Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The paintball, the Beach and the Movie

Now only I have time to update my blog, phew... too busy!! nolah....

The Paintball
So, last saturday, went to this paintball match with Sandra and her friends which I only know few of them. It was a hot day, Sandra and I only played once but I already roasted. Because of the time constraint and there are others waiting to play, so we had to delayed the sencond round to this Saturday. But It was fun, I dunno who I shot but later I found out that I shot my own friend, Sandra!!! But she is my opponent, no way not to shoot her also... but.. that was not on purpose. And she shot me too!! So tie!! My mask was splashed with the orangee paint all thanks to her. =P After the game, headed to Queensbay Mall(of course after we bathed), walk here and there. At like only 2 hours later, the 3 guys started to complain tired dee!!! I told them my record was like almost 7 hours, and you can imagine their expression. Then Ah Lim said why don't you go to play DOTA with us for 3 hours and see, if you have no complains, then I'll walk for 7 hours. HEHE, want to challenge me?? SURE, no problems!! I've been practicing before, I used to play Warcraft or Starcraft or whatever games for hours with my nephew. Challenge accepted!! Let see who's the one will fly the white flag 1st!!

- Sandra and I ( I was wearing Sara's new cap)-

The Beach
Jia Shuen and her boyfriend, Yong Sheng a.k.a polar bear a.k.a siao man( Personally I prefer to call him polar bear) came to penang on Sunday. So I picked them up from the station and there was this evil person wanted to HIRE me to be his chauffeuse!! And since he said HIRE. So, that means he must pay me!! ( I know I'm evil, no way for me to treat him that nice). Instead of paying me, he paid my food expenses for 2 days!! *add in sinister smile*. After picked them up, I called Yik Han to join me as I don't want to be the EXTRA BRIGHT lamp post. I don't expect (As the matter of fact, I don't wish) polar bear to come (no offence). But he came, and keep commenting inside my car, my way of keep him quiet is to threat him not to drive him. hehe!!

Here is the 1 and a half day trip in Butterworth for them :
1st day
Eat lok lok at Raja Uda road. ( Highly recommended by Yik Han)
Then visited my secondary school CLB ( polar bear soooo wanted to go, keep asking me to bring him there),
After that lobak and char koay tiao at somewhere near my house
Then the beach!!
Lastly Megamall

2nd day
Went to eat Dim Sum
then we headed to Penang( see The Movie)

Back to the topic, The Beach
What do you do when you go to beach? Feel the sea breeze? Build sand castle? or swim? Me? I went there to play kites!! wee~~~ and eat chiam chiam!! Unfortunately the ikan panggang shop closed down dee, if not there is another reason for me to go. Let the pictures do the talking, shall we??

- the no name beach, full of fishes that being hit to shore-

- there was this roomie, Jia Shuen and I playing happily at there-

- the lonely soul looking helplessly towards the sea, then being spotted by Jia Shuen-

- and they turned up to be the happy couple-

- me being dumped, need my buddy Yik Han to play with me-

- 4 of us played kites happily-

- finally we decided to leave a mark there-

*that was just a made up story
We had a lot of fun, the best evening you can get with your friends!!

The Movie
Monday, went to Queensbay Mall with Jia Shuen, Yong Sheng and my nephew SongYi and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End!!

shout out:

The movie was AWESOME!! I'm truly in love with Johnny Depp!!! Jack Sparrow still as witty as ever, Orlando Bloom still that handsome, Keira Knightly still so pretty and never forget the monkey Jack, soooooo cute!! You just gonna fall in love with it!! oh oh!! and the cuttlefish, Davy Jones!! hehe!! The soundtrack was good too!! Hans Zimmer is a great composer!! I like the part when they fight, it was so exciting with the combination of the soundtrack!! So gonna find out all the soundtrack!! Something shocked me, Jack Sparrow has a dad!! and a shrunken head mum...

Attention: when the credits roll up, don't leave your seat yet, after that still got a little. Just wait until the song finish.

Yesterday, Jia Shuen and Yong Sheng went back dee. Whatever happened, I didn't SEE anything!! Just want to say thank you to Yong Sheng for paying my food expenses. hehe!! Of course I'm not that cruel, I did pay some. He should be grateful I'm not someone else. =P

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To her

If u TREAT him nicely, he says u are IN
LOVE with him;
If u Don't, he says u are PROUD.

If u DRESS Nicely, he says u are trying
to LURE him;
If u Don't, he says u are from VILLAGE.

If u ARGUE with him, he says u are
If u keep QUIET, he says u have no

If u are SMARTER than him, he'll lose
If he's Smarter than u, he is GREAT.

If u don't Love him, he tries to
If u Love him! , he will try to LEAVE
u.(very true huh?)

If u don't MAKE LOVE with him., he says
u DON'T LOVE him;
If u DO!! He says u are CHEAP.

If u tell him your PROBLEM, he says u
If u DON'T, he says that u don't TRUST

If u SCOLD him, u are like a NANNY to
If he SCOLDS u, it is because he CARES
for u.

If u BREAK your PROMISE, u Cannot be
If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do

If u SMOKE, u are BAD girl;

If u do WELL in your exams, he says
If he does WELL, it's BRAIN.

If u HURT him, u are CRUEL;
If he HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE!!

I got this from somewhere. This is so damn true!! Don't you think so? (no offence to guys) Some of the statements above apply perfectly on someone. (not the people I know in college, you know who you are)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Finally!! Found someone to watch Spider-man 3 with me dee!!!!!!!!! Jia Shuen~~ you came in time!! ohohoho~~ I went to this new Cathay cinema near my house, the movie ticket not cheap ler... more expensive than GSC!!! ugh!! And the screen was smaller, the seat also not so nice... well, I prefer GSC. But the movie was good!! Black suit spiderman, cool~~ thanks for watching with me Jia Shuen!! =D

I planned to go to the beach after that, but bad whether, can't go... I want to play kite~~~ it's been really long I didn't play. I miss the good old days, when my friends and I so-called said study together, we'll end up playing kites and eat chiam chiam at beach. But, it was fun~~ miss that sooo much~~

No kite flying in bad whether, so, Jia Shuen and I went home, my home. And this is what she was doing:

- hmm... which 1 nicer??-

- and then got hooked to it!!-

My sis's manga collection sure is an attraction to her since Jia Shuen is a manga lover... hehehe~~~ see ya next week!!

Friday, May 18, 2007


On yesterday morning, there is this kitkat bus arrived to our college!! And we got free kitkat!! And then, we were asked to go up the bus and the person incharge wanted us to shoot a short clip using the kitkat's slogan " have a break, have a kitkat". I refused to coz' I'm shy... but I'm evil enough to push Sandra up to the stage and do it!! "insert a sinister smile" and this is what it's like:

- Sandra: Everyone is asking my out!! Ah mao ar, ah kao ar, ah Teh ar... AARRRGGGHHHHH!! I need a break!! I want kitkat!!!

After that, Sandra and I went to watch a movie as our costing class was canceled. 1st day release, as usual, the cinema in Queensbay Mall was nearly empty. We watched Blades of Glory. The movie was so funny and I couldn't stop laughing... we laughed all the way to the end!!

Then, we went to Gurney. Met up with Justin which is more like we forced him to go there and made him walked in the rain... aiks... sorry~~ =P
From yesterday, I know a bit more about myself, I can never be a stalker. I tried to follow someone but I lost her after a while which is like only 10 minutes!! urgh!! (don't think much, I'm trying to follow my friend without her notice)
And then, went to Ah Lim's house, can see nice night view of the town of Penang... He let us tried on a nice drink which I dunno what is it called. It's different from wine, it tastes better than some wine. F.Y.I, I'm not a drinker. But I would say girls need to learn how to drink, so that we girls don't get cheated by evil person!! hmph!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Random post

Had dinner with Sandra last night.

- our dinner, see the proportion??-

and after that, see what I spotted on her plate:


That's right, leftover in Sandra's plate. Maybe it's not surprising for some of you, but to me, it's a big news!!! You know why? Coz' she's the one that always tells me that you know how many children starving in Africa ar? And you're wasting your food!!

And this is mine:

- see my clean plate??-

I finished mine!! Well, I did took quite a long time... =P but I finished it!! yay!!
So, who's the one who wasted the rice?? hmm.....


Sunday, May 13, 2007


Just to give a brief description on my lecturers. Or I should say I'm here to crap about my lecturers. hehe!! :P
Ok, let starts with my Finance lecturer. I don't know his name exactly, just know his surname is Lim... wait... am i right?? nevermind... So, his teaching was ok, ooh, he wore a Mickey Mouse watch, sooo cute. Haha!! And according to Sandra, he always talks about karate. On our second lesson, he used karate as example. When he was doing the karate action, he said when we see this action, it seems like he was trying to defend, but actually he was twisting the enemy's hand. So, things are different from what we see and what it actually is. Understand?

Next is my Macroeconomics lecturer, Sara Seah. Her class was boring. Last year she taught me business studies. I think it was still ok last time, but sometimes still kinda bored. Now, it getting more boring, on our 1st lesson, she asked us to write something about ourself, somemore ask us why do you think you're special. And I wrote coz I'm unique, so I'm special. Haha!! And she asked a lot of crappy stuff too.

Let's move on to my costing lecturer, her name is Leon X X. She is strict.. I think. She looks strict. On the 1st lesson. Ee Zin was late, and she scolded him and said if you late somemore next time, you no need to come into my class. Then on the second lesson, nicole and I was late, and here's the conversation between me and Ee Zin:
Ee Zin: eh, why you and Nicole late she didn't scold 1? While when I'm late I get scolded?
me: dunno, coz you're famous for your lateness.
Ee Zin: sweat.... =.=''''
continue to the lecturer, her class was ok, kinda boring if you want me to say honestly. She has something very big ( you know what is it), and that actually distract me from paying attention to her lesson. Not only me, I think it's like the whole class, coz' I heard they actually discussing about that after the class. (except you Sandra, is it?) hehe!! =P

Lastly, my Law lecturer. His name is Tan Chee Keong, someone very sensitive to this name!! haha!! Somemore the teacher don't like us to call him Sir, or Mr Tan coz he said he feels uneasy for being called like that. So, I'm still wondering, what should I call him... hmmm.... Zhi Keong? or Ah Keong? or Keong Keong? (joking) His class was good. He tells story in the class. Before the class, I always thought that Law is something like sejarah, there is no other word than boring I can use to describe the subject. But then this teacher he brings out the lecture with not to say interesting, but somehow he managed to grab our attention and he's the only teacher that able to teach until overtime without any complains from us. So sad you missed the lesson Sandra.

So, that's all about my lecturers.
Tip of the day: Never ever let your lecturers or teachers know about your blog if you plan to gossip/complain(or whatever you called it) things about them here. hehe!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Roll roll roller blading

Finally!! Tried out the new roller blading thing in Queensbay Mall today!! weee~~ It was fun! Went there with Justin and Sandra and we played for like 4 hours!! By the time we reached there, it was empty, just the three of us and the whole rink belongs to us!! hehe!!But then after that, more and more people coming and we have to share... aiks..
Well, I dunno how to roller blade, last time I played is like when I was really small, and I have totally no idea how did I actually played last time. Justin and Sandra are good!! Thanks to them for helping me in my process of learning how to rollerblade. It's kinda difficult for me to learn, and till now I still haven't powered the skill. And I fell down for n times!! It really hurts!! And I've got a bruise on my palm. I even got a 10 cent coin size big blister on my foot!!

-see the bruise??

And.... I pulled Justin and Sandra down for dunno how many times dee... I'm so sorry!!!! Are you two alright now?? =P Well, it happens when they tried to teach me how to roller blade..... now I feel so sinful for pulling you two down....
I don't know that roller blading can sweat a lot!! But it's like you don't really put much energy on it, the roller blade makes you move... so after we sweat a lot, we went to the bodyshop and take the perfume and and spray on us, to get rid of the sweat smell on us. Smart people huh?? hehe!! Ooh people, remember to redeem the free drink if you happen to go there. Coz' it's like the workers won't tell you that you can redeem a free drink. I found this out as I wanted to buy drinks and the lady told me that it's free if you take coke coz you can only get coke if you go in using student's price. That means if I never went to buy the drinks, I'll never know that I can actually redeem a free drink, and so they can save up for others. Smart huh?

Here are some photos of the day:

- The three of us

-Sandra and I longpia, coz we don't know how to stop

- The roller blades

- Three of us again

That's all for today. My whole body is in pain now, especially my arms, maybe I fell down too much and hurt myself. Haih, now I have to admit that I'm old already... >.<
Err, is there any next time?? But before that, I have to let the blister on my leg healed 1st, and remember to prepare plaster for myself next time.
Better go sleep now, must rest more. Well, I actually just woke up no long ago, now go sleep again. Me pig?? NOOOO!!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Day out

Met up with Hui Peng, Ching Huey, Chui Ni and Xue Juan on Friday night!! It's been really long time I didn't meet up with them dee. We had a nice long chat at Salam. Miss you all girls!!
On Saturday, finally got my results. To me, it's terrible, I should have work harder, haih.... got my timetable too, no class on monday, sounds good don't it?? But.. but but but... saturday got class.... tuesday until 8pm... fortunate enough that it doesn't clash with any traffic jam time, especially monday morning and friday afternoon.

After that, went to Queensbay Mall with Justin and Sandra, our plan was to try out the new skating rink over there, we want to try it out first before the roller blades get smelly after being used by others, be smart people!! hehe!! But after we got to know the pricing, which is RM16 per entry and it's only RM8 per entry for students on weekdays, why are we going to spend more while we can get it cheaper? So, we decided to reschedule it on wednesday!! Then we spent most of our time in Borders. Had McD for lunch and KFC for dinner, all fastfood, gonna pack in some kg's dee, but who would denied that fastfood is nice?? We even checked out the furniture shops in Queensbay Mall, they were soo nice~~ I want!!!
New record!! 6 hours 49 minutes in Queensbay Mall!! It breaks my last record.
Tuesday going back to college dee... sad-nya...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The day

The Laksa Day
I was craving for laksa the other day... then Yik Han suddenly told me she wants to cook laksa, asked me to teach her, so, we cooked laksa!! wee~~ It looks very easy to cook, but then the work to do is a lot!! First, go market buy all the ingredients, then cook the fishes, then take off the bones, then cook the soup, then dump in all the fishes without bones and voila!! My laksa done!! Sounds easy don't it?? Well, I would say it's not easy, especially cleaning the fishes. The laksa does satiate my cravings for laksa, but just that our proportions for the ingredients was a bit wrong, but still ok. Her colleagues also say it was good. Oooh, and Yik Han's lil sis helped us too, thanks to her for helping!!
- tada!!
A random photo of the day:

- the piety ( how to spell ar??), yummy!!

The Wesak Day
The day before, helped out my aunt to arrange the flowers, get to know the names of some flowers, like what blue peacock, white peacock, carnation, poppy, pompom and etcetera. Night, went to Lay buddhist society, watching my students or I should say my ex-students doing kolam, kaypo abit around, joined them for the event passing the light. On the day, as usual, went to penang and pray, and then walk walk around the temple. Then at night, joined the wesak day floats, walk for like 3 hours, tired!

random photos of the day:

- I arranged that. nice??

- lanterns

- He's indeed having a lot of fun doing the kolam

- the kolam, the one I like most. nice, eh?

- Hui Ling and I

- the fireworks

- the docor inside Lay Buddhist Society

The Shopping Day

Sis coming back home from cyberjaya!! Dragged her shopping yester
day!! ohohoh~~ happy!! Wee~~ bought quite a lot... I canceled my trip to cyberjaya on some reasons, so instead I went shopping at Queensbay Mall, my new record!! 6 hours and 45 minutes at there!! my pooor leg~~ It was fun!! And the Central Park is opened!!!

- see?

The place is not as big as what I thought, and there are no snow inside!! Got only pity little snow drop at a place (from what I noticed)... but it's the biggest indoor rollerblading rink in Malaysia. O.o Anyway, I want to go rollerblading!! Who wants to go too?? call me!! I didn't go that day coz' I wanted to shop with my sis.

random photos of the day:

- swensens ice cream

- me enjoying my ice cream

So, that's all for the week. Today is already thursday, 2nd semester starts on monday, and I still haven't get my timetable yet. Oh my precious holidays!! And it's finishing!! Can I have more?? ahaha!!