Saturday, October 17, 2009

The place to be - Melbourne, the CBD

Basically the CBD of Melbourne is made up from nine vertical and nine horizontal streets. The government is trying to preserve the Victorian style in the CBD and hence most of the high rise and modern buildings are built outside the city. You can get around the city easily by tram, but the traffic can be very confusing too because they have tram lanes and car lanes, and the tram station is in the middle of the road. It even has carriages around the city too! If you take away the cars and the modern trams, it will be just like an old Victorian city.

Melbourne is a vibrant city, even though it is not as fast pacing like Sydney but it's definitely a good place to be at, except the weather is not very nice, the 4 days I was in Melbourne, it was very windy and you see just clouds and more clouds.  It is a smaller city compared to Sydney, Sydney has more high rise buidlings, and more like a business district to me as you can see big, famous, and listed companies around the city and people wearing suits going for work and Melbourne has more tourists and students as the University of Melbourne and RMIT just located around the city, and tourists are just everywhere in the city, like EVERYWHERE. I like how they have information booths and helpers to help the tourists to get around the city, which was really helpful for self-touring tourists like us.

There are a lot of Asians too, it's just everywhere, whenever you blink your eye you see an Asian. The whole city is just like a Chinatown to me, I thought I was in some Asian country. But the good thing is, the Asian groceries and restaurants are everywhere!! And it's cheaper! Well, the cost of living there is cheaper but the rental is crazy!

Okie picturessssssss!!

- The federation Square-

-still around the federation square-

-The very busy Flinders Street Station-

-random building which I found pretty interesting-

-I think this is the old fire station-

-the state library-

-I got locked up in the watch house... =(-

-and got this photo taken, for a crime I did not commit-

-gallop gallop gallop on on the street-

-if you happen to go Melbourne, you HAVE to go to this gelato place in Lygon Street!-

-They have the awesome durian flavoured gelato and it's like you're eating a durian! Their best selling is Ferrero Rocher and I think the 2nd best is the durian flavour already! I had the Durian and Pandan! I miss it alreadyyyyy!!-

-I think this is an exhibition centre or something-

-I am a teapot short and stout, this is in Melbourne Museum, which we got in for free! For being a student!-

-the night view of the city from Yarra river-

-The Crown Casino!! please ignore the stupid pole which trying to steal the spotlight. Everyone was soooo posh and classy looking and made us feel so inferior for wearing just t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.-

-The only picture we took inside of Crown Casino -

That's pretty much about Melbourne city, next up will be the Great Ocean Road!