Tuesday, May 19, 2009

of food and glorious food

I love food! It feels so good when I'm eating... I could be an eat-oholic... or perhaps gradually becoming one... that's why when I went home last year, everyone was like "gosh! you put on weight!!" then for dunno what reason I also ate a lot back home but just probably don't snack as much as I do over here or had less creamy and cheesy and starchy food back home, when I came back again this year my friends went "oooh, you lose weight!!" I think I am gaining weight now again, seriously, you do not want to know how much I have eaten for the past few weeks!! gosh! It's unbelieaveble!! I have been enjoying myself too much!! We have our fortnightly breakfast, then almost weekly dining out in the town, and occasionally steamboat at home, or sometimes we'll just decide to cook something good... or some random occasion eating out like after a busy week, finished tests, finished assignments, or when we're in the mood. hehe!

Let see... the recent events, everyone's birthday falls in May!! 1st it's Khai Chi's, we went to a thai restaurant to have dinner, it wasn't bad but probably not the best restaurant in town. But that doesn't matter because it's the company that counts, who cares about food when you have friends around to have fun!

- at sticky rice thai restaurant-

Then it's Cien Shin and Xin Yi's birthday, Nicole came down from Canberra to give Cien a surprise at 12am. The next day they went to Port Stephens and I couldn't go coz I had to work! Then at night we organized a little party for them. We bought so much food until we couldn't finish it! We had KFC, Domino Pizzas, Amazing noodles, deep ocean seafood and home made mashed potato! All in very large portions. It was nevertheless a great night!! We play cards and Wii after dinner and had a chat with everyone!

-With the bithday girls, oh lucky Jim, surrounded by 11 ladies-

That's 3 on May, and there are still a few coming up! yay! more food!! more laughter and more fun!! Happy Birthday to all the May babies!!

Last friday, we went to our fortnightly event, breakfast! I missed the last one coz I had to work on saturday, so I tried to convince them to go on Friday instead. So yay! We went to Grind Cafe at Darby Street.

- this is my toasted turkish bread with creamy pesto mushroom, spinach and tomatoes with 2 poached eggs on top! delish!-

-The 1st coffee I ordered since I came to Newy! Affogato!! It's good! seriously! A shot of espresso pour over the vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes! The smooth and creamy textures of the ice cream blend with espresso melts in your mouth... yum yum~-

-our home made steamboat, it feels so good to have it in a cold night!-

-my meditarranean style fettucini with feta and olives in one of our random dining in town in monkey monkey monkey cafe, it's yummy! -

-this is monkey plate, I think... it's good too!!-

I don't have all the pictures of our random dining out, so I just post up what I have, we have been to a couple thai restaurant in town and there is this place called AL-Oi which is good! Gonna go back for second, one day... don't have the pictures tho... =)

This is my home made food, I made them... when I am free...

- my carbonara! this is my 1st attempt, there are a few more after that which has more ingredients inside, this is only with bacon. After a couple failure of why my eggs weren't cook, I think it's safe to say now I have found a way to make it that guarantees the eggs will be cooked! I kinda addicted to it and I had like 4 times in a week!! I hope it's not that fattening coz It has no cream and cheese inside yet it tasted creamy! cool huh!! Thanks to Chee Seng the chef who gave me the recipe!-

-this is my 1st attempt on pumpkin soup! It wasnt bad, in fact it's quite nice, but I think I can make a better one which I haven't tried out yet. I like the creamy texture eventho it has no cream in it when I cooked it. The cream only added when you serve, depends on how creamy you want it to be-

I think I kinda like pasta with no cream at all! The other day, I was just threw in a can of tuna and fried some bacon with some olive oil over my fettucine and call it a meal. It was actually not bad!! It's simple and save time!! And I love fettucine!!! They are so goood!!

Enough for food, it's making me hungry while I'm blogging about it, gonna go make my lunch now! Perhaps fettucine again with mango tuna and bacon! I know wtf mango tuna! they have all kinds of weird flavored can of tuna like mango, vinegar, sweet chili, corn, tomato and basils, sundried tomato, and more!! So ciao~