Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a month

I have arrived here for a month and 4 hours. *checking the date and time* Yep! That's right!

It's been a month I didn't see my family
It's been a month I didn't see my friends
It's been a month I didn't go to Sunway Mall
It's been a month I didn't go to Queensbay
It's been a month I didn't go to Gurney
It's been a month I didn't watch any movies!
It's been a month I didn't eat Laksa
It's been a month I didn't eat char koay teow
It's been a month I didn't eat hokkian mee
It's been a month I didn't........

I can go on and on....but to save your time, I'll cut short it...

I miss my family and friends back home
I miss Penang hawker food
I miss everything back home....

I can't believe I'm saying this too.. but yah, that's true... I miss Miss Leon *faint*
I am being so hypocrite right now... I think I blogged about how much I hated her.. and now I truly miss her.... is it something wrong with me???
Ah weeelllll..... after seeing the ang moh teaching... I like her better... she is so so so so so x100 better than my cost management lecturer over here... I understood what she taught and it was easy to understand... now, I don't understand a thing, how am I gonna pass this subject!??! And worst of all, I don't remember a thing!! I should have paid more attention to her... haih...
I don't understand why the lecturers here like to make things complicated. Something I could understand in a minute back home takes me forever to understand over here. It's like they take you a big whole round then come back to the original place. I really have the urge to mail her and ask her to send me a sample of the work. And the crappiest of all... WHY I HAVE TO TAKE THIS BLOODY SUBJECT AGAIN?!!!! WHY I didn't get exempted for this subject??? You know how difficult to pass this bloody subject not?!! I prepared and I thought it's just a piece of cake but when I sat for my finals, my confidence sank 100000000km down the earth. I still managed to pass though... =p I can imagine the continuous workload hitting me soon...

Somehow, I miss INTI... a little bit.. just a little bit. Coz they don't need us to pass up class assessment every week. Haih....

Okay, gotta go! ciao~ wish me luck people!! I really have to shed off the procrastinator in me dee!! If not one day I'll drown in the pool of assignments and assessments and whatsoever stuff that need to hand in.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mardi Gras, Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and Fish Market

I spent my last weekend in Sydney. It was a great weekend!! We went touring in Sydney and it is so different from the place I'm staying currently... the scenery was great, the buildings are tall and nice but the things are expensive. My train fare to go there cost me a total of $36 to and fro!! I have to say there are a lot of Asians in Sydney. You get to see Chinese everywhere on the street!! Especially places near UNSW. Sandra and I stayed at her sister IH. So saved us the cost of accommodation!

-Pretending to be their student and proudly take photo in front of it!-


The main purpose of going down to Sydney was to see the Mardi Gras celebration held in Sydney, one of the major city in the world which is famous for their Mardi Gras celebration. The other word for Mardi Gras is the Gay and Lesbian parade or something.
For more info about Mardi Gras in Sydney, click here
To know what's the meaning of Mardi Gras, click here

I gotta say, attending the Mardi Gras celebration was a totally new experience for me!! Culture shock!! Something you'll never get to see in a million years back home!! People dressed up in fancy clothes, some scantily clad, and some nearly* naked. (*nearly as in 98% naked) And most of all.. most of them are... erm.... man.. range from young to old... and some SHEman. I was like OH MY GAAWWWWD!!! And the weather that day was actually freezing cold, I was shivering the whole way!! I can't believe how can they wear sooooo little cloth and still able to walk for the whole parade!! I think the temperature that night was only 13 celcius!! O.o
Anyway, I think I should shut up now and let the pictures continue my post.

- whoa!! before the parade-

- SHE is tall...-

-watashiwa Sakura desu-

-Mardi Gras Version of Victoria Secret Runway-

-Sandra... you are sooo lucky get to take picture with those beauties-

- hello people, nice to meet you-

-the picture says it all-

-ooh, naughty~~ bad girl~

-coffee, tea or fabulosity, anyone?-

-angel and devil-

Check this out!! News review on the Mardi Gras Parade. Phew.. it was hard to find something rated "U" for the Mardi Gras event.


Before we head down to the parade, we went to the FAMOUS SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE!!! IT WAS SPECTACULAR!! And Harbour Bridge was awesome too!! I wanted to climb, but I was told that you need to pay.... too bad.. maybe next time.... I saw in the map that there is an underwater tunnel leads to the Opera House. Hmm... But I see nothing on the surface.. DUH...
Some of the pictures I took:

- street human art-

-Harbour Bridge-

-Sydney Opera House-

- me posing with the SOH behind-

- Sandra and I-


We passed Darling Harbour on the way to Sydney Fish Market. So we took a few pics around there:

- Darling Harbour!-

-another view-

-dunno what big spinning thingy in Darling Harbour-


Ahhh~~ the famous Sydney Fish Market.. where you get to buy cheaper and fresh seafoods. I have to admit that it was really good, but also really pricey if you convert back to RM. I love the prawns!! So sweet and so fresh!! Whoever loves Salmon, this is your paradise!! It's cheap! We didn't order the fried ones coz' it was expensive, but we bought some on the way back coz' the price went down as it was near to the closing time. But not for the fresh one though... maybe because it was Sunday.. so they didn't pull down the price in the end of the day. Picture ar... sorry ar.. was busy eating.. totally forgot to take.. but I managed to take the picture fish cocktails I bought but not the cheese bake oysters when I'm going back.

-Sydney Fish Market-

- fish cocktails-


Jeez... I gotta tell ya how much I walked when I was in Sydney!! Before showing you the pics, I tell you!! I saved $17.20 coz I walked!!! Okay, here's the pics:

-see?? from Sydney Opera House to Oxford Street a.k.a Gay Street(that's what I was told)-

-From the Central Station to Fish Market-

My legs muscles still pain... haih...

Phew... that was pretty much of my last weekend spent in Sydney. This post is getting longer and longer dee!! So I guess I'll just stop here or else you'll get bored dee... hehe!! ciao~

p/s: more pictures are available in my facebook and my picasaweb!