Thursday, March 12, 2009


I work in this shop called SES. It's a retail shop caters to women only. The clothes are kinda cheap so sometimes I'll buy from there. And now I'm granted for employee discount!! So.... well.... I might buy a few stuff over the year I think... actually I'm eyeing on some t-shirts d.... oopsie....

-with my colleague-

So basically what I do is to refill the racks, unpack the boxes, pack the boxes, cash register, find sizes for the customer, basically every single task available and keep refilling the rack coz everything sold out so damn fast! Sometimes when I'm lazy I'll just stand there and stare around blankly. shhh... don't tell my manager!

The job is kinda good as it provides me a certain amount of income every week. I'm only working on Saturday and Sunday which it's the busiest time of the week. Sometimes it can be very tiring because you have to carry the clothes to the rack especially during the winter times when the winter jackets are darn heavy and to save time you have to carry a few together. So I get sore back and shoulder every time after work during winter. The task are kinda tedious as that's what I do every time I work.

What I don't like about the work is the bitching, backstabbing and the politics between the colleagues. Sometimes you'll just get stabbed without knowing what's going on. Well since it's all women working, that's what you should expect to get. Being the innocent me, I got stabbed too, quite hard, but I'm lucky that my manager trusted me. So, I have learnt my lesson and I think I should just stay away from all the cat fights and act dumb. Agree? I hope there will be no more backstabbing between my new batch of colleague... oh yes, I was the newest staff last year and this year I'm the oldest, so I'm working with new people this year. Hopefully they are all nice people. =)

Honestly, sometimes I am really lazy to go to work. I want to stay at home on Saturday and Sunday sometimes, but if you want something you have to sacrifice the other. And I have chosen what I want, so I just have to continue what I have started in the beginning. Look at the bright side, I can set my budget higher when I travel and treat myself something better whenever I want to. So I think it's worth it. I hope...

That's all for now. till next post~

Saturday, March 07, 2009

First week

I am back to Newcastle on Monday. I am still lazy after 3 months staying at home doing absolutely nothing. Didn't buy grocery until Friday, that means eating out everyday from Monday to Friday.

It's mardi gras parade today and I don't get to go because I have to work. It's only the 1st week I'm back here and I have started working. I am blessed in a way that I have my own income to let me spend the way I want, unfortunately I have to sacrifice my weekends. But on the bright side, I don't have any classes on Friday. So Friday is my day off!

My computer has been down for a week and I finally got it fixed today. It got infected by bloody virus and it doesn't allow me to go online except using skype(thank god!), and it turned off my audio system, firewall and bluetooth. I tried to remove the virus by keep scanning my computer but it doesn't work, I have scanned my computer for like 736973 times but the virus is still there. So, I wanted to call the dell hotline, but then since I have no connection to the internet and Sandra couldn't find the number online, I reformatted my computer myself! I am glad that I am using dell because it has the function for me to restore my computer to the factory default. So now, virus gone, but then I have to do all the shitty stuff like installing all the applications all over again! Well, better than not being able to use the internet.

Uni has started. Assignments start pouring. I have at least 1 major assignments for 1 subject and homework every week for all the subjects! gasps! I have a research paper to do and an oral presentation. T___T the courses are very tough, went in the classes with an empty mind and came out with an emptier mind. I don't understand a thing, it's like I went in the wrong class! OMG how am I gonna survive through this year?! And I still miss my home.... being very emo lately and plus the tough courses, I really wanna cry already... T____T

I shall stop now, I am still fixing some little problems in my beloved lappie.

Signing off.