Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Last post from me in 2007!!!! It's time to say goodbye to 2007 and HELLO 2008!!

It's been a wonderful year in 2007!! I dunno what to write and my last post will just ended like this...

Anyways... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I was really busy for the past few weeks, therefore less post. I was busy with my job, not to say busy, but I would say I was too tired to do other thing else after I got home from work. Yeah, it was that tiring!! I already quit since last Friday. So no more working life! YES!! It's time for me to start enjoying my holidays, which I don't get to enjoy it since college. hmmm... here is a little sum up from what I got/learned from work.

1. My parents definitely glad to hear that I finally know what is hard earn money. Yes, you wouldn't know that if you never work!
2. OF COURSE!! MY VERY FIRST PAY CHEQUE!!!! Gosh, I was so excited when I got it!!
3. You get to meet a lot of different types of person. ESPECIALLY the customers.
4. The wonders of education.
5. The greatness of staying at home doing absolutely NOTHING!
6. Last but not least, the people I met there. My supervisor, Kelly and another part time girl like me, Joanne. oh, there was another girl whom I.... erm.... (DON'T ASK, at least I mentioned her!)
Actually, working was fun with Joanne. Time flies when I was with her. TRUE! We can talk non stop till we finish work! It was really great to meet her!! THANKS JO!! For everything!!

After I quit, I went out every day!! Outings with family and friends of course, they are the utmost important people to me!! Movies, dining and shoppings!! I've bought myself a couple of stuff and I watched lots of movies until I lazy to post up the review.

Anyway, this is just a little update to show that I'm still alive and kicking. I'll be gone to a Buddhist Youth Camp for the next 5 days. So no post till then.
Oh, I cut my hair dee!! I'm not gonna cut it till the end of next year dee... so, here's the latest pic of my hair.

Actually it's not that short if you look from behind.

A random pic to end this post, will update soon when I come back from camp.

- the weirdest Gabriella ever-

p/s: I was thinking, should I get myself a waistcoat? My mom says like I look like I work in a bar though... and it reminds me of the GSC worker's outfit...

~Christmas Special~
I found this original song by Alvin and the Chipmunks on youtube. Enjoy~~ btw, can anyone find me the movie version?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! =D

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Tagged by evil J0bie =P

Simple instructions :Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Must be places, names … nothing made up. You can’t use your own name for the boy/girl’s name question. If you get stuck, skip to the next one.

@~Famous Singer: TANK

@~Four Letter Word: Team

@~Street: T.... is there any starts with T?

@~Colour: Tangerine

@~Gifts/Present: T-shirt (cheapskate people like me give people t-shirt as present, cannot ar?)

@~Vehicle: Train

@~Things in Souvenir Shop: Toys

@~Boy Name: Tom

@~Girl Name: Teressa

@~Movie title: The chronicle of Narnia

@~Drink: Tea

@~Occupation: Typist

@~Celebrity: Tom Cruise

@~Magazine: T...

@~U.S. City: Texas

@~Pro Sports: Tae kwon do

@~Fruit: Tangerine

@~Reason for Being Late to work: Traffic jam

@~Something you throw away: Tissue

@~Something you shout: That's mine!!!!!!!!!

Jo should answer those I've stuck =P (learnt from you!)

I tag everyone who see this.. hehe!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm rotten

I'm bored!!! Bored of working dee!!!! I've learnt that what is hard earn money!! My parents would be glad to hear that!! I still have to work though, to pay off the bloody christmas present I got from the police traffic. BAKA!! and my shopping in december!! Now you can laugh that I've got a SAMAN!! Karma.... karma... I think I laughed at someone who got a saman...

I'm so tired... I need a rest!!! I need to shop!! I need money!! I need outing!! I need food!!! Who wanna join me for food hunt around penang in december? I just have to eat everything in Penang before I'm leaving to Australia!!!!

You can actually ignore me, I'm sick right now, I've got running nose and cough! I dunno what am I typing!! I'm TIRED!!!! I NEED SLEEP!!!

That's all for now, will update soon!!

p/s: can you see all the fungus growing on me? or maybe I already blended in the soil...

Monday, November 19, 2007

English Fun

Story 1

Let me introduce you to some of the TATE family.

First, there is the old man, DicTATE, who wants to run everything while his cousin RoTATE, tries to change everything.

Mrs. AgiTATE stirs up plenty of troubles with the help of her husband, IrriTATE. Whenever there are any projects suggested, Mr. HesiTATE and his wife VegeTATE want to wait until next year.

Then there is Mrs. ImiTATE who wants her family to be be just like the one she visited in Newtown.

Mr. DevasTATE provides the voice of doom while Mr. PotenTATE just wants to be a big shot. But there is also Ms. FeciliTATE who is most helpful when there is work to be done.

Mr. CogiTATE and his wife, MediTATE always think things over and are usually very positive in their ideas.

And finally, ther is the black sheep of the family, AmpuTATE, who has cut himself completely from the rest of the family.

Story 2

This is a story of four people, Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody

There was an iomportant job to be done, Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure Somebody will do it.

Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when actually Nobody ask Anybody.

(source: The Star, Mind Our English)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Still Alive

I know I haven't been posting for quite some time dee. Things happened too fast and I have no time to post something up here. As I mentioned in my previous post, yah, I'm working. After I came back from work already exhausted, don't feel like going online dee. Working life is so sad!! And every penny is really hard earn money!! I just gotta say that!! First few days when I start working, I was like " I DON'T WANT TO WORK ANYMORE!!!" my legs pain like hell!! Poor my little legs.. Is not that I cannot sit while work, but I just don't used to work, cannot take the long hour standing... okay, fine! I know I'm spoilt!! But now I'm getting use to it dee, but still complaining almost everyday after work. Shopping can walk for 8 hours, work cannot stand for 8 hours, hmmm.... The ironing I do there is more than the total I done at home... okay SHUT UP!! I know I'm really spoilt. It's a good opportunity for me to learn isn't it? Coz I RARELY do ironing at home, I always got burned by the hot steam. Serve me right! Just wait, just wait, when I get my pay, I'll go shopping spreeeee~~ but not this month that is.

Okay, no more work. Last thursday was Deepavali, Geetha invited Sandra and I to her house for lunch. Here are some pics we took that day.

- Geetha, Sand and me-

-How can I ever forget the home cook Indian food?!-

- Geetha's dog, Ruby. If you can lift the dog, you can lift me. yes, the dog is that heavy, or I should say, I'm THAT heavy, you see how big the dog is!!-

- my siblings from different father and mother-

- after that we went to Sunway Carnival, we parked our car one level lower that the roof top-

- Then, I gone to work, with another part time girl, Joanne-

On another totally unrelated thing. Finally, I used up my Clinique free make up voucher. You know what I'll do don't you? That's right! CAM-WHORE!! hahaha~~ it's my turn this time, last time was Sandra!! ohohoho~~

- Sand: Hmm.. what is this girl doing?!! I'm still the cam-whore QUEEN!! You can't beat me!!-

-cam-whore pic No. 1-

-cam-whore pic no. 2-

- me: nah, fine la, you win you win, don't want to fight with you. Let's take together then..-

- Gelato we had in lecka-lecka as supper, SO GOOD!-

Happy? I got only 2 cam-whore pics but SOMEBODY got 8. And the Cam-whore queen goes to






*drum rolling*









applause* *clap clap*


Thursday, November 01, 2007


IT's DONE!! My exams are all finished!! I'm on holiday now!! yay~~ so, this is also the end of my 1st year of degree, can't believe that I've made it so far!!! So, now is just waiting for the result and still figuring out which university to go next year.

Btw, I got a job, with a lousy pay.. just that I am not that satisfied la... I work to fill up my free time and money to let me shop shop shop!! I'm gonna stop in december anyway... I think... it depends... and I didn't tell the manager that.. hehe!! shhh.... well.. I'll start working tomorrow, my 1st time going to work... hopefully it will be a good experiance!!

Oh!! And good luck to those who are having exams soon!! I'm free~~

Saturday, October 27, 2007

last movie before exam

This is really the last movie I watched before the exams!! I swear!! I watched it with my dad. Yes my dad!! I'm not cheating on you Sandra!!

The movie was not bad. But the spinning, running and moving make me kinda nausea... but put that aside, it would be a great action-packed movie. I don't really understand what was going on in the movie, probably I didn't watch the first two series. But thanks to my dad, he explained everything for me after that so then only the story make sense to me.
This is just a quick update... coz now anything in my notes cannot go into my mind.... haih.. this is just another excuse of mine for being lazy....

I've been trying to get myself a job in November since everyone is working hard on the exam season while I'm already in holiday.. that means no one can hang out with me throughout the month... even my little sis is preparing for her coming SPM, rather than bothering her at home, might as well find a job, but no one wanna hire me when I say I only wanna work for a month.. and I got rejected even if I only say I can't work on christmas day.... haih...
well.. there is also possibility I won't be working coz I kept changing my mind on whether to work or not to work.. will see how then...

Monday, October 22, 2007

picx pics piccu

Just to correct the previous post mistake, exams will be on 29 and 30 okt, then HOLIDAY~~

Now, pic pic pictures time!!

- the happy family, my groupie~~

-sir paying full attention to our presentation

-we in our act

-with management sir after the presentation

-last day of class, DCMAU sem 3 students with marketing sir, gonna miss 'em all!!

-lastly, horny pic with Sand in Sakae sushi

Friday, October 19, 2007


YES!! I'm officially DONE with all my assignments!! No more any bloody assignments!! I'm happy~~ Just finished the presentation yesterday. Our group were having some technical problem so we had to postpone to the evening, but the overall was a success!! Our group members, Sandra Shiong Mou, Henry had done a very good job!! and of course I'm in the group la!! The group photo will be up later as I'm having problem putting the photos in my camera into my computer.
I'll be having a week off next week as a study break and after that is the final exams!! And we're having two exams in a day, so my third semester will be officially finish at 29 okt. yay!!
Here are some photos when we were doing our assignment in autocity:

-Shiong Mou and Henry working on the assignment

taking photos in the wash room with Sandra

- ka-cha

our drinks and food that kept us stayed for 4 hours

After that, Sandra, Henry and I headed to Sunway Carnival to watch Resident Evil: Extinction.

The movie was good, but scary. If you are not the type that like to watch blood splashing and flesh eating scenes, I would advice you not to watch coz you definately not gonna like it. The living dead was just so plain horrible and disgusting!! my hands were on my face most of the time... and I was grabbing the arm rest of the seat coz it was too violence... and Sandra doesn't wanna let me grab her hand!! I miss Jia Shuen... she always let me grab her hand when I'm scare... I just had to grab something when I'm scare... T.T but still... I'm kinda like to watch that kind of movie... hehe!!!

And lastly, I 'see' this every morning........

That's all for this time!! ciao!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I didn't update for very long time dee, a bit lazy plus a bit busy. Been doing my assignment and I just finished with 2 tests. 1 more assignment yet to be done which we're require to write an essey for more than 2000 words and then come out with a presentation and we need to hand in on next week. We interviewed the manager of Ang Joo Steel Industry (Thanks uncle for arranging the appointment for me!!).
Sandra, Henry and Sheera, Sandra's friend whom I just met came down from Penang plus Shiong Mou and I then headed to Prai to interview the HR manager of the company. It was a horrible trip I can say, Sandra's driving skills was HORRIBLE!!! Sheera and I screamed like hell in the car while Henry stay real calm with eyes big big. Sandra NEARLY hit someone's car and you can imagine us girls screaming in the car... poor Henry... his ears must suffered a lot from us. Anyway... I'm really glad that I reached home safe and sound.. hehe!! no offence ya Sandra!! Okie, so we gonna finalyze our assignment on Monday and try to finish it as soon as possible as we still have to prepare for the presentation on the very next day after we hand in our assignment. So the Penang people gonna come down to Butterworth again and we gonna head to AutoCity this time. YAY!!

ooh, I've watched The Dark Rising with Hui Peng in Sunway Carnival. It was okay, nothing exciting, but still kinda nice la.. the main point is, I've tried the new cinema I was so excited about with the opening. The interior was a bit different from the Gurney and Queensbay ones. It looks purple to me though.. and it doens't have the film reel which it has on the wall like the others. The seat was comfortable, but I wish it is a little big more spacious but it has big leg room. And I'm still so happy with the opening of the cinema!!
Lastly, I want to say is that all the best to the SPM and STPM candidates and good luck!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Movie movie movieeeee and other rantings

I went to watch movie again... I read back my previous post and found out that I've been watching a lot of movies lately. No wonder I broke so fast!! I still like to watch anyway, but seriously, I think I have to controll dee... and I just knew that the cinema in Sunway Carnival Mall is OPENED!!!! Gosh, I'm so excited about the opening of another cinema..... I think I'm gonna go there every week dee.... Aiks... and I feel like watching movie now....

I watched Now I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Jessica Biel. It was goood!! and Hilarious!! We laughed like mad!! I watched it with Sandra and Jeremy whom is going to Australia this weekend. Haih... another friend is leaving....

I met a friend in Gurney, who he turned out to be a friend of Sandra too!! The three of us was like

Sandra to me:"How come you know him?!"
he to Sandra: "how come you know her(me)?!"
me to Sandra: "How come you know him?!"

The world is soooooo small!!
The world is REALLY small....
Incident No.1: I found out that, my ex-roomie, Jia Shuen, she knows a friend of mine back in high School, they were best friend before my friend transfered to my school.

Incident No.2: And my Ex-roomie, she also knows my cousin sister, who lives in Kelantan, through a camp.

Incident No. 3: refer to the incident in Gurney above

On another thing, passed up my 1st assignment dee, 3 more to go... 2 written works and 1 presentation. 2 test done and 2 more to go too... all have to be done in the next 3 weeks. Today went to do some research about our group assignment, for the 1st time this year, I'm not in the same group with Sandra, haha!! New experiance!! hehe!! Actually, this is also our 1st group assignment. ohohohoh~~~

That's pretty much of my week... toodle-oo!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I didn't update my blog for quite some time dee.. coz something wrong to my internet(well it actually always sucks), it takes forever for me to load the page, and summore tests, and then not at home.... ahem.. i'm finding excuses for my lazyness.... I know!!

Another assignment being passed down dee... also 2000 words... gosh, why this sememster sir LURVES 2000 words?! And I haven't even touch my assignment that I have to pass up next thursday, crap!! Why am I so bloody lazy?! I really have to shed off the lazyness in me and also the procrastinator, if not I'll end up with TWO 2000 words assignment crying in front of the computer when the due date comes *broke down and cry*

I watched Knocked up on monday with Sandra, it was okay lah but got a lot of cursing though... I really like Katherine Heighl, she is pretty!! This doens't sound right... coz I'm a girl!! and I like another GIRL!!! ..... never mind... move on!!

iPod came out with the new iPod Touch!!! it's sooooo cool, I just have to grab one for myself when I have the moolah!! One day, one day.... So, i'm gonna go find a job now to satisfy my luxury wants!!! It looks so classy!!! and it looks like iPhone, but only without the phone function, for more info, click

Sorry for my inorganized post, I just have no ideas (actually lazy) to make it looks better.

anyways, I'm addicted to this song, "apologize" by Timbaland, it's really nice!! I like the melody... Here's the video, enjoy~~

A lesson I learnt:
Keep your parking ticket properly!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rainy day

I skipped class today, not because of lazy, and not because of sick, it's because of the traffic jam. Earlier in the morning, a bus breakdown on the bridge and caused a massive jam, it took me an hour to reach the toll, which I usually I took like only 15 minutes, by that time, I was already late to class for 15 minutes, and I haven't reach the toll, some more it was raining, so I decided not to go to class anymore as I only have 2 hours class today and by the time I reach IF I go, it would be like 1 o'clock dee and I already missed an hour lecture, so I thought why don't I just skip the class and I got to save up the toll fees, escape from the frustrating jam, go home continue my sweet dream... see, I got a lot of reason to skip class, hehe!!

I went for a movie this monday with Loo Hoang, we watched The Invisible, it was okay... kinda sad the story. And I was wondering, how can a person survive without water and food for so long? hmm.. it's still understanable if 3 -4 days and the person is in good condition, but how can a half dead person survive for so long? Why didn't he got bacteria infection being dumped in such an unhygenic place with wounds all over his body? hmmmm..... anyways, Loo Hoang is leaving tonight dee!! Gonna miss her!! When will we see each other again?!

Oh, I also went to watch Hairspray with Sandra yesterday!! The movie was like broadway musical, singing, dancing, singing and dancing.... I kinda enjoying it coz I always like musical. Beside all the singing and dancing thing, it was kinda funny also. I would say go to watch if you're a person who likes musical like me, if not, it's gonna be pretty boring for you.

2 weeks gone so far since the commencement of the third semester. This semester got only 7 weeks, 8th week is the revision week and the 9th is the final exams week. So short!! Assignment came down dee, tests on next week, and I haven't do a thing yet... crap.. the 1st assignment requires us to write two essays of at least two thousand words, double crap....

It's been raining the whole day in Penang, ahh... what a good weather to sleep and just stay at home~~

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

movies review

This is not really a review... just my opinion... very short only la!! Won't be the mundane and long review. hehe!! And some detials on my outing... during my holidays....


Watched it with Khang May, Loo Hoang, Lee Xin, Justin and Jeremy. The main reason we were together was to meet up with Khang May whom came back from India for holiday, and now she went back to India dee, miss her so much.. I wonder when will I meet her again... probably not for the next two years I guess...
Anyway... the movie was really nice!! LURVE IT!! The storyline was interesting and hilarious, Remy the mouse was cute and adorable!!


Watched with Loo Hoang. The 1st movie directed by Jay Chou. The storyline was really good, since he's new to the movie industry. The ending was unexpected, we were shocked with the ending. I like the part when they had a piano battle. It was totally awesome!! Jay is so talented!! He can sing, he can act, he can play piano very well and he can direct a movie. Wow!! Okay... I admire his talent...
Loo Hoang is leaving to England soon... after she left.. i also wonder when will I see her again...

~Rush Hour 3~

I watched it with my sister in one-utama. The movie was entertaining.. but quite short.. the story was like just another rush hour story.. you know the drill.. fight.. arguement between lee and carter... and so on... the ending was like expected dee... but I can say it's still funny.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Day 4 and Day 5

I'm back in Penang dee. Continue with my third semester. Here to continue update my day 4 and day 5 in putrajaya.
Okay so on 30th August, I went to Perdana View Lake to watch the fireworks displays, it was so nice~~ you can even see the fireworks in different paterns like star shape, heart shape, planet shape and even smiley!! The displays lasted for like half an hour, it was really good~~ love it!! I can't capture the nice picture of the fireworks because of my lousy camera... ish...
After the fireworks, I joined my sister and her friends to this place called William's Corner Shop. Before I went, I was told that you have to be mentally prepared, physically prepared and the most importantly financially prepared. But when I reached there, the place was packed. And it's just a road side store, but the food was really good. I had this mango smoothie thing and Cheese Nan, it was soooo goooood!! I almost melted dee.. the cheese was so rich and when you cut it you can even see cheese dropping down. After the cheese nan, we were too full for others, but we were like kept staring other people's food and all looks really nice and fragarant, gotta try the others next time I go. It's located near Petaling Jaya, quite far from where I stayed though... The portions were big. The price and the food range from the cheap mamak stall food like Roti Nan to the expensive Western Food. They also served Chinese food. A whole range of varieties for you to choose.

- my mango smoothie and cheese nan-

Let's move on to the next day. I spent almost the whole day in Putrajaya. I was right, there are really nothing in Cyberjaya except the two universities I mentioned in the earlier post. Putrajaya was also quite a sad place to live but at least they have a mall namely Alamandar. The buildings in Putrajaya were really nice and I found my favourite bridge. Let the pictures do the talking shall we?

- welcome to Putrajaya-

- 1st bridge I spotted-

- the 2nd bridge-

- hmmm... how come it ended like this?-

- the skeleton of an unknown building, but nice-


- cow in tiger skin?!-

- yes, milk is good for you, drink me!!-

- more moo moo to come, hmm.. where are them come from?!-

- oooh, it's cow parade-

Each cow in the cow parade is different, they are from the hand of the artist from different countries, there are 24 cows in total for display in Putrajaya.
For example like this one

This is from....


Isn't it nice? I think it's really nice and artistic. Okay, continue my walking... found the landmark of Putrajaya, yay!!

- Sri Perdana-

- Behind some unknown office, I spotted this-

-Palace of Justice behind me-

- isn't that putrajaya Convention Centre?!-

- continue strolled down to lake park-

- and got this pic of my favourite bridge, yay!!-

Putrajaya is so different from other states I've seen, their landscapes were nice, buildings were nice, bridges were nice, and even their lamp post looks like this

and like this,

So does their traffic lights

- cute?-

The last day, I spent the whole day in KLCC alone, it's kinda weird to walk alone but quite enjoying also. The place was full of people, people there buy things like no need to pay, horrible!! I went into the Jimmy Choo and you guess how much is a pair of Jimmy Choo's shoes?! It's freaking TWO THOUSAND something!! OH MY GAWD!! and I actually see people trying on, probably buying also. A pair of shoes for MORE THAN TWO THOUSAND?! But I guess the shoes were really comfy, no I didn't dare to try but I was like touching on the material, NICE!!
Okay, I guess that's all about my Cyberjaya Trip. Whoa, this is really a long post with a lot of photos, hope you don't get bored. hehe!! I actually have more, but I would be way too long to post it up all.
I had a great holiday, if you were on holiday, I hope you had a blast holiday too!!

*coming up next: The reviews of the movies I have watched during holidays