Monday, July 27, 2009

New Semester

Holiday is over, party is over, it's time to embrace the new term and which is also my last term of uni. I'm having some mixed feelings about graduating, I dunno should I be happy or sad or... whatever... it's kinda scary not to know what to do next, like yah, I'm graduating soon, so what's next? Continue master? Pack everything and go back home or stay and work? It's just so hard to make the decision.

Anyway, let just put that aside and think something happier! So what have I been doing for the past 3 weeks since I came back from New Zealand? 3 weeks ago, I was like what should I do for the next 3 weeks, and in a blink of eye, 3 weeks are over!! *blinking in disbelief* Basically, we went out like almost everyday! So yah, been spending a lot! The hole in my pocket from New Zealand haven't healed and now it's even bigger! *trying to sew the hole up* We were busier than the time when having exams! We can always come up with something to do everyday like "okay, tomorrow bak kut teh" "tomorrow let's eat steamboat" "let''s go thai restaurant tonight" "let's go Sydney" and MORE! And I'm also growing horizontally too! For eating too much during the holidays, dine out almost every night, how not to be fat?????  T______________T

I'm pretty much lack of sleep lately coz I was chasing over korean drama every night... oh my eye bags and dark eye rings!!! I have been sleeping with my laptop for almost a month! This is bad.... oh don't worry, I already shifted it back to the table. =)

Now, the holiday is over, it's time to save up again for the upcoming sem break 7 or 8 weeks later so I can go travel!! And lose some weight before I go back to Malaysia! Oh did I say that I am jobless now? no? So yes I'm jobless now, fyi, I didnt get sack. It's because the shop is closing down and everyone working in that shop is jobless now. How to save up like that??? I guess I'll have to go into a fruit and vege diet and porridge only....


Okay that was just a joke, I am not that pathetic yet, and I wouldn't torture myself like that! I live to eat!!!! NOT eat to live. =D

-The day before hippo sis left, at Newcastle beach-

-On the train back from Sydney-

That's all for now, will blog again soon! Cheers~

p/s: I'm loving the huge ass photos now! Thanks Joe!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bye bye Khai Chi

Khai Chi aka hippo sis finally leaving Newcastle and heading back to Malaysia today and gonna start working soon! Have a safe trip my friend and I will be missing you... I'll definitely miss the OI! SERIOUSLY!! and NYASENG ler!! lol!! And see you again in October! =D

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Of sheep, snow and heaps of fun

I'm back from New Zealand 3 days ago and it was an awesome trip!! The sight was spectacular and everything looks utterly picturesque! We saw snow capped mountains, green pastures, snow covered land, crystal clear water, ferns, sheep, cows, and more! The weather wasn't that great during our trip so we saw a lot of clouds instead of clear blue sky. Nevertheless, it was still great!

We went to South Island, the colder part of New Zealand, the place where bungee jump was invented. Obviously I didn't go to try out bungee jump and the nearest place I got to bungee jump is to stand at the viewing deck and see other people jump. It costs around freaking 200 dollar to jump and that jump might cost your life! And it finishes in less than 2 minutes. South Island is famous for its adventurous activities like skiing, bungee jump and shotover jet especially in Queenstown. There are also hot air balloons, sky diving and stuff but I only took up the shotover jet, too little time to do everything and it wasn't cheap too! Each of the games costs at least NZD100 and it can get to a few hundreds too! so if I were to try everything I would be broke by now. Our trip involved a lot of driving, everyday we drove like around 5 hours to get to one place and in total we have driven around 1878km in 5 days according to the trip meter in our car. But I'm glad the sight along the way was great too! And the best part was it snowed in the last day of our trip! It was just stunning!! I couldn't describe the happiness in me when it was snowing, it was just plain amazing and beautiful! I have been wanting to see snowing for a long time and I finally did! All of us were so excited and we just had to get out of the car and play!

As all of you have known, the population of sheep are higher than human, and I'm just here to varify that. Yesh! It's absolutely true! During my trip, I see sheep everywhere, and cows too!! They are just everywhere! Eating grass and sun bathing on the grass. New Zealand has so many empty land and all the grass are nicely trimmed and you hardly see any untrimmed grass. I wonder how they managed to maintain the neatness, is it the sheep and cows that did the trimming? Besides that, they have a lot of hedges alongside the borders of each land. They are all nicely trimmed too! I wonder how they did it coz the hedges are very tall.

Okay, enough of crap, I'll just post up the pictures and elaborate more in point form.

-Snow capped mountain from bird's eye view-

-The cars that we rented-

-1st stop, Dunedin. When we arrived already late so we just went out for dinner and did the sightseeing the next day-

-the church outside the place we had our breakfast, there are a lot of churches looking like this in New Zealand and I think they are really pretty-

-Dunedin, it's also called little Scottish because the architectural designs of the buildings are very Scottish and there live a lot of Scottish people. The picture above is the train station of Dunedin.-

-Cien and Siang, my car-mates and also roommates for 5 nights-

-This is Larnach Castle, the only castle in New Zealand-

-The view from the top of Larnach Castle, the weather wasn't great that day-

-the white spots that look like maggots from far are sheep-

-this is mirror lake, the reason why it's named that way coz it gives a reflection of a mirror-

-on our way to Milford Sound for a cruise, pretty right!-

-the cruise we took-

-the view from the cruise, I got a bit sea sick tho, and threw up after that, sad case-

-the view from the gondola(cable car) ride in Queenstown-

-the top of the hill, I like the glass structure of the viewing deck-

-the ride up for luge, a go-kart like game-

-We went to puzzling world too!-

-I am Hercules!-

-an unknown place on our way back from Puzzling World-

-bungee jump!-

-View on our way back to Christchurch from Queenstown-

-This is how snow looks like up close-

-The road-


The experience in New Zealand was just amazing! It was an eye opener, it's different from other part of the countries that I have been to, I like the quaint, the beauty and the peacefulness of everything there. And how organised the places are. Even for the land!

-isn't it amazing?