Monday, January 29, 2007

Out again...

Yeah, still not enough for last week, I've got 6 hours break last Friday, and so Nicole and I decided to go to Queensbay Mall to watch a movie and spend our free time. And so, we watched "Epic Movie". For the people I asked to go with but then they didn't, luckily you people didn't go, the movie was so stupid. Never seen such stupid movie before!! The movie is made up from the main character from many movies like “X-men”, “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”, “Click”, “The Chronicle of Narnia”, “Superman”, “Nacho Libre”, “Snakes on the Plane”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Scary Movie”, “Da Vinci Code”, and much more, and then they made it so stupid. No offence to those who thinks it is nice, this is just purely me and my friend’s opinion. We just think not worth watching, we should watch “Death Note 2”, at least it might be better than “Epic Movie”. And the cinema was so empty, I mean, there is no more than 20 people inside the cinema, and the movie is newly released, maybe it’s because it’s still morning, so no one going yet. Since that day was the grand opening of the cinema, so we got free candy floss!
Well, then, I went out again on Saturday and Sunday to Pacific Megamall, on Saturday, I went there with Yik Han and met up with Kai Xin to return her stuff back to her, while on Sunday, I went there with my family, planned to buy clothes, but then ended up didn’t buy anything.
Apart from that, our 1st assignment was given today, aww… long time didn’t do assignment dee, and now have to do again dee, never mind, let’s give it a good start!! I was wondering, why is that we have to write an essay of self-reflection in our statistic assignment? How it’s related to the subject? Hmm… can anyone tell me?
Here is the picture of the almost-empty cinema:

- the people were all behind me, in front of me are empty-

And now, I’m gonna smack my computer into pieces!! This is the 2nd time I type this post!! I dunno what happened to my computer but it always automatically restart once a while!! HATE IT!! Arrggggh!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What i've been doing last week

Going out a lot these days... let see, went to Queensbay Mall on last Friday, went there again on Monday for a movie - Eragon, nice movie and it's free!! And today, went to Gurney. Didn't do any shopping, just to meet up some friends and then walked and talked for hours, update myself with what happened around them and some others people. Having a great week, quite tired also, but happy!! :D
It's already the 4th week!! 1st test coming on the 6th week!! Help!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


There was this terrible jam on the Penang Bridge. I was stuck at there for nearly 2 hours!! Imagine!! I also dunno what happen to me yesterday... so bad luck!! *touch wood* My car, tyre puncit... because of the valves rosak dee...then my dad sent it to workshop... 9.30am only ready... then I rush to college, but then encounter the jam, because of a lorry turned over on the middle of the bridge!! And so, I was stuck not even I reached the toll... and so, i missed my computing class, and the teacher is so nice that she let me absent with permission then I don't have to summit a letter. Phew!!


-and more CARS!!-well, it supposed to be only 2 lanes on the bridge, imagine what will happen when all the cars enter the bridge-

Monday, January 15, 2007

Untitled 2

Time passes so fast, it's already the 3rd week since the classes started. Well, homeworks are coming... but I managed to finished it in the classroom, so it's like I don't have to do when I get back home!! *grin* But still have to do some that don't have enough time to finish in the class... 1st test is on the 6th week and now is already the 3rd week dee!! OMG!!
Just forget about that, so, I went to Queensbay with Khang May last friday during my 4 hours break, we talked and walked and took a glance at those nice dresses... it's so tempting~~ I want to buy~~ well, but I don't planned to buy anything on that day, so, I didn't buy any. Nevermind, since the Queensbay Mall so close with me now, I can go there anytime I want to. hehe!!
Oh ya, last Thursday was my birthday, now, I'm another year older than last year... sigh... here, I want to thank everyone that sent me birthday wishes, thank you so much!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

1st week Back to College

1st week in college was kinda boring... not much teaching and i'm way too free with the weird timetable since we don't have any assignment yet... i've got only 2 hours class on monday and it's in the MORNING!!! And i just knew that I can't late for this class!! I went out from my house to college at 6.50a.m. this morning and you know what? I'm late for the class for 15 minutes!! That means if I have to be there on time, i must go out from my house at 6.30a.m. and so I have to wake up at 6.00 a.m. sigh... what can I do? ya know... blue Monday... The worst jam of a week always happens on monday... Can anyone tell me what causes traffic jam?? This is one of the unsolved questions where I read it from a magazine.
So, nothing much to say since the college had started, oh!! F.Y.I GSC will be opened in Queensbay Mall on 20th January!! Yay!! Anyone up for a movie?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Chat chat chat...

I've got my very own chatterbox below my profile!! See it? Feel free to put comments or you can crap anything on it... My name on that will be , okay? So, just feel free to use it!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1st Day Back to College

Today is my 1st day back to my old life again, when i'm in the college, it's still the same view, same teacher, some student still the same but i've got different feelings. Did I feel lonely? maybe... nervous? maybe... excited? not really... well... i don't really know...
Okay, put that aside, something wrong with my car today, the temperature in my car goes too high and smoke came out from my car in the middle of the road!! On my way to the Penang bridge!! Thank god i still haven't reached the toll station yet. Imagine how miserable i was that time. And so my dad comes and helps me.
Here, I want to thank a few people that helped me in this incidence, firstly, my parents who are so caring and understanding... the next person is my cousin brother that passed by and spotted me standing behind the highway. He stopped and stays there with me to wait for my dad arrival and then he drives me to the college until he's late for his work. Sorry and thank you to him.

Monday, January 01, 2007

IT'S 2007

2006 is OVER!! GOODBYE 2006 and HELLO 2007!! I'll definitely miss the time I had in 2006...
okay, so I went to the 2007 countdown celebration in AUTO-CITY yesterday. The place was flooded with people from everywhere... kinda fun actually... with friends around... the only thing i don't really like is that we stand behind the huge woofer with the extremely loud base, I'm almost deaf!!
OH, and before that, we went to watch "night at the museum", it was really a nice movie to watch and worth watching!! Museum is really a place where history comes alive!!

Nothing much more to say, i just wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you all have a great year!! it's still not to late to wish you all, isn't it?