Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Hi

I have been neglecting my blog for a month now. So I'm doing a quick update in case you're wondering what am I up to lately(as if like anybody cares about it).

Anyway, I am all good, still stuck to the job I don't like. Still hoping to change job but no action being done because I am not even applying to anything at the moment. Have been working almost everyday and urgh dont let me even mention about work. Working life sucks. So end of story.

Camera died a month ago, hence no pics. Will try to put up some when I got the pictures from Joe. I NEED a new camera. Went to Coogee beach last week and had a pot of yummy mussels for dinner today. Picca next time.

There is a long list of movies I want to watch. Inception, eclipse, toy story 3, shrek 4 and despicable me. Oh yes I havent watched any of those. It's so expensive for a movie ticket here. T_____T  How I wish I am back in Malaysia where it cost only RM7 to watch a movie instead of $15 here. Oh yes that's how much it cost even if I'm using student card.

So that's all about it, till next time.

Signing off.

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