Friday, April 18, 2008

Pictures Galore!!

A week of holiday gone dee... still a week left, then I'll be back to my normal study life... wish the holiday never ends...
anyway... my 1st week of holiday was great! Had a lot of great food, great times and also great friends as company. Yah, it was really great! We had bak kut teh day, potluck day, went to a mall in charlestown and a trip to Sydney. I have a lot of photos lying in my hard disc waiting for me to post them up, so that's what I'm going to do now!

-Bak Kut Teh-


- dinner companions-

-Potluck day-

- the foood, sorry ar, the picture a bit small, I think can click to enlarge it-

-wu ying bu quan-

-the drunk little kitty hugging around-


-Charlestown Square-

-one of the corner-

- the stairs-

-me, Soo Siang and Sook Hua-

All this only part of the pictures, I'll post up the sydney trip in my next post. So stay tuned!! I just realised that I went Sydney so frequent that I already posted up my Sydney trip 2 times in a row. I think this is my last trip to Sydney before the 1st sem ends dee.

For more pictures and info, check out Joe-Lene's blog!

**coming up next: Sydney Trip

Monday, April 07, 2008

My easter holiday part 2

So this is part 2! I'm posting up some other places I went during my stay in Sydney.

~Uncle Tony's plane~
YES, I went flying in a plane!!!!!!!! I also got to experience how to control a plane high above the sky which was really cool!! The sad part is that I threw up after touched down. Sad right.... but I was really having fun when I was on the plane. The view up there was awesome!!! My camera decided to die when I decided to bring it up to the sky... so the view up there was taken by Sandra.

-behind me is a vintage looking plane where they use to do some acrobatic(is it what it's called??) in the sky-

- me with the plane controller-

-after touched down-

-awesome view from the sky, that's a dunno-what dam-

~Auntie Sherrie and Uncle Tony's house~
Auntie cooked us great meal every day! No wonder Sandra keeps asking her brother to slim down before he come.

-Uncle Tony, Auntie Sherrie, Sand and I-

-yummy desert Auntie made-

-that day was barbecue day, so we got to experience the Aussie style of barbecue-

~Darling Harbour~
I know I went before dee, but this time we only really stop to sightseeing and take photos. It was quite crowded that day, apparently there were a few events going on.

-random shot-

-fortune telling lady behind the glass-

-me in the middle of whirl pool-

~Other places~
We also went to Direct Factory outlet located in Homebush. A lot of brands in there with reasonable pricing. Some are cheap, some are not, but still cheaper than outside. And some really branded stuff are cheaper to buy here than in Malaysia!! Some brand I think it's cheaper in DFO are Esprit, French Connection, Billabong, Roxy, Quicksilver, Tommy Hilfiger(not so sure), erm what else.. that's what I remember.. I think some other are cheap as well. But I didn't buy any.. sad right... I'll definitely go back when I earn my own money!
Where else I went, umm... went to IKEA, we dined in there, the food was good, and even cheaper than my uni... why the food in the uni so expensive one???
We also went to Banks Town, no it's not full of banks in that town. It's some sort of Vietnamese town, as you can find a lot Vietnamese food over there. But they also sell a lot of Asian stuff! We went there and stock up some food!! We even found curry mee paste over there!! MADE in MALAYSIA!! Hopefully it tastes like Malaysia one too!!
Hmm... ooh!! Sand and I were so energetic walked to the fish market again to get some salmon and seaweeds!! This time, we walked there and we walked back as well. Last time we only walked to, we took tram back last time. Yah, it worths our energy to walk there just to get the salmon and seaweeds! The salmons there were really fresh! I might even fall in love with it!

I think that's pretty much of my second trip to Sydney! phew, two long post in a row!

2 weeks of holiday next week! Still thinking whether to go down to Sydney again! Sandra is going anyway.. her family is coming, if I go I will go down with other friends... hmmm... should I go again??

My easter holiday part 1

This post is a bit overdue dee.. was busy with assignments and test. Okay la.. and a bit lazy.. that's why so late only post this up.
Anyway, I had the best easter ever 2 weeks ago!! And it's my 1st time celebrate easter. Sandra and I went to Sydney and stayed at her auntie's place. Her auntie cooked us great food and I was really enjoyed during my stay! Thanks auntie!!
So, during my stay in Sydney, we went to a lot of places and had a lotsa fun! I wish I could stay longer... anyway, the main reason we went was to go to this thing called Sydney Royal Easter Show! It was really great! We had a blast on that day! Sandra and I met up with Jun Lin, our HSC senior who is now currently studying in University of Wollongong. It was really great to meet up with someone you know when you're far away from home. We got the program list before we headed to Sydney Olympic Park( the place of the easter show was held), so we managed to arrange everything and make full use of our time to catch every show which we think it's interesting. We missed the mass line dancing tho', but we got to see sheep shearing! Enough said, let the pictures do the talking now as a pictures speaks thousand word.

-the 1st program, wood chopping, not bad, the participants were really strong!-

While waiting for the other program to start, we went around to the animal farms

-me feeding llama-

- the best male duck-

-erm.. I forgot what is it called, erm.. alpaca I think.. or koolaroo, something like that-

- three little pigs' house, the 1st one made from straws, 2nd woods and the 3rd bricks-

-afro headed chicken-

-cool dude chilling-

-rugby field made by fruits-

-sheep shearing!-

We also went to this psycho side show where they do some stunt

- painful-

-the strongest lady alive-

-she can carry two person weigh more than 70kg each!-

-Ruby rubber leg, she can fit in a small box!-

-two sided blade goes into his stomach-

-some acrobatic show-

-another acrobatic show-

-camera man in action-

-rodeo! yeehaaa~

-speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil-

- some equestrian event-

-danger man and danger woman-

-extreme corruption-

-the fireworks!! I love fireworks!-

-fireworks and laser! it was FASCINATING!!-

That's pretty much for a day I spent in Sydney Royal Easter Show. I only post up like 10% of the pictures I have, too many photos to go up, I'll try to post up some other in my facebook and picasaweb when I have the time. I decided to split this blog post into 2 parts! So stay tuned for the Part 2 of my easter holiday!! which I'm gonna do now. hehe!!

P/S: If you wanna see more pictures of the animals, go to Sandra's blog! Click HERE! She has all the animals in her camera.. all the animals she thinks it's cute, it's all in her dinner plate... especially beef and pork!! she loves pigs and she eats pork! ooh.. it rhymes!~ hehe~ no offence dear~~ coz me eat pork too! and all the pigs are waaayyyy to huge to be cute!! Yes the piglet is cute tho.. =)