Friday, November 24, 2006

What A Very Busy Day

phew... i am very busy these days....yeah, that's right, I AM very BUSY!! Busy of sitting around, walking around, eating around, watching drama series all day long... okay, serious... apart from that, i'm actually busy of packing my baggage and shop for things necessary for my trip. :) Yah!! I'm going to China early in the morning tomorrow... and so there won't be any posting until i'm back. Yunnan...hmm... it's a very beautiful place.. and the place called Li Jiang somewhere in Yunnan is the world heritage, wow!! It must be having a very very very beautiful scenery... i'm gonna shot a lot of pictures there..hehe!! Will there cold?? Dunno why i always have a feeling that it's not that extremely cold, because Yunnan is in the down south of China. But i dunno, i better prepare something for just in case it's too cold. okay, i better go to continue to do my last minute packing. I'll post up nice pictures of Yunnan when i'm back!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, I went to do acupuncture again, it's not that i like to do it...but it is because my poor leg is still not completely recovered yet... this time, i was poked in with three needles, pain?? Of course!!! Very pain this time, i also dunno why... not only pain, when they got the correct place they wanted to poke in the needle... Ohhhh, that feeling really terrible... whole part of that particular area, you'll tend to feel energyless...


Sunday, November 19, 2006

When Freedom Becomes Boredom

When freedom becomes boredom...hmm....what should i do?? Well, actually i'm not really that bored on the past few days, i've got activities since thursday and end on today. So, next week i'll be superb free....what should i do to feel up my days??
Put that aside. okay, these few days i went out almost everyday, not only that, it's whole day. it's like i woke up in the morning, then i went to penang shopping and come back at like 5 p.m. then i have to go to Lay Buddhist Association at night to prepare for their students convocation, when i reached home, it's already like almost midnight, this kind of routine last for 3 days and i'm almost exhausted....okay... let see... my activities:
thursday, i went out with May and Kaixin, watched happy feet, those penguins are soooo cute and their tap dancing are awesome....lovin' it. At night, went to Lay Buddhist Association
Friday, actually not going anywhere until night after dinner, i went shopping..
Saturday, morning, i went shopping, again.... when i came back, went to Lay buddhist Association, again, until midnight...tired..
Sunday, stay at home.... going no where.... i went to meeting for our camp in december... after that...have my tea time with Yik Han, Kwong Yew, Beng Poh, Chong Lin, Hui Khim and Wei Huang...i think i'm gonna packed in a few kilograms dee.... i ate a lot...
so, last night was the convocation, it was fun actually.... those little kids are sooo cute, i helped them with the make-up and i was in-charged with the drama performance and so i helped to dress up those little actors.

-little tripitaka, in chinese known as tang san zang and me. Actually he is one of my student-

Back to my topic, okay, i'm free from today onwards, i have nothing to do... fine, i admit that i like to be free, but when there is too much of nothing, it's kinda bored. Those feelings, can't explain, like being isolated.... you dunno what is your friends doing.... what is the latest vogue... no more gossiping...hehe... and others..... okay fine...maybe i'll find something to do....go shopping again...or maybe call up someone to hang out with... hopefully there are someone who free to let me hang out with...

I'm going to vacation on the coming saturday, meaning next week...just 1 week to go before my vacation, yay!! okay, maybe i'm not that bored actually...i dunno....

Thursday, November 16, 2006


It's holiday.... but dunno why i feel so empty.... i have this feeling since the very next day of my holiday...dunno why, just can't explain the feeling... i supposed to be happy right?? but i'm not really happy... can anyone tell me why??? It just like i've nothing to do, but actually i have things to do...i have to prepare things for the convocation of those little kids in the sunday class...well..i'm a volunteer teacher of sunday class... i have to go to lay buddlhist society like almost every night to finish up their performance accessories, their convocation is on this saturday, and i'm still not sure i can finish up those stuff or not....
on a happy thought, my sister is coming back on tomorrow afternoon, yay!! Gonna make her bring me go shopping...muahahaha!! i'm like rotting inside the house dee....nothing to do whole day until night only i getta go out... not enjoying...but doing work...never mind..since i'm going out tomorrow...yay!!movie!!with Kai Xin and May..i long as i getta go out...
Though i have nothing to do...but something just keep bothering me... haih..and again, i have to decide what should i study later on...i'm now considering taking up it a good choice?? pretty good..i guess...the pay is high(according to my sis), i can work independently after a few years, i can open my very own accountant firm, i can arrange my own working time if i can work independently... this is the positive sides i think about an accountant, on the negative sides, i have to go through 3 years of very exhausting period..... and got lotsa papers to take to get the approved certificate like ACCA, i think 16 it is very though to go through all these, should i go for it?? hmm....
on another happy thought. I'm going to yunnan on 25 november....yay!! and only will be back on 2 december... i getta see snow there...yay!!but it's on the top of a long as i getta see snow...i love snow...but never experiance before, so i must really enjoy my very first experiance..
on a totally different topic, yesterday, i undergo an acupuncture treatment, my very first time, hah!! the feelings, got a bit pain, but not really pain, but sometimes you'll tend to feel the area the needle poked into you energyless...and i was poked in with two needles... T.T i was so shocked when the doctor told me that she wants to do acupuncture on me, i was like huh?? are u serious?? and she says, not pain 1 only say ok...but i was really terrified when she says i need to do acupuncture treatment on my leg since i sprained my leg 1 month ago and i only seeked for a doctor yesterday, i think i hurt my nerve or something, thats why the doctor wanted to do acupuncture on me...
well, nothing else special happen, since Hui Peng who studies form 6 is having exams now and Yik Han's matriculation classes just started....
I wanna go out!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006


finally..Exams over, babe!! meaning freedom and holidays are mine!! MINE!! YAY!! I'm already waiting it for long time dee... I'm COMING!!
So, today was chemistry paper. some question dunno how to do..arrrghhh!!!My only worry now is about my UAI, i am soo scare that i can't achieve a good enough UAI to apply for good course.... why i just can't stop worrying about it!!?? why??
Put that aside. So, today after my exam, i went to gurney directly with Vicky, Jia Shuen, Rui Ken and Vicky's boyfriend. We went for shopping and movie!! oh!!We went to try out those evening gowns, geez...those gowns are soo pretty, but it's quite expensive, one suit is like hundred and something, so i decided not to buy it. Oh well, and since i have 3 at home...just forget about it... but i like those gowns soo much!!we also shopped for cloths as well!! :) After that, Jia Shuen, Rui Ken and me watched flushed away..its amusing and quite entertaining.
I'm now are on a shopping mood!! so if anyone are going shopping, just call me!! :D
I feel so tired right now but yet i still have the energy to update my blog. hehe!! I just slept for like 3 hours last night and now i'm started to have headache dee...ahhh..

Monday, November 06, 2006

1 more paper to go..

I just finished my bio paper. The multiple choice questions part are quite easy, the short response questions are still ok..i hope i did it well.. and the biotech some difficulties for me, hopefully i get it right... oh well, since it's over, no point to mention it anymore.
1 more paper to go---chemistry paper!! the last paper!! It's on the coming friday and then exams finish!! yeah!! Just can't wait until that day comes...
My mind now is just full of the exitement after exams and this makes me can't concentrate on my studies even more...crap... I've got lotsa plans after my exams... I am going to have a Yunnan trip, that's what really makes me excited about. After the trip, i got KL and genting trip with my family as well. :D really looking forward to it.. oh... 1 more.. i am a committee member of a camp organised by lay buddhist society so i have to go for that 6 days 5 nights camp, quite looking forward to that too.... ah!! my holidays are packed until 25 december!! Fine... but i think i'll really enjoy my tightly scheduled holidays!! :) and of course, i'll find some time to go SHOPPING!!!
ok..ok come back...don't think until that far yet...your exams haven't finish yet!! sigh...
my life during exams period are sooo tedious.... my daily life : sleep, eat, read, roaming around inside my room( i can do that for hours...haha!!), and bathe.... really wanna get out from this rut!! arrrghhhh!!!!! It really drives me crazy!! Sometimes i tend to feel very depressed and just wanna express out my feelings..... and last night, my poor roomate becomes my "punching bag", it just that i didn't punch her but instead shake her wildly... haha..sorry and thanks to you jia shuen, i feel better after that. :P
Back to my topic, so, exam on friday, i still got 3 more days to revise my chemistry. This is the last paper dee and i really don't wanna let it down anymore. So, Study la!!