Sunday, April 18, 2010

We made it

We have made it through primary, secondary and high school and now university! This is the day when we can bid farewell to all the boring textbooks and greet to the working society. Graduation day also the day you get to gather with your fellow friends that have gone through thick and thin with you during the uni days before everyone embark to their next stage of life. I am gonna miss all of you!

Picca time!

-the proud mothers-

-the proud parents-

-graduate wannabe-

Congratulations everyone! It was a truly remarkable day and I am really glad to know all of you. =D

Not many pictures here. For more pictures check out my facebook!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Still Alive

I have been neglecting my blog for a very long time eh...

Life is not that good, finding a job is really really really really x100 hard! I am now working part time as a waitress (well sort of) in the UTS canteen. CANTEEN! I wouldn't believe that one day I will be working in a canteen. New experience, and somehow made me feel like going back to uni and be a student again. The pay is... half the pay I used to get when I worked in retail. And my current rent is like almost double the money I used to pay last time. How to live like that you tell me. This is just a temporary job and in the mean time I am looking for a full time accounting or finance job. And I have already got like 5 rejection letters so far... while other companies just ignore me. I have only been on active job hunting for mere two weeks, maybe I haven't worked hard enough. But I have gone through every job listing available for fresh grad accounting student on the job seeker website. I guess I just gotta keep trying and hopefully someday soon someone will call and tell me you're hired.*pray real hard*

On a brighter note, it's raining now, and I'm gonna have vege hotpot tonight!! Hotpot in a rainy cold night is blissful. And my graduation is next week!! And I have got a new phone and it's free for continuing the virgin mobile postpaid plan!! The only thing that saddened me is I don't have a full time job where I can earn my own money to support myself.  =(

That's all for now. Will update again soon I promise.