Friday, December 29, 2006

School Opening

Okay, i've enrolled into one of the INTI's program again yesterday, so, HELLO again INTI for another year. School starts on 3 January 2007 and I'll be back to my old life again except that I'll travel to there everyday instead of staying in the hostel this time. I dunno what to say... I'm afraid, I'm nervous, I'm scare that I'll be alone, I'll unable to cope with the course and so on.... help~~ hopefully thing goes well....
okay, so I went to gurney yesterday to do some shopping... you know... new year coming... and a few days ago, I met up with Hui Peng - my dear friend, Sheng Hao and Kai Chin. It's been a long time since the last time i met them.. so nice to meet up with them and updating myself with things happened around them. And thanks to them for providing me a lift back to home and going there.
Apart from that, there's a quake that happened a few days ago in Taiwan and the internet access were corrupted in some Asia countries until now still not completely repaired. This had affected many of the internet users such as some webpage users like blogger, friendster, youtube and so on. My super damn slow speed already made me get frustrated and now became super duper damn slow. What a world wide wait!! Thank god it's better now than morning. But still some can't even view at all, like my yahoo mail!! Darn quake!!
Well, nothing much to say, just want to enjoy my last few days of freedom and make full use of the time doing things i want to do before my class commences.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I am tired, I am exhausted, I am sleepy.... I just back from my camping yesterday, I slept for 16 hours last night, the longest time I ever slept and I woke up at 4 p.m. , the latest time I ever woke up, ooh man…. What I can say about the camp is the schedule too tight, we don’t have enough time to rest, I dunno is it fun or not because I don’t really join their program as I was busying with my sound system problems.
I have nothing much to say anymore, well, just wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Miserable Me

HSC results are out today. Actually I don't wanted to see it, not today... but early in the morning, Loo Hoang rang me up and was asking me how is my results... by that time, i still not dare to see it, and my mom said see la, you also have to face it later... so i ended up search for my results. And you know what?? I got all band 4 which are actually not really good.... and after i got to know other's, i felt miserable and terrible.... i'm the worst!!! Oh god!! Sad la... i'm now started to worry about my UAI which we can get to know by tomorrow. What will it be? I read the HSC booklet and to my horror, i found that if you get all 70, your UAI will be only 56!! Imagine!! Oh My GOD!! Help~~
Okay, apart from that, i'm gonna spill the beans here, revealing the drama happened in my college. It happened a few days ago... it's like someone and i named it TH was in-charge with the 2nd hand books selling, then another person and i named it HZ who was very busy body, he just take over the work because of he can't stands with the way TH works, i was like what the hell is he doing, it's totally none of his business.... so kaypo. He always thinks he is good in everything, and he's arrogant, just like last time when we played the volleyball, he actually don't know how to play, then he read some books and got to know roughly how to play, and he acts like he is very good in volleyball... teach other people how to play somemore, even "invented" new way to serve the ball.... what could i say somemore to his kind of person?? This kind of people just tends to piss me off!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Alumni Night

It's been pretty hectic these days. Lee Xin and I went to queensbay on Friday... it's huge, we went at lunch time and there is a long queue in every restaurant available inside, we are soo hungry at that time and so we ended up having our lunch by eating only bread. We didn't stay long at there, only about like an hour something, then we left. Maybe you'll shocked, but true, really.. it's because we didn't go inside the jusco and we just walk along the shoplets outside and you know... there is not really much shops open yet... so we just like went to Gurney after that.
Last night was the Alumni night. But it looks more like prom night. Everyone dressed up and they all look totally different from what i used to see... the girls become so pretty and the guys become so handsome. here goes the pictures :

-Hui Ling's wearing skirt!! 1st time ever!!- Hui Ling, in case you see this, no offence-

- Chung Ling girls in INTI-

- me and my roommie, Jia Shuen, she looks so different!!-

- pretty girls except me-

- err.... i forgot what is the guy's name that surrounded by beauties, ooh!! and Mr. Goh too...-

it's pretty fun at there although their programs are quite boring... it's fun because we met up with friends that didn't see for 2 months. We were just enjoying ourselves by taking pictures around and chatting around. The food... what should i say, i think it's ok only although it's quite expensive, not what i've expected. Unfortunately... there is someone who is very annoying in my table, Mr Polar Bear, not to mention his name... he is like soooooo damn annoying and obnoxious, hey!! I think you should go back to kindergarten and learn what are manners!! Darn it!!

As a conclusion, everyone looks so different on that day. I think it should called alumni prom night, what do you think?? pretty good?? goood!! My eyes are closing now...i better go to sleep now. So, good night!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

KL trip

i'm back from KL. It's just a small trip to attend my cousin's wedding and shopping. When i was in KL, as usual, i was greeted with traffic jam, how nice... okay, because of the time constraint, i just went to Time Square and KLCC for a while. And you know what, i didn't buy any clothes there, honest!! well, i did bought a couple of books and a pair of shoes, not much, really!! Although it was only a few hours walk... my legs were so damn sore and even got a big bruise thanks to my sandals and me sis's high heels. The bruise i got this time is not because of i fell down but it's because of the metal plate on the shoes.
Advice to girls:
- never wear sandals or high heels when you go shopping if you are not the kind that wears it everyday, you'll suffer.... trust me!
Then on the other day, we went to visit my aunt's new born grandson, which is my nephew and also my 2-year-old niece.

- christmas tree inside Time Square-

- christmas tree inside KLCC- which 1 nicer?-

- me and my cute niece-

- the views of KL from where i stayed-

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm going to KL tomorrow, yay! Sadly my Genting trip has been canceled off due to the problem of transportation. But, i would like to stay in cyber jaya for a few days since my sister is there, maybe... The only thing that i'm headache about is that my sister, make me write a 10 pages assignment and hand in to her by tomorrow or else i have to pay for my own shopping expenses... well, it was my fault too as she gave me this assignment months ago and i done nothing about it yet.. i admit that i'm kinda lazy to do but hey, what can i write until up to 10 pages ar?? It's like i have to write about what am i going to study next year and what is my choices of course that i might be taken.. and where will i go and so on and on... oh me... although i'm quite excited about going to meet her but this assignment makes me want to stay a distance with her... what should i do?? looks like the only choice i have is to complete it and hand in to her by tonight... okay, fine. i'll do it!! But by using my quite limited english vocabulary and my lousy grammer.... can she understands what am i writing?? Don't care dee la, as long as i do it for her... but what if she dun want to accept it? is that mean that i have to redo?? DON WANT!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rambling, please ignore this post..

Sad la..Sad la... why is like when everyone is busy while i'm free and when the time i'm busy, they are free? It's so difficult to ask people to go out... like today, i'm trying to ask May, Kai Xin, Loo Hoang, Lee Xin, Justin and Jeremy to go out, but then...... May and Kai Xin are busying with their things... Lee Xin cannot come out, Jeremy going to KL, Justin... I dun really know... other than they all.. Hui Peng...Who i think should be free... is busying with her Form 6 tuition.. i feel pity towards form 6 students. It's like even during holiday...they have to go to the replacement classes, tuition and so on.. if not, they will be left far far behind dee... and Yik Han..can't even come out because she got classes in her matriculation course... weng hong and jeffrey.... busy with their final exams and assignment.. so, who else can i ask for?? So sad...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Photos of my Yunnan Trip

-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-

- stable??'s a dining area-

-stalactite in Jiu Xiang cave-

-Jiu Xiang blindfish-- it is called "blind spanish mackerel with golden line" in science and it is rare fish in the world. They live in the cave without light, so their eyes degenerate, up till now, Jiu Xiang blindfish is the longest in the blind spanish mackerel , the lenght is 16cm.-

- jade water village-

-stone forest-

- leftover-

There will be more photos coming up later.... because dunno why i can't upload anymore and some pictures are in my camera and my card reader don't work!!

My Yunnan Trip

I'm back!! and here i am, back to my home, sitting infront of my computer, updating my blog!!
Yunnan at a glance
Area: 394000
Capital: Kunming
Population: Approximately 41 millions in 2001
Language: Mandarin. A local dialect is also spoken, not very much understood by outsiders. Very little English is understood outside large hotels. Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity.
Climate: Varies widely according to latitude and elevation, from subtropical in the south, to high tundra in northern areas.
Local Time: GMT +8
Currency: Chinese Renminbi (RMB) is the medium of exchange. The basic unit of RMB is yuan, in denominations of 100, 50, 10, 5, 2 and 1. The yuan is divided into 10 jiao, which is further divided into 10 fen.
Credit cards: Accepted in large hotels only.
Travellers cheques: Travellers cheques and currencies may be exchanged into Yuan in major banks and hotels only
Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz
Nightlife: There is no recognised nightlife suitable for tourists.

Yunnan was fun, you can shop everywhere and everyday, hehe, sad though i didn't bought alot... their stuffs were cheap, and you can bargain until you satisfied with the price, if you don't bargain with them, you'll go and knock your head off when you found out the price others' paid for the exactly same item. Bargain also required special skills in China you know, first, you make the price very very low, like about a quarter of the price shopkeeper offered, if they refused, then you go a bit more higher until a certain level, if they insisted not, then you leave, most of them will call you back and give you the price you wanted for... sadly I don't have the skill and i'm very soft-hearted in this kind of thingy. Thank god there are some people who are very good in bargaining, so they help me out. hehe :)
Food, quite nice but they were in huge propotion, and none of us manage to finish up those food, what a waste.... but according to my tour guide, in China, if the food are finished, meaning they don't served enough food for us and then later they will get scolded. weird culture...
Toilets, thing i must say, OH MEEE GAWD!!! without doors!! not all la, some... well, i avoid to go in this kind of toilet.... =.=''''''' but those china people feel nothing at all, they go in like no one there, i'm speechless about that.....
People, they spit everywhere, not a good habit and i think it's kinda..... disgusting and somemore, there are a lot of smokers in china, you can smell the cigarrete smell everywhere... pity my poor nose, like torturing my nose with the smoke...
okay, apart from that, china was a nice place with a lot of scenic spot. Shi Ling or stone forest, a 5 star rated scenic spot in china, one of the world heritage, over 200 million years ago, it was a vast sea, years past and the geographic sturcture changed and so the stone forest formed. You'll be amazed by the naturally formed rocks, no doubt. Nature is the top-notch sculptor that carved out the shape of the rocks. Don't believe me?? later i'll put up the pic and let you guys see yourself as picture speaks more than words.
Another scenic spot, jiu xiang. it's a cave with 336 steps inside, the stalactite and stalagmite amazingly formed in different shapes and you can see waterfall inside the cave somemore, cool ain't it?? it's a very rare case to have a waterfall inside a cave and here got one. oh, and the fish inside the cave's river are blind, could you believe that??? The fish had eyes many years ago, but since they live in cave without sunlight, so they degenerated and eventually became blind today.
Jade dragon snow mountain, also one of the world heritage, more than 6000 metres in height but human beings only manage to reach 5000 something and cannot go further up anymore. so it's still a virgin mountain, not yet conquered by man. The top of the mountain 365 days covered with snow. When i gone up the mountain, i noticed that the snow is no longer snow, it had became ice because of the low temperature..
The old town in Lijiang, it was there since more than 500 years ago, also a world heritage, well preserved until today and it had became a commercial centre where the houses inside has been occupied and turned into shops.
Jade water village, has the clearest water in China. The only place in China where the water remain unpolluted. The water clear until the state that you can see the bottom of the pond. And they breed salmon fish inside, salmon fish can only live in very clean water and low temperature. So if they can live in Jade water Village, meaning the water is really really clean.
All the scenic spot i mentioned above are all 4 to 5 stars rated scenic spot in China and also some of them are world heritage. But of course, there are some other places we went that i'm unable to explain all.... well, our tour guide also brought us to some places that are not in our itinerary, mostly shopping area, like place where you can buy silver, jade, silk, crystal, etc... oh! and some shopping street which we request our tour guide to bring us there. I'll post the pictures in my next post.