Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I miss....

My long hair.....

When will my hair be that long again... That's how I looked like when I went home last year.. I chopped off half the length 2 weeks later!! grrr... oh well... it will grow back again at the end of this year....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Early Morning

We had to return the car at noon and so we decided to go to Port Stephens before that. We departed at 6.30am and started our 45 mins journey to our destination. We had to drag ourselves up early but everyone of us not regretting about it at all. The scenics over there were breathtaking and relaxing. Definitely a must visit place if you ever come to Newy!

Our 1st stop was Nelson Bay, then we grab a map from there and started to drive spot to spot using the map. A picture speaks thousand words and I have 16 pictures so this is gonna be a 16000 words long post! Now just let the pictures do the talking shall we?

- Nelson bay-

- It was pretty chilly in the morning.. -

-Breath and relax~-

-Siang, Hua and the dolphins-

-Our breakfast! Jumbo rock oyster! Joe and I had 8 each and Ken had 20! It was juicy and fresh! Sooo GOOD!

-Only 3 of us had it and looking satisfied!-

-One mile beach, some say the nicest beach in Hunter Region-

-It's so clean and clear!-

-I'm in love with this place-

-All of us-


-On our way back, spotted this awesome rocky place-



-with our car-

-on our way back, spot the sand dune! *hint: the white layer above the trees*-

It was an awesome trip! We might not have enough time to explore everything and we are still far from it, but we're definitely going there again! Now, if any of you ever wanna visit Newy, I know where to bring you guys! =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Of Hunter, Vineyards and Wine Tasting

This week has been hectic. 2 tests and 1 submission. And I'm slightly relieved that it is over, but I have another submission on next week and another test. =(
Just a recap on my Easter Holiday. Ken came over from Brisbane for a couple of days, so Siang and I decided to bring him to Hunter Valley, the place where all the wine lovers love.
It was a nice sunny day but it started to rain for awhile while we were doing some wine tasting and we were still consider pretty lucky because the weather has been gloomy for the past few days. We rented a car and drove up the hunter. I'll just let the pictures do the talking to sum up everything we did over there.

-On the way-


-1st stop, the hunter valley garden to walk around the shops and had our lunch, didn't go into the flower garden as it takes a lot of time-

-winery! We missed the winery tour coz we depart at noon and all the winery tours are in the morning!-

-wine tasting, the place where we bought our 1st bottle of wine-

-Ooo... Clouds!-

-Ken with me-


- checking out the wines-

-Tempus Two-

-went up close to the vineyard-

-with our beloved rented car, Toyota Hatch, whatever it is, they don't have this in Malaysia, It's a nice car!-

-random self shot-

-one last stop before we went back-

-This was taken right after we hit ourselves with our heads-

-another random self shot while we had our dinner at one nice Italian Restaurant-

-The wines Siang and I bought, nice!-

It was a great day, had lotsa fun and a great way to destress. We went to Port Stephens the next day and I'll blog about it on my next post. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trendy or Trashy

Watch this!

I'm supposed to be studying! I have a test tomorrow! *smack head*

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Alone

People I see everyday in Newcastle are all awayyy... I'm alone for a day, now, very lonely, till midnight only I'll see some of them. All because I had to work today. Everyone went to Sydney Royal Easter Show but me! Anyway, I'll get over it because today is Easter Monday, a public holiday, and I'm working, and public holiday gives higher pay. So more money since I'm saving money now for my holiday! Anyone wanna contribute some? I am still way behind my budget... =(

I'm down with a very bad gland infection, together with an uber huge ulcer, it hurts so much the other day till I woke up middle of the night to go gargle my mouth with some aspirin. My gland was swollen and it hurts whenever I swallow food. It is so much better now but my ulcer is still not good, it has got a big hole already!! =( and the ulcer is so near to my throat, I think that's how my gland got infected. Or maybe because I gargle with aspirin and I didn't really know that aspirin burns until I went to 2nd pharmacy to get 2nd advice and the pharmacist gave me wonderful ulcer cream that numb the area so I don't feel the pain that much. It's been 5 days and thank goodness the gland gets better already or I have to seek for a doctor already! Hopefully the ulcer will miracally gone by tomorrow, it has been bothering me for almost a week!!

Ken came down from Brisbane yesterday, so Siang and me brought him out for dinner in town yesterday. So he's with them in Sydney today, and I'm home alone.

Some random shots from yesterday:


-this is good. Ice cream with some brownies!-

-pumpkin pizza! thumbs up!-

That's all for now. I'll occupy myself with movies till everyone gets back. Or maybe I should do my assignments coz I have 2 to pass up on the 1st week!!!


p/s: Happy Easter!

Monday, April 06, 2009

oh so random

I'm supposed to be studying! Not updating blog! Can't wait for the Easter holidays! Not that I have something going on, in fact, I need to study and do my assignments during my holiday. But the idea of not going to uni still makes me feel ecstatic! But I have 3 quizzes and 5 blardy assignments to hand up after the holiday and before I'm done with this semester!!! And I can't wait till the end of the semester!! Because I am going for not only 1 but 2 places during the holiday!! yay!! or perhaps 3 if the hole in my pocket is not too big! *slap self* stop dreaming! okay I'm back to reality. Where was I?

Oh right, I wanted to talk about how random I am today for writing this random post coz I am in the random mood. So here are some random photos I took since I came back.

-lovely tomatoes-

-I hate summer!! you see the mosquitoes stung my finger until like that!! and now I have scars all over my body!! I hate I hate I hate mosquitoes!!

-I bought this when I touched down in Sydney airport, small little bottle of Baileys! so cute! And I did not buy it because it's cute! okay maybe I did, but I do like this drink-

-my beloved mouse, R.I.P you have served me wonderfully for the past 1 year, but I didn't know your life span is so short, I would have given you a twin sister before I came here if I knew. So instead, I got you,

-a brother, and hope he can continue your wonderful job-

-I got these the other day at Target. They are pretty and durable calico green bags, and it is selling for a very cheap price, I wanted to get only one, but the other bag keep calling for me, and I feel bad for separating them, so I got both of it.-

- and it can be folded into like this-

-Dear mother, I have sin, for buying so many chocolates all to myself. I know I should stop binging on chocolates, but the goodness is too hard to resist. So please forgive me, but don't expect me to stop eating, I will cut down, but not quitting.-

You know what, I actually slimmed down 3 months back at home. I didn't really expect that I would slim down, until I came back and friends telling me that I lose weight. So yay!! I do eat a lot of good food back home!! Only I don't snack in between meals, and I hardly eat chocolates and cookies, all thanks to the constant reminder from my mum and my sis on how much weight I have put on in Australia.

Back to my random pictures

-I like to doodle when the lectures are going on, that's very much explain on why I am just an average student and my results are only satisfactory. Ooh and the Arabic-like word, it's my name in Persian! my Iranian colleague taught me that. And I taught her how to write her name in mandarin words.-

-we are bored people-

-we were indeed very bored-

-somewhere in the sky, almost reached as you can see the brown land-

-I'll finish off with my last outing back home, it was a great one! I'll see you guys erm... hopefully the end of the year-

Thank you for viewing my random post. Because I am feeling so random today. And I am going to do some random stuff now. So that's all for now.

Cheers~ =)