Love you all!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

100th post!

I'm featuring my baby lappie in my 100th post!! Well, I got it for some time dee and now only have time to do so. My new baby dell!! I'm still excited over it even though it's been a month.

- looks good eh?-

- inside view-

It comes with 2 mega pixels integrated web cam!! And I love the web cam so much!! I'll post up the pics taken with the web cam next time coz those pictures are not in my desktop. The graphic of window vista is just awesome!! Even though it's a bit slow at times... Anyway.. I still love it!!!

On another thing, this will probably be my last post in Malaysia for this year dee. I'm leaving to Australia to further my study next week. I'll start posting again when I settle down over there. I'm gonna miss my family and friends so much!! And the famous Penang hawker fooood!! I'm still packing... I'm going crazy dee!! Packing is harder than what I thought it would be. Too many things to bring, and the limit is only lousy 30 kg... how to put in everything wor.... haih...

Anyway... I baked lasagna!! I just took it out from the oven!!

- Doesn't it look tempting?!-

I haven't tried yet.... It looks fantastic, hopefully the taste is fantastic too!! okay, if you excuse me now, I'm gonna go enjoy it dee!!