Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy busy week

Exams are over and that means party time! Yesh Yesh!! Been going out everyday since exams finished, busier than when having exams! Less facebook stalking and less online time too! My internet throttled already anyway...

Okay so we went to Jun Shoong's farewell and Petrina's belated birthday celebration! I only have two group pictures stolen from Joe's blog! Ooh and a picture of Jasmine's surprise glamourous party which was before exams! I have also watched Transformer 2 on the day it premieres in Australia! Even though the ticket is expensive but it's definitely worth every penny! It's just plain awesome! beyond words awesome! More robots and more actions! And surprisingly the theatre wasn't full and we got pretty good seats! Megan Fox is so friggin' hot and I don't care even if you suspect she might be a guy! The debate is all over twitter! If you haven't watch the movie, GO.WATCH.NOW!

-Jun Shoong's farewell-

-Petrina's belated birthday celebration-

-The ladies of the night with the birthday girl, Jasmine-

I'll be going to New Zealand tomorrow! Will be leaving at midnight and will be back in a week's time! Not going to Melbourne anymore because of the H1N1 and I'm not taking any flu shot coz it's a vaccine and we don't have any time left for our body to build the immunity against it. And after I come back I'll still be having 3 weeks of holiday! Probably will go to Canberra and Blue Mountain instead if the hole in my pocket is not too big.

Anyway, if you miss me, you can check my twitter status at my side bar. Will be updating the twitter via my cellphone if the roaming works. If it doesn't ,then too bad lar... does that make me sound like I am obsessed with twitter? Yes I think so too! teehee

H1N1 haven't invaded New Zealand like it did to the States and Aus yet. So I hope everything will be fine and we have prepared hand sanitizers, vit C and masks!

So toodles people! Will update when I come back and I promise loads of pictures!

p/s: I haven't packed anything and I'm leaving in around 7 hours!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Declaring independence

From books that is.

-my text for the sem, so thick and tall, throw people also can die-

I'm so glad exams are over! It's been torturing me for 2 weeks! Phew!

I'll be having one month holiday till the start of my next semester which is my last semester hopefully... *grin* *pray to pass all the subjects*

I'm going to New Zealand next week! Swine flu cannot stop me from going to New Zealand!! Melbourne, maybe... might have to cancel it, depends. I'm wondering is it a good idea to get a flu shot. As far as I am concern, it does not immune you from getting swine flu but only the normal flu.

I have bought ticket for tomorrow's Transformer 2 : Revenge of the fallen premiere! I am so excited!! Been waiting for it for almost a month!! I hope it's worth my patience and money!!

Now, if you excuse me, I need to get my very much needed beauty sleep. I only slept for around 8 hours for the past two days, my dark eye rings are horrible!!

p/s: internet throttled. Blog again soon when I have the patience to let the pictures load.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dreadful exams

3 down, 2 more to go, just 2 more! I can't wait till the exams finish, it's killing me! Looking at the books make me want to just scream my lung out! Do you know the frustration when you're looking at something but you just couldn't understand it or the words just couldn't get into your mind! It looks so familiar yet so foreign. I do not know how to exactly express my feelings right now and I'm stressed out and depressed! It also makes me miss home even more at times like this! I need to get my mind clear and concentrate on my books! ARGH!

And I have been eating a lot of instant noodles! Had it everyday or every other day, I think my body will be preserved and mummified one day... okay that is not funny. Oh and I haven't eaten any for 3 days already! I am not good in finance field at all!! What was I thinking when I took up a major in finance??? I feel like just go knock myself at the wall. *knocking self to the wall*

Please please please please god just let me pass everything!! This semester is really tough! All the subjects are so hard to understand!!!! I am really really worried and scared!!

Tuesday 11.30am sharp is the time when I can announce my freedom! Wish me luck! And good luck to those who are still having exams like me... and for those flying back to Malaysia or somewhere for holiday, have a safe trip!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


First paper in less than 48 hours! gasps!! >.<

And I'm not even half prepared... T_T

Can I hop on my spaceship and fly outta this place?


Okay people.. I found my spaceship! Bye bye!! Chao~ will be back when I regain my sanity!

-ka zooom *dissapeared*-

Newcastle(7 June) - MeiZhi, age 21, was reported missing about a minute ago and is believed being abducted by aliens. No signs of fighting and struggling were found in the room. Fire trails can be seen around the sky and a huge hole seems to be appeared at the rooftop on where she was currently living. According to the witness, a blue spaceship was coming out from her room and headed north. Scientists are currently gathered around to figure out this unusual phenomenon. More updates when the mystery is solved.

Aha! Now, if you excuse me, I need to get my dose of tranquilizer.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


So this is the place where I am currently working at.

-the shop view-

-inside view 1-

-inside view 2-

Works get very frustrating when these are what greet you in the morning:

-a table full of new clothes to put on the rack-

-a very messy store room and you have to clean it-

But I'm having 2 months break now, as exams approaching and I'll be away during holidays. It's good as I needed that break for some time already and finally I am getting it! Working is only good because you have extra pocket money and spare your very utterly free time. It's not good when you cannot have plans with friends on weekends and if you enjoy having absolutely nothing to do on weekends like me. So it has pros and cons. Anyway I'm glad I don't have to work for 2 months! I hope I'll have that motivation to work again like I did when I first started to work.

I don't work here last year, this is another branch inside the same mall. So I guess their business is good. Or like I was told, the mall is doing some expansion work, so the old one will be chopped off to make way to the new wing like Gurney. I don't have the picture of the old shop, it's smaller looking for the front view, but bigger space inside. And the outside is red in colour instead of the white one. But what I do have is the picture beside the old shop which I found it very funny, they always make their store look like this whenever they are having sales!

-SALEEEE, the red thing beside is the shop I worked-

And this is what it looks like when they are not having sales!

-big difference? lol!! and you get to see a bit more of the shop I used to work-

So yah, that's all for now, need to get back to study!! Finals next week!!! Wish me luck~