Friday, September 19, 2008

Small Events

Finally I'm updating again, I know I've become very lazy lately and I know I'm not supposed to as the exams are approaching and I still have like 3 assignments and tonnes of study to be done. The worst thing is that I was addicted to Nintendo my friend borrowed me which is still with me now. Why on earth I can still be so relaxed while I have so many stuff yet to do?!??
Anyway, I have gone to a few events like the Merdeka Nite, Cultural Awakening and Soo Siang's birthday which was last month. That's what I can remember, apart from the recent ones, I think.... the oldest event that I went to was the Olympic Ceremony which I'm not gonna write anything about it anymore as it was like....... forever ago. When was the olympic again?? OOh Right... 080808. Okay maybe not that old.

~Olympic Opening~
We went to the Bar on the Hill (uni bar) on that day to watch the olympic as they have a huge plasma tv over there. The place was crowded and was full of chinese, mainly from China. It was fun, and we got the 2nd place in the trivia game! Well the priza was useless, we were given a discount voucher for international flights. As if I'll fly international from here, and their international flight exclude New Zealand. And for the closing ceremony, we just watch it in my small garage. Not bad, I like the opening better. And did I ever say that we watch the badminton finals in my room, via webcam live cast from my home?!! My mum set up for me as I was complaining the telly here not showing the finals!! It was great! hehe!!

-everyone in my room-

~Soo Siang's Birthday~
We made a small birthday party for her. Nothing to write more except I just had to say that I had HOKKIAN MEE!!! THANKS Joe and Cien, I know it's late but still THANKSSS!! Will ya make again???

-the birthday girl-

-Hokkian meeeeee *salivating*-

~Merdeka Night~
I paid $25 dollar to attend that event. It wasn't bad, but I don't like the food. It looks good on the outside but it doesn't taste good in the inside. Merdeka Night to me is like another Alumni night, you pay to dress up and take pictures, provided in a nice ambiance. Since it's Merdeka Night, thus it's all Malaysians, well most of it. Before that I didn't know there are a lot of Malaysians in the uni, now I know. But sadly I dunno any of them and I didn't make any effort to get to know them. I know I suck. Anyhoo It wasn't bad, I wouldn't say it was fun as I had to dress up and walked in heels in a chilly night. But great experiance! =D

-me and siang-

-all dressed up, but was too cold so we had our jacket on-

-Jun shoong and the ladies-

-my dinner for that night, forgot what barramundi with dunno-

-Siang's $25 dinner, steamed egg with mixed vege-

-us with the best dressed guy clad in Iban traditional clothing-

-Cynthia, Joe, Siang and me-

~Cultural Awakening~
Our uni has lotsa students from all over the world and thus they have a series of events going on all week long. Sadly I couldn't attend all of them and the saddest part is that I wasn't able to go to the last day of the event as they have some sort of international food stalls. I had to attend classes!! T_T sad right... But I am glad that I went to the Ramadhan break fast on the 2nd day of the fasting month. Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and etc prepared the food and we get to enjoy it for free. It kinda reminds me of the International Night in INTI. It was raining that day so all of us had to stay indoor. Yep and so I get to eat some Malaysian food like roti jala, curry and ayam merah. The food were not enough and so I didn't get to eat the chicken!!! only the sauce... T_T and I had air bandung(rose syrup mixed with soy milk or condensed milk). Overall was fun, good food good company. I was half drenched that was as I walked home in rain, I have killed THREE, TIGA, SAN umbrella since I came here, the wind was just tooo strong! Oh wait, I think only my umbrellas broken, is it that I didn't take care enough if it?? I need a golf umbrella!!

-Joe, Hua, Siang and me-

That's pretty much about it. Can't wait for the holiday to come so I can go to Queenland soon!! One more week and I'm going for holiday!!! YAY!! Still have one assignment to be completed before holiday. And three weeks after holiday will be finals and after finals I will be going home and eat my char koay teow, laksa, hokkian mee etc....

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sydney One Day Trip

Finally I'm posting up after dragging for soooo loong! Not that many photos coz I'm lazy, and I've been posting up a lot of Sydney trip, so I'm only gonna post up the photos of places that I never been. Enjoy~

- We had dim sums, soooo goood, but expensive too.. -

-Dim sums, dim sums-

-met up with kai xin-

-inside the apple store-

-the 2nd largest apple store in the world! see the amount of people inside, it was crowded-

-bibimbap, yum yum-

-posing 1-

-posing 2-

-the famous pancake on the rock-

-the only guy, ah mao, forgot his real name d =p-

-KaiXin my dear-

-Queen Victoria Building-

-Australian Musuem, I love museum!!-


-skeletal happy family-

-I saw dinosaur too-

-only Siang and me interested in Museum, that's why you don't see others-

-My faourite snacks bought in Sydney-

That's only part of it and I still have plenty more in my hard drive, as I said, I'm too lazy to upload it.. so check it out in my facebook then(you'll know when I upload it there). teehee~

Tests have hit me, after the test the 2nd wave of assignments coming, so might not be updating that often but stay tuned, for the merdeka night pics and Ramadham breakfast which I'm gonna steal the photos from Joe. And what else... hmm... I'm going to Gold Coast for holiday for a week!!! And I have booked the flight!! It's only $104 for 2 way, cheap cheap!! =D But that's not gonna happen, not for another 4 weeks. But I'm waiting for it and feel excited whenever I think of it! And I'm trying to earn more money before I go for holiday!! =D