Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to the Newcastle Town

Holiday is over. I'm back to my mundane uni life. And I've got a part time job! Only 8 hours per week tho, but it's good enough to pay for my shopping and food rental fees. During my holiday, I spent most of the time working. All my tiredness, sore back and shoulders finally paid off when I got my pay!! *grin*

Of course, I also taken the chance to explore this place that I've stayed for half a year and for the next one and a half year. Not that I don't have the chance anymore, but when the uni starts, I will not have much time going out to explore anymore. Newcastle is pretty much a small town. I can't go to the beaches during winter, so I'll only do so when the summer comes. So left the historic places and scenic areas to explore. I wasn't able to go all of it because of the time constraint but I’ll do so in the future.

To save your time reading my crap, I present you the pictures. The pictures are not in order. The reason is I'm lazy to drag all the pictures down.

-lunch for day 2-

-Siang's lunch for day 2-

-Newcastle cathedral, very nice ol' building-

-from another angle-

-inside of the cathedral-

-I dunno what it is, anyone who knows please tell me-

-view from the cathedral tower-

-another angle-

-another angle 2, the round thing is the place called Stockton, another part of Newcastle-

-see how tall it is the tower is-

-we are all from INTI DCMAU-

-face-like canon or whatever it is called-

-grumpy old lady-

-Fort Scratchley-

-Manning mah fort. Look! the battleships have arrived, prepare to fight!-

-Waiting for my food-

-my dinner for day 1-

- erm.. erm... I forgot what it's call, al funghi risotto?? something like that(dinner for day 1)-

-View from fort Scrathley-

-Nobby's beach behind me-

-Convict Lumber Yard, for the history, click here-

-just a clinic, coz it looks so different, but that's pretty much how the houses in the city looks like, some of it, not all of it.-

-I think this is interesting, 7 different colours houses in a row sloping down-

-Just a lookout area-

-the picture says it all-

If you are wondering why I have 2 different clothes, this is because I made it 2 trips there. Went with different people to different places. I still got tones of pictures, but too lazy to upload all of it here. I'll post it up in my facebook and my picasaweb. So check it out over there!

Conclusion: Newcastle is not that bad after all...

*Coming up next: One day trip to Sydney

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight


I've watched it!!

It's the most expensive amount I ever paid to watch a movie!!! I can sit in the premiere class or even gold class in Malaysia!! Even the premiere Class in GSC Signature in The Gardens is cheaper! But the movie was great! And it ranked the 1st in IMDB top 250! O.O I have no regrets watching it! =DD

Christian Bale is so darn sexy with his batman voice!! gosh!!! And I think Heath Ledger plays bloody well as the joker! Even tho he looks damn creepy with his joker make-up. To sum it all up, I like the action part!! It was cool! The motion the soundtrack was really great! Of course, the music is by Hans Zimmer, my favourite music composer! Need I say more?!! I'm not a fan of batman and I don't remember much about batman movies I watched before, but I can say this is great!! oh well, I can't compare it to any other movies coz this is the only movie I watched so far for this year... I think... sad right... so darn expensive to watch a movie here, and I'm too cheapskate to pay for it. I rather wait till I go back to Malaysia and go for a movie marathon!! So yah, it's great and you should really go watch it! I'm not gonna write anymore, if not I might accidentally spoil the movie out! So let's stop here.

If you're interested to know is the seat in the cinema here is any bigger than Malaysia, I can tell you nope. It's not any bigger, the only thing bigger is that it has enormous leg room. I can stretch my legs totally straight. And I prefer the caramel popcorn in GSC, the popcorn here is VERY salty.

*coming up next: Trip to the town

p/s: Uni reopen tomorrow!!! I don't have any classes on Monday! =)
My 2nd semester has officially begun!! =(((
I wish my holiday is longer....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day out

My neighbour wanted to bring his 2 kids to the town so he decided to brought me along! =D
So yesterday, I went out with them. It was great. The place was great! Went to a few places, like the higher ground lookout area and some historic places. Wanted to go the fort Scratchley. The only fort in Austalia to have engaged the enemy in a maritime attack during Word War II. But unfortunately it was closed on that day. So probably I'll make a trip down this Saturday or something and by then I'll explain more of it and with pictures included! Gotta drag someone go with me!
So I went to the Obelisk. A prominent feature on Newcastle's skyline, once used by ships to identify Newcastle Harbour and guide them. It was also a water reservoir, but it closed down after an explosion during 1985.

-the obelisk-

-view from the obelisk, the furthest island looking thing is the Nobby's Beach landmark-

-can you see the Christ Church Cathedral and the left side of the middle part? Beside the tree, next time I'll go near there and take pictures, I heard it's a really beautiful Cathedral-

-random view-

And then this lookout place, I dunno what is it called tho, my neighbor just told me it's just a lookout area, a perfect spot for parachuting.

-damn nice right!!-

-someone there preparing for parachuting-

-so relaxing-

Shepherd's Hill, also near the King Edward Park. He drove in the park down there, and I saw this really nice Rotunda date back to the earlist days of Newcastle, sadly we didn't stop down and take a picture but I manage to find a picture of it in the net.

-it is a tad blurry here coz I had to enlarge it-

-King Edward Park-

-random view-

-nice right!!-

-jail looking building-

- it was a radar station, then it was moved-

-there are tunnels inside, but they barred up the place so no stray person go in and live inside-

-one of the base I managed to get in-

-and got vandalized summore-

Besides, I also found a perfect spot to jump off the cliff, apparently, I'm not the 1st person found out...

-the perfect spot-

-already got so many memorials-

I went to the Blackbutt Reserve too! Guess what I saw?!!!
BABY KOALA!!!! Climbing at the mama Koala's back!!! Damn CUTE!!!


-closer view-

That's what I've got for now, probably will make another trip down by myself and drag someone with me this weekend!! I'll see if I manage to get up and go to the Honeysuckle Market on Saturday!! Till then... ta~


-this is cockatoo, not parrot-

-if you can't see clearly in the pic above, this is how cockatoo looks like-

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm pretty busy these days, that's why I didn't update that often... I'm working for 2 weeks during my 3 weeks holiday and I'm really going crazy soon, been working for 6 days continuously and tomorrow I will be working too. All that for the money! Worth it? I dunno... but it's good that I can kill my nothing to do holiday, and earn some extra money to spend. Bad in a way that it's very tiring, my shoulders, back and legs hurt like mad! Can you imagine standing for at least 4 to 10 hours per day for a week?!!

On another not so related thing, my neighbour is a local, he married Korean wife, which is my boss at work. And, she cook me Korean food!! So far, she has cooked me kimchi soup, bibimba, korean rice cake, korean-dunno-what-chicken, and she says she will cook me sweet potato noodles and other korean food in the future!! =DDD I'm so lucky! Home made Korean food! What can be better than that!

The weather is getting colder and colder....

I miss home very badly now... I wanna go home.... T.T still got 5 months to go before I can go home... I miss my family...

This blog entry is so random, I just don't have the mood to do anything now... that's why this entry is so unorganized. Will update another time soon... ta

ps: Happy Birthday SIS!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The nothing to do holiday

I'm finally on holiday after 3 weeks of torturing.

So... I have no plans for holiday... =( Maybe I did have some plans... but not for now...

I plan to go around Newcastle town, sight seeing, I got myself this Newcastle guide and I found a lot of interesting places I never been.
I plan to go to Sydney, but not in another 4 weeks time.

I have a few of series to watch.... at least 4 including Prison Break season 1,2,3, House season 1,2,3, Criminal Minds season 1,2,3, Grey's Anatomy season 1,2,3,4, that's what I know I've got... oh and an unknown series Bambino.
I also have lots of movie, I've got a DVD library in my neighbor's place and I can go get it anytime I want, in fact, there are a few in my room now.

I'm gonna die of couch potato syndrome.
I've got a whole stack of cook books to read.

Maybe it's not that nothing to do holiday...

Anyway, I went to Blackbutt Reserve with Soo Siang on last Saturday.
It was a nice sunny day. Even the koala was awake and walking around and the wombat was awake and walking around too! They were both well known as sleeping most of the time or probably all the time and sleep in most of the day time. And the day was so great that peacocks decided to open up the feather and walking around showing off their wonderful feathers and let me snatch a few pics of them. We were pretty lucky!! =D And you know what?!! I get to touch kangaroo!! That overly friendly baby kangaroo came to the fences there and so we got to play with it and touch it!! So adorable! I shall stop my boring talking and let the pictures do the talking if not you all gonna bored to death.

-The forest I passed before I reach the wildlife exhibits-

- Me and the sleeping wombat-

- the awake wombat-

-love birds and they are very small-

-almost extinct parrots-

-can you see the bird's legs? so skinny, I wonder can it support the weight of the body-

- the overly active koala, the pic is a bit blurry tho-


-peacock with its wonderful feathers-

-you know there is a reason how BlackBUTT is named. Even the peacock show you the butt-

-me with the peacock from far far away-

- a close up peacock head for you all =D-


-one of the wildlife exhibits-


-then we starting to play with the sun ray-

-sun shines upon me-



-overly friendly baby kangaroo, so cute!-

-siang and joey, siang if you're reading this, pun intended-

- me and the baby kangaroo-

-black swan, only available in Australia-

-a very steep road-

-we look happy before going up-

-加油!! (jia you!!)-

-tired after we reached-

It was a wonderful day spent with the nature and the animals. I'll definitely go back again! =D
Don't you just love the nature?!!

ooh, this is a video I edited of the koala, wombat and dunno what bird, some of the part is a bit shaky tho, and I suddenly feel so sampat after I done editing.

fyi, the background voice in the beginning is not me. It belongs to a lady who was talking to me while I was recording the video.

Btw, correction! I made a mistake in my
previous post.

this is a bushtail possum, not raccoon, apparently I was told there is no raccoon in Australia, only America. Correct me if I'm wrong.