Monday, July 30, 2007

Movies and Cake

Jia Shuen came over to Butterworth on Saturday, so we went for a movie, erm… two movies. Poor Jia Shuen, Kangar no cinema, so she decided to come over and catch up the movie that she missed. So, we watched The Simpsons movie and Transformers. This is the second time I watched transformers, so for the review, click here.

And for the Simpsons Movie. I didn’t catch the series showing in astro but I heard it’s nice and I read the movie review in the paper and it attracts me to go watch the movie, which I did. Hehe!! The movie was hilarious, the main purpose of the movie is to raise our environmental awareness, dispose your waste properly!! I think the movie was nice, those characters are so funny, especially Homer Simpsons, he was really funny and the ultimate loser dad, but somehow, he is cool!! And his obsession for his pig, that was…. speechless… “spiderpig, spiderpig….” And even Harry Potter pig…. =.= Just go watch it yourselves and you’ll get the picture!! Never forget his family, his wife, Marge, daughter, Lisa, Son, Bart and the youngest daughter Maggie. They have they own characteristics that made them the character.

Oh, I baked cheese cake last week, It was good of course!! Coz I’m the one who baked it. Hehe!! And my lil’ sis also helped me out too!!! I got good feedbacks, that should indicates it’s nice. =P

- cheeeeeeeeesseeeee-

On another thing, I finished the book Happy Potter and the deathly Hallows!!! Yay!! It was really interesting. I didn't sleep well for these few days just to finish the book, I just can't put down the book!! And that's how I've got my panda eyes. Don't get shocked if you see me. Well, as a kind-hearted person as always, I won't spoil the ending of the book in my blog. And so to prevent my fellow friends track me down and cekik me. hehe!! kidding lah!! Just go read the book by yourself, it's soooo exciting to follow what happen to Harry at the end!!

I don’t remember much of the week dee… so that’s all for now. Final exams are coming in two weeks time, so gotta study dee… and two tests coming up next week, and another assignment yet to be done by next week too… sad case… *sob sob*

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I HATE Lecturers!!!!

URGH!!!! Why every lecturers are the same?! Last week a teacher didn’t show up. Today, ANOTHER teacher didn’t show up!!!! Somemore both also 8 BLARDY MORNING CLASS!!!!! And today WORST!! IT’s the only class I’ve got to attend!! Just waste my petrol and my PRECIOUS sleep time!!! Can’t they just be more responsible?! At least told us a day before or something then we don't have to waste our car petrol!! And I will stop cursing. DAMN ALL OF YOU*!!!!
*all of you as in the lecturers. Okay fine, except Chee Keong and Lim Lee Yang. They are innocent.

Okay, even though I have to come to college to finish my assignment, but AT LEAST I don't have to wake up EARLY in the morning!!! But most probably I won't turn up if I don't have class.. I don't wanna attend the 8 o'clock class anymore!!!!

Finally cool myself down now, If It was the morning... probably my cursing will go longer...
Anyway, think of something to cheer myself up!! I've got the latest and the last Harry Potter book at a bargain price!! 40 Bucks cheaper in Carrefour than in any other bookstores!! Yay!! And I'm still reading it!! Halfway more to go!! The story getting more and more exciting as it goes... just can't wait to finish it!!! As I didn't read the 6th book, so I got a bit lost when I started to read the 7th book, but anyway, I managed to catch up the story later... hehe!! I'm actually stay until late night to follow the story... and now I'm lack of sleep and summore class canceled this morning... I got a bit cranky just now... now is so much more better!!

Got to go to do my assignment dee!! adios!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm now very PISSED!!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!! I came all the way from Butterworth to college to attend your class, and you canceled the class?! WHAT THE!!?
My next class is at 12 o'clock, now I've FOUR BLARDY HOURS dunno what to do!!!!?? Now sitting in the library for dunno-what-to-do!!
Yesterday after her class, she was like

tomorrow EIGHT O'CLOCK HAR!!!!!

And now, all of us turn up for the class and I TELL YOU!!! SHE DIDNT!!!!!! URGH!!!!!

IF she informed us ealier then okay lah... now I probably still in my dream land. Lying on my comfortable bed, cuddle in my comforter. BUT because I don't wanna miss HER class, I woke up early in the morning, got frustrated in the traffic jam, plus raining, the worst jam you can ever get!!! And then cut here and there just to rush to her class coz' I thought I was late dee!! And this is what I got from her.... CLASS CANCELED!!!! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!!
I'm DAMN PISSED right now!!! HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so dead if she sees this......

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The ULTIMATE kay poh chi

*today as in wednesday, i supposed to post this yesterday but my phone decided to fail on me*

Today on Sandra and my way back to the hostel, we saw an accident. It's like two cars banged head to head, still wondering how they actually hit each other head to head.... hmmm... I think this is the most reasonable to explain on how they crashed:

- my illustration, fine, i know my drawing sucks

Here are the actual cars:

- badly crashed

okay, here's the point, people are kay poh chi, whenever they see an accident, they will slow down or even stop to kay poh, and the accident scene will be crowded. Don't believe me? Believe it!! I even have a photo as proof, see:

- see?? okay, maybe not too many...

okay fine, I'm one of those people who stop down and kay poh. I'm not hypocrite, I admit I'm kay poh too. I just can't resist the nature behaviour of human!!! who can?!

Anyway, on another totally unrelated stuff. I DONE my Law assignment today. Okay this might not be surprising to you. But hey!! The due date is on this Saturday. ME actually finished it BEFORE the due date!!! yay!! Done is done, but whether correct or not is another thing dee.. hehe!! anyway!! can you feel my joy?! But, another assignment is coming up tomorrow, BLARDY econs assignment and I still have another one yet to complete. Luckily the due date is somewhere in August.
Don't you just HATE the end of semester? Only at the end of the semester you tend to feel all the stress build up on you. Assignments, test and the worst, FINAL EXAMS!!! My semester is coming to an end in mid August. So my finals will be on around 13 August, crap... and I'm still in the blur blur state, double crap!! A lot of stuff to catch up but so little time... sigh...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of the pheonix

Yes, I went to watch the movie yesterday with Hui Peng and her two little sisters. Went to the dunno-what-cinema in Pacific. Their showing time SURPRISINGLY punctual. So I missed the first 10 minutes. DAMN IT!!! It says show at 2pm, I went at like 2.15pm as normally the cinema advertisements take up to at least 20 minutes, who knows when I went in, it's started!!! URGH!!!
This is a little review of the movie from my opinion.
The movie was nice, but if it doesnt go in to the "operation room", it would be even better. My friend told me that the movie was originally like 3 hours something, but after that, it is being choped here and there and left the pathetic 2 hours and 15 minutes. (well, I dunno whether it's true or not coz I can't find any pages that state the actual movie lenght) I think it's the shortest in the series so far. A lot of the details in the book have been cut off, so it was a bit dissapointing to me. If you never read the book and you watch the movie, you might get a little lost when you watch it. Hui Peng didn't read the book and she missed the fourth movie, so she was like "who is she?" "why things turn out like that?" "erm... why I never see this person before?" But undeniable, the graphics were good. A lot of magic were involved and the main characters have grown up. But I still prefer the cute little Harry. Oh, I hate professor Umbridge, especially when she made the disgusting laughter, summore she loves pink!!!! After the movie, I think I've got a temporary disgust to pink. ARGHHH!!!!!
Well, I like the part where the Weasly brothers created havoc in the exam hall and lead to chaos, though the part was different from what is described in the book. Totally different!! But you still get the idea what are they trying to convey. I also like the near-ending part where a lot of magic fighting were involved, it was pretty cool!!

Conclusion, the movie was a bit dissapointing but it was still okay in the overall. But Hui Peng claimed that it was boring... well.. everyone has their own point of view...

Saturday, July 07, 2007


After 2 days of stressing out ourselves doing the DAMN ecomonics assignment, Sandra and I went to Queensbay and watched Transformers. Stressing ourselves huh?? Why suddenly I became so hardworking... hehe, sound so impossible for me... and yes, I haven't done YET... but I did do.... just maybe not as much as her... you know... when she concentrates, she is really concentrating, not like me, easily get distracted, but I would say this time is a HUGE improvement for me dee!! At least I just left one sub question only... whenever I switch on the computer, I'll go online, check mails, blog hoping, surfing for no reasons... that's why I can never finish my assignment in the time I set for myself UNLESS I need to pass it up the very next day. =P

Anyway, what I wanted to say is TRANSFORMERS RAWKS!!!! It was AWESOME!!! OOh, I just LOVE when they transformed into robots!!! Frankly speaking, I don't even feel like watching it when I knew there is this movie, but then later on, I got good feedback from friends and it's like the media promoting it everywhere then only I feel like watching it. I don't regret I watched it infact I'm SO GLAD that I watched it!! If not, I'll be missing a good movie of the year!!!
After the movie, Sandra and I were wishing our cars could morph into one of those in the movie and get out of the jam immediately!! ooh, that would be sooooo COOL!!
I definitely recommend it to my friends!! So my pal out there!! GO WATCH IT NOW!!! I MEAN IT!! You definitely gonna regret if you miss this!!

-The good
-The evil

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Going out a lot last week, so many things to blog about and I dont have time to do so. So basically I'll just briefly sort out by day a bit and won't go into details. So here goes:

Yik Han's birthday, so brought her to Sunway Mall to celebrate before she went to UM to further her studies.

Went out with Justin and Sandra. Sandra and I went to Gurney and met up with Justin. Basically we were just walk around and talk. We went in to this Apple outlet in Gurney and we were like cam-whoring/gigolo.... haha and this is one of the pic:

- Ain't creepy?-

Ever since Sandra had to divorce her car aka her baby, she is so obsessed with purple kembara. Whenever she sees one, she will be like " oh, is that my baby?" "oh oh!! I see my car" "eh, that looks like my car"
We planned to have our dinner at yosenabe opposite peng hua, we were really starved ourselves for that. And by the time we reached there....
"where is the restaurant?"
"I'm sure it was there!!"
"oh my god!! The restaurant CLOSED DOWN DEEEE!!!"
"WHAT THE!!! *faint*"
And so Sandra don't get to eat at the restaurant where she was so excited about to go there... you can imagine the situation dont you??
Then, we headed back to the Cantoment Road(if I spelled it correctly) and had "tong shui"(cantonese) but someone is carnivore who needs MEAT in every meal, so the someone didnt had the nice "tong shui" After that, spotted this ice-cream outlet namely Lecka-Lecka but unfortunately they just moved in so there is NO ice-cream for us. Fine, no ice-cream, wanna eat Cendol, who knows we were so damn unlucky, FINISHED DEE!!!! haih.... sad case... Finally, we decided to have our dinner at a nice western restaurant near one-stop. To make sure we have no more dissapoinment, the three of us were like quickly call up our friends that know what time is the rastaurant open and when it closed to make sure it's open that day. THANK GOD IT'S OPEN!! So, this is what we had that day:

Justin and Sandra came over to Prai at evening, and Sandra's main purpose to here is to hijack my books!! And yes she succeed...

- Sandra and I in my room(i'm not undressing her!!)-

My dad brought us to a restaurant to have my favourite dish, curry fish head which located in Chai Leng Park. It was so good!! Love that so much!! After dinner, I brought them to the newly opened Sunway Mall. We stayed until like most of the shops closed dee. The craziest thing I ever done in my life!! Got into the display car and snapped pictures!! And played with the new cars, explored their functions. As Justin said, they were never gonna meet those people anymore so might as well go crazy... yah... but I'll be still around there... hopefully no one recognizes me the next time I go. Hehe!! But I would say it was really fun!!

- one of the photos we snapped-

I went to penang to meet up with Justin. And I got a BIG SURPRISE from him. Guess what!!







OOh, I missed her sooo much ever since she gone to Switzerland to further her studies!! The two of them were planned to give me the surprise!! Which I did get surprised!! Justin was trying to cheat me when I reached there by telling me that we have to wait for a friend of his and I didn't suspect anything at all!! How am I going to suspect when I have totally don't have a single clue that Karen is coming back? And after we waited for a while, Karen pop up infront of the car!! I was like " OH MY GOD!!!! KAREN!!!!!!" "SHE IS BACK!!!!!!" "AHHHHHHH" I was really shocked to see her!! Oh my, I still can't believe that she is back and she gave me the surprise. I was soooo excited the whole day!! I still remember that whenever I asked her when is she coming back, everytime she told me it's a surprise. And yes she did it, I got the surprise!! =D

- Karen, Justin and me-

After that, we had our lunch in a nyonya restaurant. The food was good but you have to wait for a long time for the food to come. Probably they have too little workers. THANKS FOR THE LUNCH KAREN!! From that day, I only got to know that all these years, I had a lot of nyonya food cooked by my aunty, just that I didn't know it's nyonya, sad case I know. Anyway, I got to know it after all, it's still not too late isn't it?
After lunch, we went to Queensbay Mall as that's the mall that Karen never been to. You know what people normally do when go to mall don't you. So that's what we did. Here is one of the photos:

- the three of us-
you're right Justin, the more I look, the more I like this photo =P

I think I already go more than details dee. Hehe!!
Anyway, there are two friends I would like to say goodbye to:

Yik Han
Goodbye!! ooh my food hunting buddy!! I'm gonna the miss time when you and me roamed around Butterworth to search for food!! Maybe I'll get slim down without you tempting me with food!! haha!! Anyway, wish your good karma follows you wherever you go!! (you know what I mean)
See ya soon!!

Goodbye!! My lepak buddy!! Sooo gonna miss the time we had roaming around shopping malls for no reasons!! hehe!! Wish you all the best and good luck!!
auf Wiedersehen!!
See ya soon!!