Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vivid Sydney

A festival of light, music and ideas! It's only the 2nd year Australia organize vivid Sydney. Lights are lighted up around The Rocks and especially on the Opera House. Using the white sails of the Opera House as the canvas and project designs on it, the idea is totally brilliant. Another place which will also be lighten up is at Macquarie Street which I'll be going next week! Dear camera, why you decided to die on me now??!!! Of all time why NOW?? *sad*

Anyway, I loaned the camera from Joe to take these pics! I'll just let the pictures speak for itself!

Colourful eh? It's a three weeks long event so I'm gonna check it out more about it soon! So stay tuned! =)

P/s: Full moon that night as it was Wesak Day! Happy Wesak Day!


jk said...

oh yeah, I saw this in the news. It looks pretty entertaining. Was it great?

michiko said...

It was not bad... the place filled with more lights, colours and people with their big ass camera. *wink*