Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Opening of another new mall

Sunway Carnival Mall is OPENED!! It’s in Seberang Jaya, I think the place is called Sunway too as there is this sunway hotel there too. Apparently the Sunway Company bought the whole place up and yes, Sunway Carnival Mall is from the same company who owns the Sunway Pyramid in KL. And it is the first mall in northern region which has LCD screen to give you a guide of what shops are available in the mall.

The place is not that big though. It is freezing cold inside the mall. Parkson is their anchor tenant. Quite a lot of shops are not open yet but I get to know some brands that available and those going to open like Guess, Esprit, New Balance, Elements, PDI, Vincci, Sakae Sushi, Manhattan Fish Market, Nandos, Dragon-I, Laksa Shack, GSC, and etcetera. I would say it’s just like another Queensbay Mall but in a smaller version. But it’s still kinda cool too!! Just can’t wait until GSC open!!!!

you can check out more about the mall over here.

Checked out the new mall yesterday and today… roam finished dee I THINK… went with Yik Han today as today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Yik Han!! She is leaving soon, gonna miss her so much!! Anyway, congratulation to her!! She got her first choice university which is UM, the best university in Malaysia so far.

- Han han and Me-

Monday, June 25, 2007

Recap of last week

I baked cookies last week!!!! Of course I would say it’s nice since I’m the one who baked it… but it seems like I have got good responds too from my friends who I let them to try.

This is my very first batch of cookies:

Ooh, I’ve got this whole season 1 Heroes series from my sister. I have watched a couple episodes of it and I think it was good!! The storyline is kinda interesting, let me brief you a little about the series. There are these people who has different powers and they thought they were like everyone else until they found out that they have incredible abilities one day. They don’t know each other but you can see that they are actually connected to each other in some other way and they slowly get to know each other as the series go. It’s kinda mysterious… you just have to WATCH IT!!!!

On Friday, outing with Justin, Sandra and Daphne, megasale in Queensbay, Sandra and Daphne shopped in craze. I can see sale everywhere but not in GAP!! WHY??? WHY??!!!! HATE IT!! We spent our day just walk walk and chat chat... then we planned to have our dinner at Yosenabe and we starved ourselves to death just to leave more spaces in our stomach so that we can eat more later as that’s the type of place where you can eat-all-you-can by paying some sum of money. Sadly when we reached there, the restaurant was CLOSED!!! What the bloody hell!!! Apparently they have different working time as the one opposite Peng Hwa there. Sad case we didn’t know… so we ended up having our dinner at a Chinese restaurant and Sandra can have her all time favourite Lemon Chicken.

The next day, I have got a serious stomachache for dunno what reason. I thought it was food poisoning but I had all others have too but it seems like I’m the only one who suffered the pain. My mom and my uncle told me it’s the respond I got when I had my chakras opened which I don’t think it is. The pain was really killing me and it made me vomited all the food I had for the day. It was really awful. Now I’m wondering how I actually manage to take the pain and drove all the way from college-to-town-to-bayan lepas-to-home. I think it’s probably the pain strikes me like every half and hour but not all the time. For the rest of the day, I ended up didn’t eat anything until I’ve got gastric pain that night. It’s not I don’t want to eat. I did eat!! It’s just that I vomited dee. So for the last two days, I only had one proper meal which was yesterday lunch which was only vege and soup and 3 pieces of chiffon cake until today I’m so…so… much more better dee!! THANK GOD!!! Stomachache is the WORST feeling you can ever get!!

So that's all!! Wanna continue to watch Heroes now!! Tata!!


It’s been a hectic week last week, I attended this thing called longevitology which lasted for 6 days. I don’t really know what it is about but it seems like you can heal a person by “touching” on the illness places for 10 minutes or more. You can even heal yourself!! But I think this miracle only happens on the person who has good karma. If it happens on everyone, then doctors are in excess. I wouldn’t say I believe it or not, but the truth is if everyone can be healed like that, then doctors are useless dee!! If you want to heal someone, you must have your chakras opened first then only you can do so. And I made a little research on this, and this is it about:

Longevitology is a hand on healing technique developed by Ling Zi Zhen, a native of Taiwan (Republic of China). It has started with Ms Ling treating family and friends to now a non-profit orgnization with thoudsands of volunteers. Since its begining in the early eighties it has brought healing power to millions worldwide.

Longevitology is a natural therapy healing method that uses the human body to receive energy from the universe. It involves the relaxation of the body and mind in order to acquire the energy in a natural way. This is achieved by sitting quietly without any complicated body positions and quieting the heart (mind). The whole process is done naturally, therefore there are no side effects and can be practised by anybody regardless of their race, political belief, conviction or religion.

Longevitology believes that good health is the result of chi and blood flowing smoothly and any maladjustment between them will result in illness. Disease or illness is cured when the energy acquired by the above mentioned technique enters our body and then energizes every cell, enabling the body organs to function normally. This will lead to chi and blood flowing actively thus improving circulation and metabolism, raising the levels of antibodies and improving the immune system of the body. As a result of this, the filth of a disease is expelled by the metabolic system of the body itself thus the whole healing process is natural and does not involve any medical equipment, massage, oral medication or drugs. Most importantly, there are no side effects and it is perfectly safe.

The rest of my last week will be continue on the next post as I don’t want to make this post too long.

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Rants

Do I look depressed? I dunno really know. Why don't you tell me?

- am I?-

My mom said I look depressed, and she told me twice for this week dee... maybe I'm kinda quietly lately... erm I mean at home. But sometimes I do feel down, this feeling strikes me once in a while for god knows what reasons. Am I the only who has this kind of feeling?? Or it's normal? But I'm now better dee... also for no reasons, it just fade off when time passes.

Oh, for those people who dunno what the hell chiam chiam is, here is the picture of it. And yes I mean you Justin.

- chiam chiam-

And for those people who dunno what the hell lok lok is, here's the picture of it. And yes, I mean you Sandra.

- lok lok-

See?? I'm such a good friend. Purposely go take these photos for you guys. Somemore the picture of lok lok I just took it like an hour ago... hehe!! =P I'm not sure whether is it only available in Butterworth, but I think I saw lok lok in Penang before...
Anyway... another reason why I post up these photos is to tempt you guys... feeling hungry?? It was soooooo nice~~~ yummy~~ ^^ *slurp*
HAHA!! =)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Movie and Shopping

Wednesday, went for movie with Justin and Sandra!! Watched Shrek 3!! It was funny~~ Gingy was sooo cute, as well as Puss in Boots and Donkey too!! I missed out Shrek 2 but I think I can still catch up with the story in shrek 3.

After the movie, we tried out the Dragon-i restaurant. I ordered the what dee huh??? ummmmmmmmm.... hot and sour?? I dont really remember the name, but it was quite nice, I just remember the word sour... Oh Mee Gawd!! Am I suffering temporary memory loss??!!! I'm still so young!!!! HOW CAN IT BE???? It can't be!! Maybe I wasn't paying that much attention to the name, must be like that!! I know it was ramen. Coz' the waiter asked me
waiter: do you want to cut your mee?
me: what for?
waiter: coz it's handmade ramen, so it's very long
me: ok then
(conversation translated from mandarin)
And Sandra ordered Si Chuan ramen. I remember that coz I wanted to order that but then later I spotted something I wanted more. The soup got peanuts!! Very weird. Sandra's tongue numb enough as she can't taste the peanuts until it's finishing and I know it has peanuts in the soup from the very 1st sip I tried. I sound very proud don't I?? Well.... maybe a little... teehee =P
Justin ordered something got duck meat in it, and it is the healthiest among us as Sandra's 1 fulled of oil, mine 1 very starchy while his 1 is plain healthy soup.
I tried the famous xiao long pao too, it was good!!! This is how you should eat it, step by step:
1st, you take a small little bite
2nd, suck out all the soup in it
finally, you eat the dumpling. Remember to dip it with some vineger plus ginger which makes it more tasty.
After the lunch, walked here and there. Went to Padini, bought 2 clothes. To me, I counted it as 1. I tried the same clothes for like dunno how many times. Choosing the right colour, then the right size. First I tried white, then yellow, then grey. Decided to buy grey, but unfortunately no my size dee!! No choice, tried white again, then looked looked here and there, okay buy!! Sandra bought one too!! She also tried for many times, opt for the right colour. I know I'm choosy or even picky but I must make sure I have no regrets on something I buy, or in the economic term, cognitive dissonance. Justin was so nice waiting for the two of us picking the right ones. =D I can say it was a very rare occasion for me to buy clothes, somemore with friends!! I also don't know what changes me. But it was a great experiance!!
Then Sandra wanted to buy white coffee, so we went to Jusco. And you know what?? She was standing infront of the rack selling instant coffee for like half an hour choosing the brand of the coffee she had the day before and she doesn't even know the brand of the white coffee. The only thing she knew was it is IPOH WHITE COFFEE. And the rack there got numerous brands of IPOH WHITE COFFEE. In the end, she took the 1 which the packaging looks like the 1 she had.
Our new record!! 7 hours 45 minutes. It broke my record!!! But you just don't feel like you've been there for so long as we were having a lot of fun there. Time flies when you're having fun!!

An evening with the melodious dragon

I supposed to post this earlier but I was lazy to do so, so I just do it now.

I went to this chinese orchestra performance last sunday. It was good. 1097 performers were involved in this performance and I found out that Jeremy was 1 of the performers too. Frances Yip was the guest performer of the night. She was great, she has great vocal!! Maybe she is not familiar to teenagers but she is very popular among the older people like your parents perhaps... but undeniable, she was indeed the international star. To me, I felt like that night was her personal concert more than the chinese orchestra performance as I can only felt the crowd by the time she performs.

- Frances Yip-

In overall, the performance was good, and they hold the record of the largest chinese orchestra performance in Malaysia or even South Est Asia in the Malaysia book of record. I heard that the sound system they used was the best too!!

That was my first time attending a chinese orchestra performance and I had a great time there with my little sis. OH, so sad my big sis missed out that... she wanted to go sooo much!!