Sunday, April 18, 2010

We made it

We have made it through primary, secondary and high school and now university! This is the day when we can bid farewell to all the boring textbooks and greet to the working society. Graduation day also the day you get to gather with your fellow friends that have gone through thick and thin with you during the uni days before everyone embark to their next stage of life. I am gonna miss all of you!

Picca time!

-the proud mothers-

-the proud parents-

-graduate wannabe-

Congratulations everyone! It was a truly remarkable day and I am really glad to know all of you. =D

Not many pictures here. For more pictures check out my facebook!


jk said...

That is a nice dress underneath. No wonder you wanted to flash yourself in those pictures in Facebook. Sad that whatever you wear is eclipsed by that black ominous graduation robe.

michiko said...

teehee.. thanks! =)