Saturday, August 29, 2009

Merdeka Night 2009 - Fusion of Culture

Yesterday wasn't exactly Independence day yet, but everyone's patriotic spirit was there! The food wasn't bad, cannot complain since I'm not in Malaysia but still get to eat satay!! *bliss* There are performances going on and lucky draw. The 1st prize is a return ticket back to Malaysia!! Unfortunately I wasn't the lucky one. =( Anyway, I had a lot of fun! Met a lot of people, it was a great night!

Since everyone will be turning up pretty, I also tried my best to look good too! I think it wasn't bad, since I got compliments from friends! =D Here's the picture after I did my make up.

Here are some photos from yesterday:

-Joe, me and Thia-

-me, Pung and Chermaine-

-Thia and me-

-the ladies-

-Mr X, Kenneth, Michael, LayPing, Me and Ah Fu-

-dikir barat performance-

-see, I am very patriotic!!-

Yep, it was a great night! Happy Merdeka everyone! =D I will be going to a temple tomorrow! That will be my 1st time going to a temple in Australia! I am very excited!! Stay tuned for more!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

What I do when I have a sudden craving for Malaysian food

I was browsing some recipe blog last night and I found some Malaysian recipe and that made me had a sudden craving for it! I know I must do something to stop my craving, so the next day, which is today, I headed to Woolies and Asian store and bought all the ingredients needed to make Char hor fun, and I even made sambal belacan to go with it! I would say it was quite nice! at least it helps to satisfy my sudden craving. =D This is the recipe if you're interested in making it too! *click*

-this is how mine looks like-

-the sambal belacan I made-

I still have some sambal belacan leftover for the next few days! I'm feeling great! That's how much I miss Malaysian food that I needed to make myself so I can stop craving for it! Gonna make nasi lemak next without the lemak rice, I've got all the ingredients needed already!! =D

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Went to Sydney last Thursday, it was a hair cut trip. All 5 of us cut our hair and this is how I look like now

-I have fringe!!!!-

It was eons ago since I put my fringe down like that, even though I have had fringe in the past but normally I'll push it to the side way, and I totally can't recall back when was the last time I put it down like this. Some people say it doesn't look good tho, but some say nice! So what do you guys think? The length of my hair still about the same as just some bad ends being cut off only and it is more layered now.

Of course we don't just go to Sydney to cut our hair, we went to karaoke session after that and sang for 3 good hours! And definitely cannot miss the must-have Korean meal every time we go to Sydney. They are just sooo good! And there is this ice cream place called Passion Flower that serves Ice Cream on waffles, crepes and pancakes! Nice! =D

Okie that was just a quick update! It's the 2nd week of my final semester already! and it's the end of the 2nd week already coz my classes are only from Monday till Wednesday! So I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off! I should be doing something more productive than watching drama series everyday! I'm currently watching Desperate housewives! I'm only on season one, I am so outdated!!

Will blog again soon! Gonna go continue my drama series! Chao~