Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 2 and Day 3 In Cyberjaya

I'm still here in Cyberjaya. I'm going back to Penang on Saturday night. My finals results are out, and I haven't collect it, I'm really scare to look at it... haih...
So, what's in Cyberjaya? hmmm.... apparently nothing, all I know is that MMU and LimKokWing are here. I haven't explore the world of Cyberjaya, these 2 days I've been to one-utama shopping mall, the mall is uber huge and I haven't finish roam the every single corner of it. Feel like going for the third time but it takes 40 minutes drive from the place I'm staying and some more the traffic jam will make the journey takes up to an hour and you have to pay the total of RM6.40 toll fees to and fro.
I had my dinner at Chilli's last night, the portion was too big and we can't even finish... we have to ask for doggy bag. The food was good, of course!!
Picture time!!

- The food-

- my sis and I-

- Don't try to steal my burger~

The evil Kiri scratched me, until like this..... poor me....

I'm going to watch the fireworks display held in Putrajaya later, I won't be going to Putrajaya as there definitely have massive jams, so I'm only watching from the lake which separates Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. You know, fireworks are high above the sky, you can see from far away. I'll be going to Putrajaya tomorrow, I've been to the Putrajaya at night but not during the day time, so I want to have a good look at the beautiful place with beautiful buildings and beautiful bridges. I'll take pictures of it and post it up here.
The fireworks display is going to start at 12am tonight, it is actually a competition, i think... tonight is from Japan. Got to go now, adios~

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm in Cyberjaya

I'm now in Cyberjaya. I just came back from Midvalley not long ago. I reached here this afternoon and straight headed there to have my dinner and do a little shopping.
So I went to this Japanese Restaurant namely OH SUSHI. I ordered Ramen and oh gosh... the portion was really HUGE. I ate for more than AN HOUR!!!

- see the portion?-

I was really really full after I finished the noodle. Summore got space for desert.. i'm really a big eater.... no wonder I gained weight.... anyway.. I had gelato~~ It was goooooooood!! Love it!!

- the strawberry & pineapple + manggo and watermelon + apple-

After having a heavy dinner, then my sis and I walked around at Midvalley. I saw sale.... 50%, 60%, 70% I want!!!! Just wait till tomorrow.....

Okay guys, upon my sis request, I had to post up this pic of her kitten.
meet Kiri the black kitty aka evil black kitty


Kiri scratched me!! now I have scars on my hand!!! scratch mark....

Tomorrow I'm be heading down to One-Utama!! SHOPPING HERE I COME~~~

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The end of semester 2

DONE!!! My sem 2 is officially done!!! yay!! 2 weeks of holiday.... weee~~~ I LOVE HOLIDAY!!!

Don't ask how am i doing in my exam, the only thing i can tell you is that it is sooooo damn tough!!! hopefully can pass all... and continue with my 3rd sem..... *pray pray*

Anyway... haven't up to anything yet... Just that I have a VERY deep hatred on SOMEBODY!! No worries, definately not anyone reading this blog. Just wait.... if let me see the somebody, he's sooo soooo dooom!!
IF you dare to make my friends cry, you'll doom if you see me!!

Okay, the main purpose for this post is to tell the world that my exams finished!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pre-exam syndrome

I'm back sooner than I've expected.... sigh... don't ask my progress...
I think something wrong with me when exams coming and I named it pre-exam syndrome.

The causes
exams coming

cranky, depressed, unstable mood and etcetera

.... hopeless

No exams (hooray!!)

Tomorrow is my 1st paper... LAW.... wish me luck!!

Just can't wait until Saturday 11a.m. sharp... then HOLIDAY~~~

Got to go... tata~~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Me, and what I supposed to be

Astrology of Capricorn:
Origin / Representation
Capricorn is represented by a mythical creature who is half goat, half fish. In Greek mythology, the god Bacchus was sitting by a river when he was threatened by a monster. Fearing death, he dove in and transformed himself: underwater he was a fish who survived by swimming; above the water he was a goat with horns who could fight the monster. Jupiter (who, by the way, rules Sagittarius) was impressed enough to promote Bacchus to the heavens, where he remains as the constellation Capricorn to this day.

Capricorn is also the sign of sin and sacrifice. Sagittarius the centaur-archer is believed to have shot Capricorn, transforming him into a sacrificial goat, or scapegoat. This is the very foundation of many religions, including the story of Jesus Christ. (I'm sinful.... and I love to sacrifice?!)

In the Apocalypse, St. John explains that the Sun God (or son of God) is always born at midnight when the sun enters this sign of the winter solstice. The child is born in poverty, in a goat's manger in a stable, so that he can later save humankind as its sacrifical goat.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet that orbits the sun very slowly. As a result, Capricorns are said to think the same way: long-term. Saturn's influence also means that the best day of the week for this sign is Saturday.

conclusion: I'm poor and a kambing korban...

Positive Qualities
You are a tireless worker, to the point of self-martyrdom. You'll do any and all work assigned to you, so that you can impress your superiors and gradually move up the ladder. You will eventually gain more and more status and wealth, but it takes a long time. That's okay with you, though—you've always understood this. (this is so not true... i'm lazy.. )

Chances are, you come from a poor background—like the baby Jesus—and you decided early on that you would work as hard as you could to improve your standing for your family. In fact, you have an innate fear of poverty, so much so that once you've achieved a rank or two in the world you will fight to the death to keep it. (erm.... not really.. )

This is also in keeping with your far-thinking approach to life, as determined by the slow-moving Saturn. You plan, plan, plan. You save, save, save. One would think you a dour person for all this work, but you have your moments of joy— after all, the words saturnalia and bacchanalia apply to you, and both define wild abandon. ( no idea....)

You probably already know a lot about sacrifice. You were the one who stayed up caring for a sick relative when you were a kid, instead of playing with your friends. You're the one who keeps the family together, in fact, when members drift off. You're the glue, the controlling force in this world. Without you, it would simply fall apart. (i dunno about that....)

Similarly, you have a great sense of tradition. You respect what you've inherited, and you believe in cherishing it and handing it down in the same state or better. Be it a grandparent's locket or the oral history of the family, it's safe with you. (dunno..... I dont think so... )

Like your neighboring signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius, you are proudly intellectual. But you're not as argumentative as a Sagittarius. Yours is a quieter wisdom—if you know you're right, you don't believe you have to get into an all-out war just for the show of it. The truth will win out. ( ahhh... i dunno... you think ler?)

For this reason, you make an excellent teacher. In fact, you see the world as very structured, and as you gain rank in the system, you believe in teaching those below you. If you are a teacher, you're probably very strict. It's not due to malevolence, just a strong sense of tradition, of wisdom, of right and wrong, of the merits of hard work. (I dont wanna be a teacher...)

I dont think i have any of the positive qualities.... crap... dont you think so too?!

Trouble Areas
You would think that Capricorns would be capricious. But you're not. Far from it. Oh, you have your occasional gambling binge or Saturday night bash, but for the most part you're very ordered. You live for the future, not for the moment. You're busy planning your life five, ten, twenty years from now while the Sagittarians, Leos, and Arians are living it up. That's all fine, but the problem is, you are easily depressed. (yea... maybe a little true about that, I get depressed at times... but i dont gambling... And I dont have saturday night bash... but I have shopping and movie craze)

In fact, you're probably preoccupied with death. Saturn is often said to be associated with Father Time; others believe it is an evil influence (Saturn and Satan are almost interchangeable). This makes you rather morbid—your sense of humor is sarcastic and dry to the point of being, well, sick. (I'm preoccupied with death.... O.O sense of humor is sarcastic?! i dunno... am I?)

Capricorns are also known for bigotry. It seems your fear of poverty is so strong you'll take any tack to defend the status you've gained in life, and that includes a narrow-minded view of people of different backrounds. You're entitled to your opinions, and you have strong reasons for them, but this inflexible attitude could cause irreperable reputation damage in today's politically correct climate. (I am stubborn... the rest I dunno... )

Saturn's slowness also throws delays into your life. You're used to them by now, but still, you often think you have the worst luck—another ailing relative to care for, or car to fix, or unwelcome responsibility at your job .... You'll do it, because sacrifice is your nature, and when you have time again you'll work harder just to make up for what you lost. (it depends though.... )

This pattern can easily lead to a depressed, bad-things-always-happen-to-me attitude. Don't let it. People really appreciate you—no one else could be a better friend. They also respect your ethics and status. So relax—you'll get what you want, it just takes time, and time is something you know about all too well.

Physical Qualities and Activities
You're a lean, mean, running machine. Seriously. Capricorns are not particularly muscular, but rather lanky. The sign rules locomotion, the knees and joints, and your personality is very driven towards long distances, long time spans, and hard work. So, you're the ideal marathon runner. You also enjoy other endurance events, such as long-distance cycling, rock climbing, mountain climbing, or anything with a similarly daunting goal. (I can't run, I can't climb, I'm physically weak... I'm a sport idiot... and I'm fat)

If you participate in any other sports, it's only to get better at them, or to further your career by being in the right place. Otherwise, you're not the type that will get out and enjoy recreation just for the idle fun of it. (I'm so totally opposite from this...)

Like the other intellectual signs, you do enjoy studying, and you especially love music. There's something in its complexity—particularly in great classical works, its degree of difficulty to master, that you appreciate. (I don't enjoy studying, but I enjoy reading... sometimes... the true part, I love music...)

More than any other sign, even Scorpio, you prefer dark colors. Black is you. It goes with your propensity towards depression and death. (not really.... )

Your sense of style is quite traditional and conservative, and here, dark is also preferable—it shows status and power better, and that is, after all, what you spend your life striving for. (not really....)

Once you attain a certain rank, you have a weakness for displaying it. You want a car, for instance, that is above all a status symbol. You take pride in how far you've come, so you want to announce this to the world by buying an expensive, well-made vehicle, such as a BMW. (I want porsche...)

Your home is also impressive, the better to announce your status. In terms of actual taste, though, it may be a bit plain. Traditional. You rely on the good taste of historical style to lend it an air of quality. (a bit true.. I like plain...yet stylish.... historical style... maybe a little...)

The same goes for food. Your sacrificial side has such a strong hold on your work ethic that you often don't stop for food. It's not nearly as important to you as it is to your earth sign relatives, the Taureans and Virgos. And when you do eat, it's never adventurous. Meat and potatoes, chicken, burgers, anything safe. Exotic foods? Never. (this is so wrong about me... I heart food.... glorious fooooood~~~ I would stop work for fooood~~)

Occupations / Financial Profile
You work best in a structure, such as a large corporation, school system, or the military. You appreciate the earning of rank, and once you've achieved it, you hand down the same wisdom to those younger than you. (dunno... but I can tell you i dont really like to work under school system and the military... or maybe I dont at all... )

This makes you an excellent teacher, pastor or priest, or ranking military officer. In business terms, the bigger the company the better, because it offers you the opportunity to work so hard that you climb from the mailroom to the executive suite. In fact, whenever you read about such a success story, it's almost always a Capricorn. (me?! erm... so so wrong... I never wanted to be a teacher... or even a military officer....)

You're quite good with financial data, so a large bank, insurance or investment company is a smart direction for you. As an earth sign and a hard worker, you appreciate buildings as well, so real estate and the construction industry are also recommended. Finally, Capricorn's connection to the bones and teeth can lead you to a successful career as a dentist or orthopedic surgeon. (I'm not really good at finance but i'm studying it... I can never be a dentist dee... though I considered before.. )

Typical famous Capricorns include the hardworking Woodrow Wilson, who began prohibition; the hardest worker of all, Horatio Alger; the industrious Benjamin Franklin; Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton, Aristotle Onassis, all of whom climbed admirably to the top of the business world; and Richard Nixon, another who climbed with all his might to the top. (ohohoho~~ I wanna be on top of the business world!! but i know none of them... is the Conrad Hilton the person who founded Hilton Hotel? Is that Aristotle we studied in sejarah? the rest... no idea... )

There's also Clara Barton, who founded the Red Cross, exemplifying self-sacrifice. Several pop stars represent the sign's love for music, as well as its tendency to rise to the top of a tough business, including Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Naomi Judd, John Denver, and Kenny Loggins. (I seriously dunno none of them... do you? or am i the only one?)

Capricorn women are said to have a rather cold beauty. This is evident in Marlene Dietrich, Faye Dunaway, Sade, and Crystal Gayle (another cold beauty, Patricia Neal, is on the Aquarian cusp). (........)

Similarly, the dark, depressed, morbid side of the sign can be seen in the works of Rod Serling, Edgar Allan Poe, J.D. Salinger, and Simone de Beauvoir. (I also dunno none of them...)

Love and Relationships
Because of your great teaching instinct, you often make the mistake of setting up a similar teacher-pupil relationship in your romantic affairs. Nothing could be more disastrous. Successful marriages thrive on equality and complementary qualities, not dominance and submission. However, once you are married, you become a wonderful parent, since you can thrive in the obvious teacher role that parenting provides—it also gives you an heir to whom you can hand down your prized family legacy. (I'm still a teenager~~~ cannot predict future... so I dunno... will see in the future...)

Your ideal partner is likely to be your opposing sign, Cancer. A Cancerian's highest goal is family perfection, something you obviously treasure as well. And while they can understand your sacrificial brooding side just as intensely, their outlook on life is more supportive, caring, and ultimately, more positive. You also get along well with your fellow hard-working earth signs, Taurus (whose loving nature will cheer you up and encourage you) and Virgo (who understands your perfectionism to a tee, and will work harmoniously with you to achieve it, especially in a business partnership). (Cancer... O.o I should marry my sister.... )

You do not get along well with Aries (too impatient and impetuous for your slow-climb approach to life), Gemini (too whimsical, with little regard for your ideals), Leo (too outgoing for you to trust), and Sagittarius (a complete opposite— you would never see eye to eye on anything). (my little sister is Aries... well... I'm the one who is impatient and impetuous to her... and my ex-roomie also aries.. Sandra also aries.. we can get along arr....)

Okay, maybe a little too long... after reading it... I think i born in the wrong zodiac sign dee... oops... I have no similarities to all the situation above... or maybe I'm the unique one? only happens to one in a million... hehe!! anyway... that's just my own opinion... what do think about it then my friends out there? is it like me? Do tell me okay!!

Now think back of it... no wonder last time back in high school... my freinds already told me that my charateristics do not suit capricorn at all.... which is proven true from above... maybe only a small part of it is true...

taken from


Just a quick update!!
To tell the world that my FINAL EXAMS coming up NEXT WEEK, and I haven't study A THING YET!!!! HOW WONDERFUL!!!!
Done with my last assignment and last test, so no more test and assignment till next sem.

no test + no assignment = Finals coming = michiko longpia (knock the wall)

Oh, I went to the PC fair last Saturday, got myself a few gadgets, with a bargain price!! wee~~ the fair was packed with people!! I felt like sardine fish inside... but I managed to get out before even more people coming in, hehe!!

That's all for now, will be back after the exams dee I think. Got to go continue to watch my show study dee. Toodles!!