Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas!

I'm in Cyberjaya people!! I'm only going back to Penang on 29th of Nov!
All I wanted to say is Merry Belated Christmas!! Sales everywhere in KL!! =)

I promise I'll update more next time!


Friday, December 05, 2008


I am back from oz for a week d! The flight was alright, watching movie and sleep the whole way. I have my reason why I never post up here, but someone ruined my plan. (you know who you are, no I am not blaming on you) =)

Anyway, I'm also staying at home for a week d. I didn't go anywhere, only occasional outing with my sister and went to help out in the Lay Buddhist society, other than that, I rot at home with my psp and drama series. I know sad right... but I gotta spend time with my family since I was away for the past 9 months.

I have had some hawker food but most of the time I stayed home for home cooked food. I miss my momma's cooking!!

And I caught a flu and cough! how sad is that... and my voice still sound like an old lady... grr... must be the hot weather. I also got a lot of mosquito bites! all over my legs! T___T why lah mozzies love me so much!

That's all for now, I feel lazy to do anything right now. Stay tuned for more!

Monday, November 17, 2008


My last paper finished today!!
OMG I am so HAPPY!!!
I am free!!
I am going home in 10 days!!
I'll see you guys in Penang!!!!

p/s: all the best to those who are still having exams!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Three Down, One MOREE to go!

I just came back from my exam!  I think I screwed up my MCQ. =(

You know what I hate to see the most in MCQ? 



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two down, Two more to go!

My hard work of 10 hours!! 2 full pages of notes to be taken into the exam hall today! I'll go knock myself to the wall if I don't get good grades for that!
fyi, we are allowed to bring TWO A4 paper into the exam. And it is taken away by the invigilator after the exam! =(   

WHY?!! WHY?!! WHY?!!

My 10 hours piece of art and it's just being taken away just like that! And probably will be thrown away!! 


Anyway, I'll be having another paper tomorrow morning, taking a break after spending like 6 hours in the library! 

Gotta off to study now! toodles~ 

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's the time again

It's the time for the finals again
And I am not fully prepared yet
4 papers in 7 days
Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

AYA Dream Malaysia Award 2008

Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) is a non-profit organisation founded in Malaysia for the primary purpose of “inviting, inspiring, instructing and involving young people to dare to dream and be responsible in fulfilling those dreams for the good of all”.

AYA’s main priority is a commitment to raising leaders of admirable standards and excellence, believing that sound and solid leaders determine the overall health (spirit, mind and body) of a whole generation as it does a whole nation. (quote from

A friend of mine, Michael Teoh Su Lim stands out from the crowd and become one of the 7 finalist! Anyone who had studied in INTI Penang will know who is him. Being a senior and a mentor for us the fellow HSC newbies in 2006, he went class to class to give us speeches and motivation. From organizing the events in the college to actually become a CEO of INTI Chamber of Commerce, and now being one of the finalist in the AYA awards, I would say he is really an outstanding person. A quote from Jun Lin( a mutual friend of ours): "his(Michael) undying spirit and boldness in dreaming big as brought him to various competitions all over the world, and this time: AYA Dream Malaysia Awards 2008."

A screen shot of his profile in the webpage.

Nominee No. 4
Michael Teoh Su Lim (Michael)

A small town boy from Penang who was ridiculed by and rejected in school for being ‘weak’, he persevered through the odds that were against him - winning and representing the country in two international competitions.

Currently pursuing a major in Marketing and International Business in Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand, he raises the Malaysian flag proudly being hand-picked to the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) business conference. Aside from topping the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) competition twice, he continues impacting the lives of many through global youth and leadership conferences, and community projects.

So to make his dreams come true, this is what you should do by typing a few words into your handphone.
Step 1:
Type: AYA [space]
Y [space] 4

Step 2:
Send to: 36828

all votes must be submitted on or before 3 November (1pm) and it's only 2 days left... so quickly pick up your cell and vote for this outstanding young man!

Hereby, I sincerely wish you all the best and good luck! =D

Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm holding back my Queensland post for a while, I need time to sort out the pictures and decide which one to be posted up. =D I feel scared whenever I think of the thousand over pictures we took, maybe I'm not that avid blogger. Hmm...

Anyway, my lappie has been dying on me since I got it, and few days ago I finally took up the time and called to the Dell technical support to seek help. The reason that triggers my action is that I can't download itunes!!! Yes I know how lame it is. But yah, I have bought an apple product which is not for myself but I get to use it till I meet my sister. =D It is an iTouch. I like the sleek design of the gadget. It's like an iPhone but without the phone function and a little bit slimmer. The other plenty more reason why I called the Dell Technical Support is that I can't seem to be able to download Adobe Reader, the touch pad scroller and the bluetooth gone cuckoo, and the worst part is that the Blue Screen Of Death keep popping up!! Which I was told it is kinda serious if that thing pops up. So, I called. I called like twice as I needed to call for the software department 1st but to no avail and they wanted me to ring up the hardware department and so I did. After talking for like almost an hour on the phone, reformatted my lappie, and it is REVIVED! Everything seems to be alright for now and I must say that the Dell Technical Support has done a good job! Hopefully there will be no more problem so I can use it happily ever after.

On another unrelated stuff, this semester is almost coming to an end. Exams are commencing in less than 2 weeks and this is the last week for the lectures to go on. I can't believe that we have made it this far. And I have been living here for almost a year! That also means that I am going home soon in less than a month! =D But before all the excitement, I must fully prepare for the exam this time so I don't let my parents down and I can play all I want when I get home!

That's all for the this time. I'll be blogging again when I have the time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Queensland the Sunshine State Pt 1 - Brisbane

It is indeed a sunshine state, scorching sun shines upon us everyday and got us tanned! But that's when you know you're in Queensland!
Our 7 days trip in Brisbane and Gold Coast concluded on last Wednesday. We had a lot of fun, good food, good companies, good places which sum it all up to a wonderful trip! Brisbane and Gold Coast is different to Newcastle, so much different that I wish I can stay there forever except the fact that I don't like the water restriction part and the scorching hot sun, but I love the breezy wind and the beaches!
I'm gonna split it into two parts or else my post will be wayyyy too long. We have taken over 1000++ photos all together in our 7days trip or maybe even reach 2000, in fact, I have 800+ over pictures in my camera alone. We spent 2 nights in Brisbane and 4 nights in Gold Coast. To cut the story short, let's proceed into the pictures...

Day 1

-Ticket to Brisbane-

-1st breakfast in Brisbane with my all time favourite hot chocolate!-

-Waiting for the citycat, Brisbane has 3 kinds of transportation running in the city which are ferries/citycat, trains and buses, which I think the transportation there is very efficient.

-In the citycat-

-Our lunch, they sell cheap and nice Japanese food-

-I like this, can you see the round thing in the middle of every circle, it has a potted plant in the round wire mesh, sadly the building is abandoned.

-a glimpse of the city-

-we then went to the casino, nice right the building!-

-dunno what round shape thingy infront of the casino

-On the way to the man made beach-

-the man made beach, the beach in the city-

-We visited QUT, but that's not QUT, it's some goverment building, just right before we enter QUT-

-Street Spray painting art-

After city sight-seeing, we went for dinner in a greek restaurant! Great food!!

-Awesome grilled chicken, pork and lamb. Unexpectedly, the grilled lambs are totally awesome, I don't like lamb normally but this one tasted soo good and tender and most importantly they don't have the lamb smell, and it's grilled to perfection! yummy!! I love the chicken too but not that much on the pork coz it's a tad salty with the heavy pork smell, in fact, I don't like the pork in Australia-

-fried calamari ring and small fish with dips and grilled chicken, lamb and squid and dippings with bread-

-Greek Salad-

-Fried garlic mushroom-

-vegetarian fettuccine-

-the dips, garlic mushroom, fish roe, potato and cheese If I'm not mistaken-

-we left with empty plates and full stomach!! =D-

Day 2
Dim Sum as our breakfast. I heart dim sum!! And it's wayyy cheaper there than in Sydney and the food are equally good!! Another reason why I heart Brisbane. We went to this place called Sunnybank in Brisbane where you can find a lot of chinese.

-some steamed food-

-fried spring roll with spring onions fillings-

-this is special, ew za gui wrapped in chee cheong fun skin. Crispy in the inside, soft at the outside.-

-I super heart this egg tarts, they are awesome!! I love the crispy puff skin texture. I wonder where to find in Penang-

-After the breakfast, we went for some sweet dessert.

-muaci with black sesame and peanuts-

-This is totally awesome!! glutten rice filled with black sesame, the rich taste of black sesame blends in with the rice glutten and it tasted soo soft and smooth!-

-The state library of Queensland-

-insidet the library-

-group photo by the river side-

-Visitted UQ as well, inside the great court of UQ, it's a beautiful uni I would say... wayy nicer compared to my uni, makes me wanna study there d... -

-Group photo-

We also went to the Museum and the contemporary art gallery. I'm not gonna post anymore pictures of it here coz this post is already way too long and let just skip to dinner shall we? We had vietnamese food that night. It was great too!!

-chicken wrapped in rice paper-

-prawns wrapped in rice paper with dipping sauce-

-my pork chop with fried rice-

-fried crispy tofu, I love tofu!-

The one I posted up are only part of the food. After dinner, we wanted to go clubbing but sadly we got rejected to enter coz we weren't wearing heels!!!! We are light travelers how you expect us to bring heels worrr...... so we ended up walking around the city and enjoy the night view of the city. We also went to the night market and rode ferries wheel!!

-the ferries wheel-

-the night view on the citycat-

Two days in Brisbane concluded! Special thanks to Kevin and Ernest for providing us a place to stay and Ken for bringing us around the city and Kevin again for finding all the good food for us!!! You all are the best!!! =D

post note: Is there anyway to upload photos except the way that I have to drag all the photos down???

Stay tuned for more!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Small Events

Finally I'm updating again, I know I've become very lazy lately and I know I'm not supposed to as the exams are approaching and I still have like 3 assignments and tonnes of study to be done. The worst thing is that I was addicted to Nintendo my friend borrowed me which is still with me now. Why on earth I can still be so relaxed while I have so many stuff yet to do?!??
Anyway, I have gone to a few events like the Merdeka Nite, Cultural Awakening and Soo Siang's birthday which was last month. That's what I can remember, apart from the recent ones, I think.... the oldest event that I went to was the Olympic Ceremony which I'm not gonna write anything about it anymore as it was like....... forever ago. When was the olympic again?? OOh Right... 080808. Okay maybe not that old.

~Olympic Opening~
We went to the Bar on the Hill (uni bar) on that day to watch the olympic as they have a huge plasma tv over there. The place was crowded and was full of chinese, mainly from China. It was fun, and we got the 2nd place in the trivia game! Well the priza was useless, we were given a discount voucher for international flights. As if I'll fly international from here, and their international flight exclude New Zealand. And for the closing ceremony, we just watch it in my small garage. Not bad, I like the opening better. And did I ever say that we watch the badminton finals in my room, via webcam live cast from my home?!! My mum set up for me as I was complaining the telly here not showing the finals!! It was great! hehe!!

-everyone in my room-

~Soo Siang's Birthday~
We made a small birthday party for her. Nothing to write more except I just had to say that I had HOKKIAN MEE!!! THANKS Joe and Cien, I know it's late but still THANKSSS!! Will ya make again???

-the birthday girl-

-Hokkian meeeeee *salivating*-

~Merdeka Night~
I paid $25 dollar to attend that event. It wasn't bad, but I don't like the food. It looks good on the outside but it doesn't taste good in the inside. Merdeka Night to me is like another Alumni night, you pay to dress up and take pictures, provided in a nice ambiance. Since it's Merdeka Night, thus it's all Malaysians, well most of it. Before that I didn't know there are a lot of Malaysians in the uni, now I know. But sadly I dunno any of them and I didn't make any effort to get to know them. I know I suck. Anyhoo It wasn't bad, I wouldn't say it was fun as I had to dress up and walked in heels in a chilly night. But great experiance! =D

-me and siang-

-all dressed up, but was too cold so we had our jacket on-

-Jun shoong and the ladies-

-my dinner for that night, forgot what barramundi with dunno-

-Siang's $25 dinner, steamed egg with mixed vege-

-us with the best dressed guy clad in Iban traditional clothing-

-Cynthia, Joe, Siang and me-

~Cultural Awakening~
Our uni has lotsa students from all over the world and thus they have a series of events going on all week long. Sadly I couldn't attend all of them and the saddest part is that I wasn't able to go to the last day of the event as they have some sort of international food stalls. I had to attend classes!! T_T sad right... But I am glad that I went to the Ramadhan break fast on the 2nd day of the fasting month. Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and etc prepared the food and we get to enjoy it for free. It kinda reminds me of the International Night in INTI. It was raining that day so all of us had to stay indoor. Yep and so I get to eat some Malaysian food like roti jala, curry and ayam merah. The food were not enough and so I didn't get to eat the chicken!!! only the sauce... T_T and I had air bandung(rose syrup mixed with soy milk or condensed milk). Overall was fun, good food good company. I was half drenched that was as I walked home in rain, I have killed THREE, TIGA, SAN umbrella since I came here, the wind was just tooo strong! Oh wait, I think only my umbrellas broken, is it that I didn't take care enough if it?? I need a golf umbrella!!

-Joe, Hua, Siang and me-

That's pretty much about it. Can't wait for the holiday to come so I can go to Queenland soon!! One more week and I'm going for holiday!!! YAY!! Still have one assignment to be completed before holiday. And three weeks after holiday will be finals and after finals I will be going home and eat my char koay teow, laksa, hokkian mee etc....