Monday, May 26, 2008


I'm so emo... ish...

Neways... this gonna be a post full of pictures! I've got a few random photos I wanted to post up long time ago but due to laziness I procrastinate until now...

- too free when I first came-

-My new phone and my old phone, old phone is now my 2nd phone-

-parrot on a tree branch off the street-

-parrots evening migration-

-spotted a raccoon in my uni, further proves that how jungle-ish my uni is-

-kotara mall, the biggest in Newcastle-

-another view of Westfield Kotara-

-prawn salad and mushroom soup I made-

more recent ones...

-vanilla slice Sandra and I made, I already posted the recipe in crapperz mind-

-Cien Shin and Xin Yi's 20th birthday, picture hijacked from JoeLene's blog-

Picture of my outings before I came to Newcastle that I don't get to post up... and the pictures with my friends that I feel like posting up coz I miss them.... I miss you all so much!!!!! If you're not in the picture doesn't mean I don't miss you, just that I don't have your picture...

-at Shi Yee's house during CNY, I look damn fugly.. oh well.. the main agenda is not about me.. -

- part of the committee members of dhamma camp I went last year-

-refreshment group!-

-met up with Hui Peng few hours before my flight to Australia-

- with KaiXin when she went back to Malaysia during her summer holiday-

- Jia Shuen! My Ex-roommie who came to my house before CNY-

-Yik Han, the girl I stayed with when I went to KL and also my food hunting partner-

-My HSC mates, Karen and Justin, picture taken nearly a year ago..-

-outing with HSC mates, Before Loo Hoang went off to UK and when Khang May came back from India for holiday, together with Justin and Lee Xin-

- 2007 Deepavali at Geetha's house-

-Joanne!! My ex-colleague when I worked part time in Next Shop apparel-

-a picture taken back in 2006 that I have forgotten-

Me and myself

-my new jacket-

- in case you have forgotten, this is how I look like before I came-

- fyi, this is how I look like now-

Okay, so now you can comment on whether I gone fatter, or uglier, or same or look older and like auntie or grandma whatever. Picture taken by webcam, so the size can't be wrong, coz it's the same camera!

~ Listen to this~

Sandra been playing this song for over and over and over x100 again... and it's now stuck in my head. The lyrics are very catchy and sexy... enjoy~

That's all for now! Adios~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

random updates

Sorry for the lack of updating... been really lazy lately...

Anyway... just a quick update for what's happening.... well.. nothing really happening tho.. why my life is so boring?? hmmm....

I got a bad flu and cough... due to the crazy and wild weather...

My finals coming in 3 weeks...

My 1st semester is coming to an end soon...

My throat is very pain now...

I gone fatter...

I gone tanner...

I miss home...

that's pretty much about my sad boring life... I know I should be studying now... sorry for making you guys to read about my nonsense rambling...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sydney.. again...

Yalah, I know...

But go with different people also different experience ma.... and it was really great, I been to some new places and some old ones... this is a bit over due dee, nevermind, I'll post up all of the pictures I want to show you guys in one shot!

~In The Train~

~ Sydney Aquarium~
We went to the aquarium located in Darling Harbour. And the Wildlife Park, which will be up next.
Anyhoo, pitures~

- entrance-


-can you spot the platypus?? so adorable!!!-

-lovely little penguins!! Gosh I love it so much!-

-jelly fish-



-random shot-

~Sydney Wildlife Park-

-me with lovely koala!-

-adorable little creature!!!!-


-stick insect on my hand, can you see it?-

-lovely birdies-

-group picture-

~Sydney Opera House at Night~

-group picture-

-eating kebab in front of the opera house, it reminds me of that gross vegetarian kebab, yuck!-

~Maritime Museum~

-I have no idea why is this in Sydney-

-have to pay to go in, so ended up taking picture outside only-

-random picture taken at Darling Harbour-

~Korean Restaurant~
Siang and Joe had a sudden craving for Korean Rice Cake, so we had our dinner there.

-Rice Cake-

-Siang and I enjoying our egg soup, it was goood!!-

~Sydney Fish Market~
My must go place whenever I go to Sydney!! Coz it was sooo good!!

-me with the food-

-Seafood platter Pung, Ai and me ordered-

Yah, the trip was great, a lot of walking is something unavoidable as the transportation expenses too expensive. It's good that I get to lose a bit after eating a lot of good food! =D

That's all for now, more post coming when I'm free... my finals coming in a month time!! And the weather is getting colder day by day and it's crazy! After two weeks of raining, scorching hot sun for 2 days, then gloomy and windy for the rest of the week. How not to get sick ler?? No lar.. I'm still as healthy as always.. just maybe a little cough at times only... no biggy.

As I'm typing this, it's only 8 celcius, my fingers are freezing... waiting for my heater to heat up!! And this is not even winter yet!!!

Okay, will blog again soon! Ciao~