Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am not back in Newcastle. YET.

Time slipped by. 3 months is gone. Just. Like. That. Sometimes I question myself, what have I been doing this summer holiday, I couldn't think of anything except catching up with friends, went to a camp, went to KL and stayed at home all day long. And I totally enjoyed it. I know my life is totally laid off during the 3 months long holiday, and thus I feel scared whenever I think of the workloads, stress, tension waiting for me when I go back. I felt the strongest like last few weeks, and now I think I have slowly accepted the fact that I am going back this sunday. so soon!! I am still sorta in the denial state on the fact that i am going back 3 days later, but I will get over it, I have to... eventually...

I am doing my last minute shopping these few days, and I haven't packed anything. I am supposed to start packing today but I got lazy and emo so I ended didn't pack at all. I have put aside some of the stuff that I am bringing back but still got lotsa stuff at everywhere. Now I'm kinda worry that the baggage limit of 20kg is not enough for me. Maybe I'll ship the rest.

Let see what I planned to do before I came back...
1. Learn photoshop (not done, got offered free lesson by my friend tho, but didn't make an effort to find him)
2. Learn yoga (not done)
3. Go KL (checked)
4. Watch tonnes of movies in the cinema (not really, but better than nothing, checked)
5. Shop like money grows from tree (urgh, not at all, but got myself a few stuffs, so checked)
6. Buy a hard disc (checked)

That's what I can remember for now. I guess I'll better go pack now or I'll be sorry if I left anything behind. And I think this will be my last post from Malaysia. I'll surely miss all of you! XOXO

ps: oh god, I'm getting emo again

pps: can I transfer credit back to malaysia?

ppps: I am feeling scared again

pppps: okay no more ps. I am soooo gonna miss everything and everyone in Malaysia!

ppppps: I am conferencing with 5 other people! O.o

okay I'll stop now. ta~

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oh yes I am here again. *grin*

The weather is so hot! Was thinking is it always this hot or just recently? I don't really feel the heat in Penang coz I stay at home most of the time. But here... It's just so hot!

Gonna make this post simple.

So yesterday, I was here
went inside this building
sat on one of the blue chair
and listened to this
I don't even know I why I decided to go. Everything was nice over there, except the music. It was boring. But the place so nice. So it equals out.


And today, I went to here
Had lunch/dinner, got bored, and did something silly like this

I think you'll be able to tell where I was if you're observant. Teehee =)

Monday, February 02, 2009

New Year thoughts

I'm back from Kelantan 4 days ago. New Year was not bad, aside from the part where I got food poisoning and got stuck in nowhere with no signals and with some wild boar footprints.
I don't think New Year is boring like some others do, coz I only get to meet all my family members once in a year. Eventhough most of the time I stayed at home catching up with my cousins, but I find it somewhat fun.
As usual, i had Xin Hua noodles every 1st day of CNY. It's a tradition in my mum's family, it feels like New Year every year when I had the noodles and it's the best best bestest noodles in the world! I swear it with my noodles! Okay lah maybe I exaggerated a little but the goodness and the feelings can't be described just by words!
I wanted to feast on some Kelantan local delicacies but too bad my stomach doesn't allow me to do so. But I have had enough satay to satisfy my crave for satay since I came back.
That's all for now. I am craving for Rojak and going to get it. cheers! =)