Saturday, October 27, 2007

last movie before exam

This is really the last movie I watched before the exams!! I swear!! I watched it with my dad. Yes my dad!! I'm not cheating on you Sandra!!

The movie was not bad. But the spinning, running and moving make me kinda nausea... but put that aside, it would be a great action-packed movie. I don't really understand what was going on in the movie, probably I didn't watch the first two series. But thanks to my dad, he explained everything for me after that so then only the story make sense to me.
This is just a quick update... coz now anything in my notes cannot go into my mind.... haih.. this is just another excuse of mine for being lazy....

I've been trying to get myself a job in November since everyone is working hard on the exam season while I'm already in holiday.. that means no one can hang out with me throughout the month... even my little sis is preparing for her coming SPM, rather than bothering her at home, might as well find a job, but no one wanna hire me when I say I only wanna work for a month.. and I got rejected even if I only say I can't work on christmas day.... haih...
well.. there is also possibility I won't be working coz I kept changing my mind on whether to work or not to work.. will see how then...

Monday, October 22, 2007

picx pics piccu

Just to correct the previous post mistake, exams will be on 29 and 30 okt, then HOLIDAY~~

Now, pic pic pictures time!!

- the happy family, my groupie~~

-sir paying full attention to our presentation

-we in our act

-with management sir after the presentation

-last day of class, DCMAU sem 3 students with marketing sir, gonna miss 'em all!!

-lastly, horny pic with Sand in Sakae sushi

Friday, October 19, 2007


YES!! I'm officially DONE with all my assignments!! No more any bloody assignments!! I'm happy~~ Just finished the presentation yesterday. Our group were having some technical problem so we had to postpone to the evening, but the overall was a success!! Our group members, Sandra Shiong Mou, Henry had done a very good job!! and of course I'm in the group la!! The group photo will be up later as I'm having problem putting the photos in my camera into my computer.
I'll be having a week off next week as a study break and after that is the final exams!! And we're having two exams in a day, so my third semester will be officially finish at 29 okt. yay!!
Here are some photos when we were doing our assignment in autocity:

-Shiong Mou and Henry working on the assignment

taking photos in the wash room with Sandra

- ka-cha

our drinks and food that kept us stayed for 4 hours

After that, Sandra, Henry and I headed to Sunway Carnival to watch Resident Evil: Extinction.

The movie was good, but scary. If you are not the type that like to watch blood splashing and flesh eating scenes, I would advice you not to watch coz you definately not gonna like it. The living dead was just so plain horrible and disgusting!! my hands were on my face most of the time... and I was grabbing the arm rest of the seat coz it was too violence... and Sandra doesn't wanna let me grab her hand!! I miss Jia Shuen... she always let me grab her hand when I'm scare... I just had to grab something when I'm scare... T.T but still... I'm kinda like to watch that kind of movie... hehe!!!

And lastly, I 'see' this every morning........

That's all for this time!! ciao!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I didn't update for very long time dee, a bit lazy plus a bit busy. Been doing my assignment and I just finished with 2 tests. 1 more assignment yet to be done which we're require to write an essey for more than 2000 words and then come out with a presentation and we need to hand in on next week. We interviewed the manager of Ang Joo Steel Industry (Thanks uncle for arranging the appointment for me!!).
Sandra, Henry and Sheera, Sandra's friend whom I just met came down from Penang plus Shiong Mou and I then headed to Prai to interview the HR manager of the company. It was a horrible trip I can say, Sandra's driving skills was HORRIBLE!!! Sheera and I screamed like hell in the car while Henry stay real calm with eyes big big. Sandra NEARLY hit someone's car and you can imagine us girls screaming in the car... poor Henry... his ears must suffered a lot from us. Anyway... I'm really glad that I reached home safe and sound.. hehe!! no offence ya Sandra!! Okie, so we gonna finalyze our assignment on Monday and try to finish it as soon as possible as we still have to prepare for the presentation on the very next day after we hand in our assignment. So the Penang people gonna come down to Butterworth again and we gonna head to AutoCity this time. YAY!!

ooh, I've watched The Dark Rising with Hui Peng in Sunway Carnival. It was okay, nothing exciting, but still kinda nice la.. the main point is, I've tried the new cinema I was so excited about with the opening. The interior was a bit different from the Gurney and Queensbay ones. It looks purple to me though.. and it doens't have the film reel which it has on the wall like the others. The seat was comfortable, but I wish it is a little big more spacious but it has big leg room. And I'm still so happy with the opening of the cinema!!
Lastly, I want to say is that all the best to the SPM and STPM candidates and good luck!!