Thursday, January 22, 2009


Have you done your shopping yet?

New Year is coming in 4 days. It's a little early this year, so everything is a little too rush for me. And to know that I have only a little more than a month left before I am leaving again... I have some mixed feelings on the fact that New Year is coming... don't get me wrong, I LOVE CNY. But the sooner the New Year comes, the closer till the day I am leaving again.

I am going to Kelantan tomorrow for CNY. Will be back on the 4th day of CNY.

Just wanna wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜发财!

-it's ox year after all-

Ooh, and I baked cupcakes today! Here's one for you! teehee

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The day when I turned 21

I do not want to admit the truth but that's the reality. sigh.... I do not know whether I should be happy or sad...

Anyhow.... I had a great birthday celebration!
Went out to karaoke with friends on the day before my birthday and they wanted to give me a birthday surprise when the clock strikes 12. Planned by my dear sister. But someone spilled the words out and I found out... hehe!! But nevertheless, it was still great!

-with everyone at karaoke-

-cuting the cake-

On the next day, went out with Siang, Hua, Joe, Cien and Maple. We met up at Jusco Bandar Perda and had lunch! Thank you for coming everyone!! I know I am the 1st to turn 21 among all of us but Joe you're next! muahahahahaha!!

-Hua, me, Siang, Maple, Cien and Joe

-say cakeee-

After that, Siang had to go back early and so I met up with Chee Seng, Beng Poh and Khim together with Hua and we walked around for a while until it's time to go back for dinner.

-blew the candles for the 3rd time at home, will I become 63??-

I had a wonderful birthday this year! Thank you everyone for all the greetings left on my facebook wall, msges, phonecalls and other ways!! Ooh! and Khang May who sent the birthday card all the way from India! soooo touched! =)


-at around 3pm Newcastle time-

-at 7pm newcastle time-

--around 9pm Newcastle time, it's Thunderstorm and 25 celcius!! -

The weather in Newcastle today reaches 41 freaking celcius! *gulp*
I am glad that I am not anywhere near Australia right now. Or else I would have been melted or seriously dehydrated under that temperature. phew....
And the weather is totally crazy, difference of 16 celcius in a day!
I guess I am just too free to keep observing the weather....

Friday, January 09, 2009


Tell me, what is the 1st thing that comes to your mind? hmm......

ps: oh and tell me whether you all able to see my previous post about my queensland trip part 2, I think something wrong with my html thing and just wondering why it doesn't appear to be my latest post before I posted this one. Thanks! =)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Queensland part 2 – Gold Coast

Finally I am posting this up!!

We spent our day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in Gold Coast. It was great! Without tour guide, we still managed to walk around by ourselves. 1st thing we did when we reached Gold Coast was hit the beach!! Gold Coast is famous for the B-E-A-U-Tee-Fool beach! Nope, surfer paradise was not the 1st beach we went coz it was quite some distance away. We went to Main Beach instead, the beach was just opposite our backpacker’s accommodation. It was empty but pretty as well... big wind and waves... it’s getting dark by the time we reached but we still managed to take some photos and do some crazy stuff.

-nice beach-

-trust me, you do not want to know what was siang making-

After that we went to Surfer Paradise, no not the beach yet, we walked around the shops and had our dinner there. We had Indian Food. The food was great but the only bad thing was we had to wait for nearly an hour for our food! Maybe with the hunger and the frustration, the food tasted good... We also had cold rock ice cream as dessert. Cold rock ice cream was made by mixing the ice cream with titbits of your choice on an icy rock. It was good! But expensive tho...

-the picture says it all-

-yummy indian food-

-mixing the ice cream-

-being greedy having 2 ice creams!-

The next day, we went to Sea World! One of the theme parks that Gold Coast famous for!

-adorable penguins-

-dolphins show-

-oh wow!-

-polar bear-

-dugong, I think they are pretty cute! -

-seal show-

-sesame street show-

At night we went to Surfer Paradise again for dinner again, basically we went to Surfer Paradise every night to walk around and dinner. We had Italian food for dinner today together with Copenhagen ice cream!! They were seriously awesome!! The ice creams were freshly made and even the cone!! I miss the waffle cone so much!! They are the best waffle cone ever!!

-what we ordered-

-making the waffle cone-

-Ice Creaaaam-

-Lady Ice Cream, muahahaha-

-passed hard rock cafe-

On the Third day, we moved from Main Beach to Surfer Paradise to stay. 1st thing we did was of course hit the surfer paradise beach. It was a hot day, scorching hot sun and no wind... you can imagine the hotness. Even the sand were hot like we were being cooked standing on it. But nevertheless, you can see a lot of people sun bathing on the beach, we even saw naked woman (only one) lying down on the beach! O.o No I didn’t take any picture you hamsap people!

-cooking ourselves on the beach-

-shoe altar-

After we cleaned up and everything, we went to Harbour town, where all the outlets are to do some shopping. Lots of brands there, but I only bought a few stuffs but enough to make me the spender of the day. By the time we got back, it’s already dinner time, so we had Thai food that night! Then we walked around to explore more of the city.

On the fourth day, we went to Movie World! Another awesome theme park! Let the pictures do the talking now.

-spot me-

-trying to be a kid-

-one of the rides-

-Marilyn Monroe-

-had nachos for lunch-

-scooby doo show-

-looney tunes show-

-on carriage-

-I just find it amusing-

-Scooby doo ride-

-superman ride! Awesome! but horrible too!-

-sexy catwomen-

At night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner!! OMG, they were soooooo gooood!! Even Siang says she had the best vege burger ever!!

-cheh, the hard rock word so small-

-me and siang-

-hard rock cafe rocks!-

-the food-

On the last day, we went to Wax Museum, it’s not Madame Tussaud. It’s just a wax museum where all the wax statues look weird or fake... in my opinion, I think the best one is Kylie Minogue wax figure. After that we walked around to eat food that we wanted to have before we went back to Newcastle. So we opted for Hard Rock Cafe again, and Copenhagen Ice Cream. Basically we had dessert every night, it’s always either Copenhagen Ice cream or Cold Rock Ice Cream. And so, we went back to Newcastle on that same day afternoon. I’ll definitely go to Gold Coast again!

-Princess Diana and whoever whoever Price William wax figure-

-Kylie Minogue-

-Madame Tussaud-

-touched down on Newcastle, bye bye Queensland-
I kinda mixed up the dates and places, I have forgotten some of the details coz it's been like 3 months ago! I typed this few weeks ago but I just left it in my laptop without posting it up until now! And if you see me in the wrong shirt for the day, then yah I have mixed up the pictures. Cheers~