Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trip to Cyberjaya AGAIN!!

This is the 2nd trip to there this year!! It was fun of course! The main reason to there is to shop!! Now I regret I should have bought more coz I still need to buy a couple things more and I couldn’t find things I like in Penang yet! I went to a lot of malls over there… let see, I went to Time Square, One Utama, Midvalley, Pavillion, Star Hill, The Gardens, and Sunway Pyramid! Everywhere is on sale!! Why not in Penang?!!! I can’t resist the temptation to buy until my sis has to stop me from going to the shops in the mall!! Urgh!! I feel like going shopping now!! Sandra!! Where are you?!! Let’s go shopping!!

- The Pavillion KL-

- The Gardens-

- stuffs I bought-

Besides shopping, I had a lot of good food too! My must go place is William’s corner!! They served good food!! When I went there, I just planned to drink the mango smoothie, but when I reached there, I just can’t resist the temptation to order fooooood!! And so, I ended up eating lasagna 12 in the morning. I know! Fattening!! Who cares… I just can’t resist!!

Then, my sister brought me to this place called Jogoya in Starhill. It was goooood!! It is a Japanese buffet restaurant. They served all kinds of Japanese cuisine and also some western like oyster, escagot, scallops and so on.

Let see…I also went to T.G.I Friday!! I went there as my sis promised to treat me dinner if I managed to find the way to Midvalley!! Oops, did I tell you that we were lost in KL? Okay, nevermind, later I’ll explain. The food was good too! The portion was huge! I ordered the 3 course meal dinner set and it was too big for me to finish by my own. So I just have to ask my sis and her friend to finish it up for me as they just ordered a plate and even though there were full too!!

Ooh, and this place called Italianese Grazie. The chef is Italian! So I just have to go there to try out the authentic Italian food. Not bad!! The ambiance was Italian style as well as the food. I like the pizza, the spaghetti was not bad too!


My mum says I gone fat when I came back to Penang!! Oh well… It cost me to gain a little weight... Gosh, I ate a lot!! !

Done with shopping and food, okay, my sis and I were lost in KL. We missed the turning lane as we actually had no idea on how to go to Midvalley. We drove all the way straight until we came to another toll plaza, then we were like isn’t it we should only pass this once? Oops, obviously we went to the wrong way dee. So we reached Bintang walk, then passed Pavillion KL, then starhill, then Petaling Street. We just turned anywhere that we think Midvalley should be. We even reached Puduraya and Pasar Seni. Then we saw KL central. Then my sis was like Midvalley is very near deee!! So we continue to drive all the way straight then I saw MIDVALLEY CITY!!! I was so excited and just shout in the car, haha!! Coz I never drove in KL and I got lost and I still managed to find my way!! Woot!!

I also went to stay in UM during my trip. I stayed in Yik Han’s hostel… shhh… no one except her friends actually noticed my existence. Hehe!! We went to SS2 Pasar Malam one night. It was a huge night market. Just to finish walk one whole round took us two hours time!! But it was really great to get to know new people!!

- me, Chau Jia, Grace, and Yik Han eating durian in SS2 night market-

I think that’s all about my trip this time. I’ll definitely go again when I come back from Australia in December!

Remember the Kiri cat when my last visit to my sis’s place? Now Kiri has grown up to a big fat cat, and my sis got another cat name Simba to play with Kiri. Now I think they have became gay couple.

- me with Simba and Kiri-


Friday, January 11, 2008

Another phase of my life

Today, I'm stepping into another phase of my life, which is kinda sad for me.... If I can live till 80, I've walked through 1/4 of my life!!! I KNOW!! IT'S SAD!!! WHY CAN'T I STAY 18 FOREVER?!!!
Looking back to the past *ahem* years, I've learned a lot, and grown up a lot too.. I've met great new friends, went to new places, exposed more to the things around me and in a month time, I'll embrace to another totally new environment, enter into another phase of my education path. Time flies, sometimes I can't help but just think it's 2008! What have I done back then? Do I have any regrets for the past? What will I be in the future and sort of like things...

Leave the thinkings behind, let's say something about today, fetched my lil sis to college in the morning, then went out for movie with Sandra and my lil sis, we watched In the Name of The King, which was pretty boring, we didn't even finish the movie and we walked away. Then went home, dined with my family for dinner.

Here, I want to say THANK YOU to all my friends for the birthday wishes no matter in what form you sent me!! To mention a few, Hui Peng popped out in front of my house and surprised me with birthday present!! Besides that, Khang May called from India!! And when I reached home after movie, a birthday card and a pair of earings from GOA sent by Khang May all the way from India a month ago reached my house!!! What a coincidence!! Or maybe she did know that it would reach today, I don't know!! But I was really surprised when I saw that letter. Loo Hoang sent me message from England!!! Wow!! Justin called from KL and Sandra gave me a lot of Thai Maggie mee as present, maybe she is happy to see me eat a lot, Haha!! Anyway, thank you darling~~ I'll finish all the Thai maggie mee!! hehe!! =D It is really great to get to know all of you!!

So, I'm another year older...